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Here's the long-awaited release, filled with new somewhat-minor features, improvements, and bugfixes!
Fun fact: did you know that we recently went over 211 commits? 🤓

Note that v1.3 should be last release before any new major one (planned to be v2.0 with source-level debugging, for C and TI-Basic code, no kidding!)


  • New "natural" keymap (accents, symbols etc. from your computer)
  • Custom keymap support (choose your own keybindings)
  • New simple and light GUI in SDL
  • New core "run API" making deterministic execution possible
  • New grid option and config GUI for memory visualizers (#308)
  • Visual indicator of console/dock output (#313)
  • New command-line options:
    • Full-screen modes (--fullscreen)
    • Program to launch (--launch)

Memory visualizer configuration

GUI and core improvements

  • The core loop is now faster
  • Better Flash emulation (more modes handled, improved protections)
  • Allow changing of clock rate
  • Table widgets are now draggable
  • Reset the calc if the flash wait states are 0
  • Better LCD state saving and restoring and improved event handling
  • Cleaned-up core codestyle and made it C89-compatible
  • Improved recent variables view
  • Overhauled break/watch/port (reordering, ranges support...)

Watchpoints with ranges

Other improvements

  • Autotester inside the emu thread and deterministic (#178)
  • Various performance and stability improvements
  • Use the new value for the maximum appvar size in the dumper
  • On MacBook Pro machines with Touch Bar, display some shortcuts
  • Updated tivars_lib from upstream:
    • Code cleanup and potential crash fixes
    • More format checks
    • Only reindent tokenized variables
    • Fix appvar preview in hex (#312)
    • Support Python AppVars format

MacBook Pro Touch Bar support Python AppVars support

Bug fixes

  • Fix held keys detection on boot
  • Fix actual FPS display
  • Fix drawing of off LCD
  • Fix screen breakage when resetting calculator
  • Fix address clicking in memory visualizers (#308)
  • Fix breakage caused by showing too many errors simultaneously (#317)
  • Hack around a libpng-apng bug (1-row frames)
  • Disable launch button while an autotest is running
  • Fix forgotten prettification of protected-programs in the viewer
  • Avoid creating useless temp files when clicking the screen

Build-related improvements

  • Qt version updated (5.12, 5.13)
  • Fix some missing icon resources
  • Fix Emscripten build and runtime
  • More travis cleanup and minor improvements
  • Linux builds on OBS are now available for even more distributions and versions!
    (Note that this will be the last release supporting versions having "old" Qt)
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