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Graphical audio covert and filter tool
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is a GUI for converting music or videos to audio files with FFmpeg.


  • DnD support
  • Multithreading (use the full power of your cpu)
  • Convert many files or whole directories very fast
  • Audio filters possible (bass boost your music or do fade-ins/outs…)
  • Change of samplerate possible
  • High quality resampling with SoX possible
  • Quick mode for copying files in same format and skip already converted files

Currently supported output formats are:

  • mp3
  • aac
  • ogg
  • opus
  • flac
  • wav



Flatpak: flatpak install flathub com.github.Bleuzen.FFaudioConverter



You can find the latest version for Windows here:

Just extract the zip file and run the .exe file in it.

Since Windows is not my main os atm I will not promise that there will be a new build with every new release.

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