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Websites in 2018

Years of web development, customer research, A/B tests allowed us to understand that there are certain things which people want but don't realize. Moreover, even if people don't like them, they will get its value later and will thank us. On top of that, different governments created different regulations, which force you to agree to certain things (which nobody never reads), or to promise to be correct.

Combine all of that and you will see what a typical website in 2018 looks like.


Right now, it is available in 2 locales:

  • en (default one)
  • ru

If you want to add another locale, look at contributions section.


In case you want to contribute to existing language, just open a PR (or an issue). In case you want to localize it to your language, just copy english version (or whichever you understand the best) and change content, and leave all ids the same, and it should work the same way.


Original idea from telegram channel uxlive.


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