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This page is for changing the AutoIt3 scripts from G2HR in Windows. It is written for beginners, so it shouldn't be too hard (in case you want to do this on Linux, or you want to dig in the C code, read the Development Setup instead).

Installing AutoIt3

You will need the latest version of AutoIt3 and their Script Editor. Download both files, then run autoit-v3-setup.exe before SciTE4AutoIt3.exe. To edit anything, you'll always open SciTE, the script editor.

Getting the G2HR source code

To quickly download the latest source code, you can use this zip file. (Some time later, when you really can contribute code, you should register on github, fork the repository and use Github for Windows to download and upload the code).

Extract the archive, that you've downloaded. You will get a folder that is called gta2-hackers-remix-master. Inside that folder, copy the contents of the src folder to the other src folder that is inside your normal G2HR path.

Add the debug script

Go to the G2HR-folder again (the top folder of where you have copied the files in the previous step). Now create a new AutoIt3 script (right click with the mouse, new, AutoIt3 Script). Name that file debug_meta.au3 and open it with SciTE.

Copy this line inside the script:

#include "src/meta/meta.au3"

Run the code

Make sure, that you have debug_meta.au3 open (you'll always need to open that script before running!) and then hit F5 on the keyboard. The mod should start up now!

If everything has worked so far, you can now change the source code inside src/meta and re-run to see the changes. When looking for something specific, you might want to search through the code on the github website.

When you have made something useful, please create a pull request on github and your work can be in the next official release :+1:


  • Press F1 in SciTE to open the excellent help file
  • AutoIt3 Tutorials
  • Please don't use #cs- and #ce-style-comments