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<<<< Valyria Tear main developers, artists, musicians, contributers >>>>
Lead, dev and story:
Yohann Ferreira (Bertram) - Code review and inclusion, code dev and lead, story content, many other things...
(Lilou) - Story, some art and a few tweaks.
(Bertram) - Lead and main lone-wolf stuff
Tyler Olsen (Roots) - Balancing of HEIR1, small tweaks.
Nik Nihonnik (IkarusDowned) - Quest log, Minimap and world map, Many menu mode improvements, ...
Josh Niehenke (Codergreen) - Shop mode simplification, trade support.
James Lammlein (Authenticate) - Bug fixes, OpenGL programmable pipeline, UI theme support, VS compilation support, and precompiled header support.
(logzero) - Bug fixes, OpenGL improvements, and precompiled header support.
(endoalir) - Bug fixes, SDL multi-screen better support.
Philippe Groarke (Socapex) - Mac port upgrades and improvements
Brian Callahan (bcallah) - OpenBSD distribution
Dmitry Marakasov (AMDmi3) - FreeBSD distribution
Eric Anholt (anholt) - Debian packaging
Erik Schilling (Ablu) - Fedora port, linux compliance and Knight of Mana ;)
(Gallaecio) - Galician translation
(NaN) - German translation
(BioHazardX) - Italian translation
(Bertram) - French translation
See the LICENSES file for detail about the various content artists.
Until 2011:
<<<< Hero of Allacrost developers, artists, musicians, contributers >>>>
Founder and Lead Designer
Tyler Olsen (Roots)
Deputy Lead
Philip Vorsilak (gorzuate)
Team Managers
Emre Motan (emrebfg)
Programming Team
Andy Gardner (ChopperDave) - battle code, menu code
Baris Soner Usakli (Black Knight) - game editor
Daniel Steuernol (Steu) - game engine
Guillaume Anctil (Drakkoon) - map code
Jacob Rudolph (rujasu) - menu code
Lindsay Roberts (Linds) - video engine
Moises Ferrer Serra (byaku) - video engine, audio engine
Philip Vorsilak (gorzuate) - game editor
Tyler Olsen (Roots) - programming lead, game engine, map code
Viljami Korhonen (MindFlayer) - boot code, battle code
Artwork Team
Brett Steele (Safir-Kreuz) - map sprites, battle sprites, character portraits, location graphics
Joe Raucci (Sylon) - battle sprites, old GUI artwork
Josiah Tobin (Josiah Tobin) - map tiles
Matthew James (nunvuru) - website graphics, GUI artwork, game logos
Richard Kettering (Jetryl) - map tiles, map sprites, inventory icons, artwork coordination
Music and Sound Team
Jamie Bremaneson (Jam) - sound composer
Joe Rouse (Loodwig) - soundtrack composer
Ryan Reilly (Rain) - music and sound lead, soundtrack composer
Samuel Justice (sam_justice) - sound composer
Zhe Zhou (shizeet) - sound composer
Map Designers
Richard Kettering (Jetryl)
Tyler Olsen (Roots)
Team Managers
Emre Motan (emrebfg)
Matt Gallivan (Gallivan)
Internet Services
Daniel Steuernol (Steu) - wiki support
Emre Motan (emrebfg) - website content, forum administration
Heikki Naski (raging_hog) - content management system
Matt Gallivan (Gallivan) - administration
Matthew James (nunvuru) - website design
Brian Aloisi (Brian Aloisi) - writer, editor
Tim Hargreaves (Balthazar) - editor
Tyler Olsen (Roots) - author
Andy Gardner (ChopperDave) - Windows distribution
Dmitry Marakasov (AMDmi3) - FreeBSD distribution
Jorda Polo (ettin) - Debian distribution
Philip Vorsilak (gorzuate) - OS X distribution
Tyler Olsen (Roots) - Source distribution
Additional Programming
Aaron Smith (Etherstar) - audio engine
Brandon Barnes (Winter Knight) - game engine, game modes
Corey Hoffstein (visage) - battle code
DongHa Lee (MoOshiCow) - internationalization
Farooq Mela (CamelJockey) - video engine
Kevin Martin (kev82) - video engine, game engine
Nick Weihs (nickw) - video engine
Raj Sharma (roos) - video engine
Vladimir Mitrovic (snipe714) - scripting engine
Additional Artwork
Adam Black (indigoshift) - concept art
Blake Heatly (KaelisEbonrai) - inventory icons
Chris Hopp (fydo) - map sprite animations
Chris Luspo (Venndetta1) - concept art
Francisco Munoz (fmunoz) - inventory icons
Jason Frailey (Valdroni) - concept art, map sprites
Jerimiah Short (BigPapaN0z) - map tiles
John W. Bjerk (eleazar) - map tiles
Jon Williams (Jonatron) - map sprites
Herbert Glaser (hollowgrind) - map sprite animations
Mark Goodenough (RangerM) - map sprite animations, map tiles
Max Humber (zomby138) - concept art, title screen image
Nathan Christie (Adarias) - concept art, map sprites, map tiles
Peter Geinitz (wayfarer) - Concept art, map sprites
Richard Marks (DeveloperX) - map tiles
Tyler Olsen (Roots) - various art
Tyler Stroud (gloomcover) - map tiles
Victoria Smith (alenacat) - map sprites, map tiles
(Jarks) - map tiles, inventory icons
Additional Music and Sound
Jean Malary (hamiko) - sound mixer
Matt Dexter (Star Pilot) - soundtrack composer
Simon Frisch (SimonF) - soundtrack composer
Additional Internet Services
Felix Kastner (Biohazard) - previous website
Tim Hargreaves (Balthazar) - previous website, forum administration
Additional Translation
Mikko Hänninen (Burnsaber) - Finnish prologue
Extra Thanks
Special Thanks
Daniel Cook (Danc) - Map Tiles
The Battle for Wesnoth Development Team - Inventory Icons
(neoriceisgood) - map monster sprites
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