Setting up the DMPTool

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Enabling Shibboleth
Granting administrator privileges
Customizing your institutional profile
Providing feedback on plans

Enabling Shibboleth (institutional single sign-on)

Configuring your Shibboleth identity provider is a two-step operation. First, you'll need to get an agreement with the data owners on your campus to release two attributes (ePPN and mail) to the DMPTool. Second, work with your IT staff to configure the Shibboleth identity provider for the DMPTool.

Another alternative is to register the identity provider with InCommon in the Research and Scholarship category. Once you're registered, you will automatically have access to the DMPTool as a service provider. More information on the Incommon Research and Scholarship category is available here:

Once you have your identity provider configured correctly, we'll add the information to the database and your users will be routed through your Shibboleth sign-on. Contact us for more details and assistance with enabling Shibboleth for your institution.

Granting administrator privileges

Select "Users" from the Admin features dropdown menu. You will see a list of all users affiliated with your institution/organization. Click the "Edit" link in the "Edit privileges" column and check the appropriate boxes.

Edit privileges

You will see a list of 5 privileges that you can grant individually, or you can check the top-level box to grant all privileges at once. Uncheck the boxes and click Save to remove privileges.

  • Manage user privileges: assign privileges to others in your organization; you can only assign the privileges you have yourself
  • Manage templates: create new organizational templates, edit existing ones, and customize funder templates
  • Manage guidance: create and edit guidance
  • Manage organization details: edit organizational details (name, URL, contact email, logo)
  • Use API: provides you with an API token and grants rights to harvest info from the tool

Customizing your institutional profile

Select "Organization details" from the Admin features dropdown menu. Add/edit information to display to your affiliated users in the organizational branding banner. If you upload a logo it will replace the DMPTool logo.

A contact email address is required if you wish to enable the "Request feedback" functionality. This will be used to alert you to requests from users at your institution/organization.

Org details

Providing feedback on plans

The "Organization details" page contains a second tab: "Request feedback." This is where you can enable the functionality for users at your organization to request feedback on their plans. If enabled, users will see a button to "Request feedback" on the Share tab while writing their plan. When they click the button they will receive an automated email notification (provided by an administrator in the Subject and Message fields below). We suggest that you include details about who will respond to the request and on what timeline. Also note that the sample message below contains special values for the user name %{user_name} and plan name %{plan_name}. If you include these in the message they will automatically populate with the appropriate user name and plan name for each request.

Request feedback

The administrator contact email will also receive an email notification that a plan has been submitted for feedback. Submitted plans will appear in a Notifications panel on the "Plans" page. From here administrators can click to open the plan in read-only mode and provide comments in the right-hand panel beside each question. When finished commenting, return to the Plans page and click the link to "Complete" your feedback. This will trigger another email notification to the plan owner that you are finished providing feedback on their plan.

Download plans

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