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DOCter is a Jekyll template for quickly building out project pages and documentation.

DOCter Screenshot

See the demo

To run DOCter locally

DOCter needs Jekyll and other dependencies to run locally. These can be installed with Bundler by running the following commands.

gem install bundler
bundle install

Fork and clone the repo:

git clone
cd DOCter

Run Jekyll:

bundle exec jekyll serve --watch --baseurl ''

Open it up in your browser: http://localhost:4000/


Options within the _config.yml file allow you to control the site's title, subtitle, logo, author information, and the left column navigation.

Project Page URL Structure

This is an excerpt from the Jekyll docs on configuring your URL for Project Pages.

Sometimes it's nice to preview your Jekyll site before you push your gh-pages branch to GitHub. However, the subdirectory-like URL structure GitHub uses for Project Pages complicates the proper resolution of URLs. Here is an approach to utilizing the GitHub Project Page URL structure ( whilst maintaining the ability to preview your Jekyll site locally.

  1. In _config.yml, set the baseurl option to /project-name -- note the leading slash and the absence of a trailing slash.
  2. When referencing JS or CSS files, do it like this: {{ site.baseurl }}/path/to/css.css -- note the slash immediately following the variable (just before "path").
  3. When doing permalinks or internal links, do it like this: {{ site.baseurl }}{{ post.url }} -- note that there is no slash between the two variables.
  4. Finally, if you'd like to preview your site before committing/deploying using jekyll serve, be sure to pass an empty string to the --baseurl option, so that you can view everything at localhost:4000 normally (without /project-name at the beginning): jekyll serve --baseurl ''

This way, you can preview your site locally from the site root on localhost, but when GitHub generates your pages from the gh-pages branch all the URLs will start with /project-name and resolve properly.

Offline support

DOCter provides optional offline support via a Service Worker. This means that, when enabled, after an initial load of your DOCter site, a cached version will be available offline in some modern browsers.

To enable offline caching:

in _config.yml: set offline_cache to true (defaults to false)

To update the cached version of your site:

in _config.yml: change the value of cache_name (this should be done with every significant update to the site)

To add additional files to the cache:

in sw.js: update the filesToCache array


The project is in the public domain, and all contributions to it will be released as such. By submitting a pull request, you are agreeing to waive all rights to your contribution under the terms of the CC0 Public Domain Dedication.

If you contribute the open source work of others, please mark it clearly in your pull request.