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Managed Library for Nintendo's Wiimote v1.7.0.0

by Brian Peek

A library for using a Nintendo Wii Remote (Wiimote) from .NET.

This project started life as an article for Microsoft's Coding4Fun website. A full set of API docs can be found in the release package.



o Writing registers is now properly waiting for the Wiimote to reply
  before continuing...this removes all of the Thread.Sleep() calls and
  should *greatly* improve performance when setting LEDs and rumble
  (Serial Nightmare &
o Guitar Hero: World Tour Guitar and Drums now properly recognized and
  used (, tested by Tyler Tolley and Mauro Milazzo)
o Guitar whammy bar is now a 5-bit value instead of 4 (
o Position of 4 IRs now properly reported in Basic reporting mode
  (Dan Carter)
o Found1/2 now properly reported in MSRS (reported by akka243)
o MSRS project updated to Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2008


o Added "center of gravity" calculation to the Wii Fit Balance Board
  (thanks to Steven Battersby)
o Structs are now marked [Serializable] (suggested by Caio)
o Battery property is now a float containing the calculated percentage
  of battery remaining
o BatteryRaw is the byte value that used to be stored in the Battery
o WiimoteTest app now reads extensions properly when inserted at startup
o Exposed HID device path in new HIDDevicePath property on Wiimote object
o Changed the time delay on writes to 50ms from 100ms...this should
  improve responsiveness of setting LEDs and rumble


o Ok, Balance Board support is *really* fixed this time
  (thanks to Manuel Schroeder, Eduard Kujit and Alex Wilkinson for testing)
o LED checkboxes are properly set on the WiimoteTest tabs


o Oops...a last minute change broke the one thing I was adding:  Balance
  Board support.  Should be working now...(identified by Manuel Schroeder)


o Wii Fit Balance Board support
o The GetStatus() method now waits for a response from the Wiimote before
o Bug fix for ButtonsExtension report type (0x34)


o Multiple Wiimotes supported!
o Slight change to ExtensionType enum for better extension detection
o Decided I didn't like the dependency on System.Drawing for the 2D point
  so am now using my own Point structs.  Sorry...
o WiimoteTest app updated to show multiple Wiimotes working


o SetReportType contains an overload taking a new IRSensitivity parameter
  which will set the IR camera sensitivity when using an IR report type
o Created new WiimoteException type which is now thrown by the library
o Moved InputReport enum to namespace level
o Events now using the generic EventHandler class instead of custom
o Refactored the state structures to use Point/PointF and my own
o Refactored IR sensors to be an array
o Added support for the Guitar Hero controller
  (tested by Matthias Shapiro, Evan Jacovier)
o Test app will run without Wiimote connected (Andrea Leganza)
o ReadData now returns the proper amount of data for requests of more than
  16 bytes (reported by David Hawley)
o Test application updated with above changes
o Lots of breaking changes, but the survey on my site said most didn't care
  about backwards compatibility...  :)


o Added support for IR 3 and 4 (Johnny Lee)


o Moved to CodePlex! (
o New license!  Please read the included license.txt/copyright.txt for more
  info.  This likely doesn't change anything for anyone, but at least now
  it's official.
o AltWriteMethod deprecated.  Connect will now determine which write method
  to use at runtime.  It remains in case someone needs to override the
  write method for some reason. (gl.tter)
o WiimoteState.LEDState is now filled with proper values.
  (identified by gl.tter/Leif902)
o Extensions that are attached at startup are now recognized properly.
  (identified by Will Pressly)
o "Partially inserted" extensions now handled properly (Michael Dorman)
o SetRumble method now does this via the SetLEDs method instead of using the
  status report to avoid a needless response from the Wiimote. (Michael Dorman)
o IRState now contains RawMidX/Y and MidX/Y containing the value of the
  midpoint between the IR points.
o Async reads now begin after the data parsing and event has been raised.
  This should lead to non-overlapping events.
o Updated the test application with the above changes and cleaned up the UI
  updates by using delegates a bit more effeciently.

Breaking Changes (may not be a complete list)
o LEDs renamed to LEDState
o GetBatteryLevel renamed to GetStatus
o OnWiimoteChanged renamed to WiimoteChanged
o OnWiimoteExtensionChanged renamed to WiimoteExtensionChanged
o CalibrationInfo renamed to AccelCalibrationInfo
o Event handlers renamed to WiimoteChangedEventHandler and


o Support for XP and Vista x64 (Paul Miller)
o VB fix in ParseExtension (Evan Merz)
o New "AltWriteMethod" property which will try a secondary approach to writing
  to the Wiimote.  If you get an error when connecting, set this property and
  try again to see if it fixes the issue.
o Microsoft Robotics Studio project
  Open the WiimoteMSRS directory and start the Wiimote.sln solution to take a
  look! (David Lee)


o Calibration copy/paste error (James Darpinian)


A library for using a Nintendo Wii Remote (Wiimote) from .NET.








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