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🏭 Education resources for Chemical and Process Engineering written in Python
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Extrusion (screw) & Flory model (Fischer-Tropsch)
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Chemical and Process Engineering Interactive Simulations

We are preparing interactive IPython/Jupyter notebooks with simulations for chemical and process engineering courses and posting them in this repository. These simulations will allow the user to change equation parameters —using just sliders and buttons— in order to obtain a better understanding of the system being modeled.

🔥 NEW! Try this code on your web-browser, no installation required!

Since we are using IPython/Jupyter Notebooks, you can also reproduce and modify them installing Anaconda (a completely free Python distribution, including for commercial use and redistribution).


We want to reproduce this work ( with this technology (Nature and IPython)

Some examples

Heterogeneous Batch Stirred Tank Reactor


Tube Diameter effect on Plug Flow Reactors


Other examples (in Spanish)

Scale-Up of a Batch Reactor


Gas-phase Plug Flow Reactor


Langmuir adsorption model


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