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Phoenix is a powerful ecommerce shop ready to use out of the box, putting you online and in full control of your business right from the start. Your customers will love the modern, responsive design that will not only make your website look great on all mobile viewing devices but also perform at speed whilst giving you the power to create an individual and unique look to your shop with just a few clicks!

Phoenix is packed with many first class utilities as standard but its modular software design lets you add many more with no programming skills required. The full suite of product, shipping and payment options included will let you sell thousands of products in any number of categories worldwide in any currency or language providing a seamless customer experience.

Demo Site



Installation of Phoenix takes no more than a few minutes - you will need a hosting account that supports PHP (programming language) and has at least one SQL database. Phoenix can even be installed on your home computer for testing purposes.


Software Minimum Maximum (tested)
PHP 7.0 8.0
MariaDB 10.2.2 10.5
MySQL 5.7.7 8.0

Only one of MySQL or MariaDB is needed.

Type Name Value
PHP setting allow_url_fopen ON
PHP extension MySQLi enabled
PHP setting session.use_trans_sid OFF
PHP setting session.auto_start OFF
PHP setting file_uploads ON

User Checklist

  • read this README document
  • download Phoenix & perform installation
  • check security page in administrative area;
    admin > tools > security checks
  • join Phoenix club
  • install modules;
    admin > modules > navbar
    admin > modules > content
    admin > modules > boxes
    admin > modules > shipping
    admin > modules > payment
  • perform a test checkout
  • load your categories and products


CE Phoenix can now be installed easily with just one click via Softaculous

InstallatronCE Phoenix can now be installed easily with just one click via Installatron

Language Packs

See the list at

Please be aware that language packs (other than ES) are maintained by shop owners so may not be up to date, may be incomplete, or may contain non-core files and definitions.

How to Support the Phoenix Project

Help Phoenix fly high...if you or your employer is commercially dependent on Phoenix (or a previous incarnation), please help to sponsor forward movement in the code-base. Phoenix needs you as much as you need Phoenix...

Thank you to all shopowners, developers, consultants and business owners who are supporting the Project by volunteering their time and/or by supporting the project financially.

Certified Service Providers

Certified service providers are those who are known to produce modern code, adhering as much as possible to Phoenix's core principle of no core changes. They also provide services such as SEO, hosting, theme design and more.

  • These developers are certified by the Core Team
  • These developers support Phoenix by giving their time, code and financial support

If you are looking for a developer for a paid-for project, please consider one of those at

Join the Phoenix Club

If you wish to help steer the future direction of the software you need to join the Phoenix Club

Channel URL
Phoenix Club
Phoenix (Youtube)
Zipurman Coding (Youtube)
Support (Discord)
User Guide (Phoenix Cart)
Add-ons Library (Phoenix Cart)
Forum (Phoenix Cart)


Images in the default installation are copyright their respective owners;

Image Owner Usage
Phoenix Logo Phoenix Cart Phoenix Logo may not be used without prior written permission from the copyright owner.
Oranges, Lemons, Pears, Apples Eelffica from Pixabay
Tomatoes Rocky_H from Pixabay
Heart Gerhard Gellinger from Pixabay

Other fruit images are based on modified images from the named owners.