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Welcome to the CEmu wiki!

This page will guide you through the initial setup and configuration.


You can download the latest release of CEmu from this page. Be sure to select the proper download for your OS.


When you first run CEmu, you will be presented with this screen:

CEmu Wizard

If you need to dump a ROM image from your physical calculator, press the green plus button and follow the onscreen directions. Otherwise, select the ROM image from your computer.

Dock Interface

CEmu uses a highly customizable dock-style interface. Drag and drop to move tabs and windows around on the screen, and choose which docks are available in the 'Docks' menu in the topmost bar. Be sure that 'Enable UI edit mode' is selected when laying out your interface.

It is generally easiest to close all the docks first, and then drag and drop them where you please until you have a configuration that suites you.


You can interact with the keypad using the mouse or by using the keyboard on your computer. For the appropriate keybindings, please see this page.

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