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Computer Aided Chemical Engineering

CAChemE is a nonprofit organization of chemical engineers aiming to encourage the new process engineering software possibilities

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  1. learn Public

    🏭 Educational resources for Chemical and Process Engineering written in Python

    Jupyter Notebook 73 25

  2. Introduction to Python for Chemical Engineers (crash course with additional resources)

    Python 52 10

  3. Curso de Python en la EPS de la Universidad de Alicante

    Python 36 34

  4. A set of examples to optimize process simulators with Python (PSO) - PyConES 2016

    Jupyter Notebook 22 19

  5. Materiales del curso de visión artificial con OpenCV y Python

    Python 19 6

  6. Curso de introducción al análisis y modelado de datos con Python (pandas y scikit-learn) -

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