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Spleef plugin using BattleArena and WorldGuard for Bukkit
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A spleef plugin using the BattleArena system. Requires BattleArena, WorldEdit and WorldGuard to use.

Reporting Issues:

If you need an answer in a timely manner, please contact us on Discord:

We really appreciate when you report bugs, and we would like you to report them to us whenever you find them. However please be mindful of the information that you give us and/or how you contact us. If you really have no idea where to start, maybe a 1 on 1 conversation on Discord may be the way to go. If you know exactly how to replicate your problem, or you have a good amount of information about it, creating a new issue might be a better solution:

Setting Up:

You can read how to create an ArenaSpleef arena here on the BattlePlugins Wiki.


ArenaSpleef Download:

Live Chat on Discord:

  • BattlePlugins Dev: Join our Discord server to get support, talk about dev stuff, or just say hi!

Battle Arena Links:

Battle Tracker Links:

Other Links:

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