URL Abuse - A Versatile Software for URL review, analysis and black-list reporting
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URL Abuse

URL Abuse is a versatile free software for URL review, analysis and black-list reporting. URL Abuse is composed of a web interface where requests are submitted asynchronously and a back-end system to process the URLs into features modules.


Please note that some of the API services will require an API key. The API keys should be located in the root of the URL Abuse directory.


CIRCL URL Abuse is online.


Install the requirements

pip install -r requirements.txt

Copy and review the configuration:

cp config.ini.sample config.ini

Install Redis and update the configuration.

Start the Redis back-end


Start the workers (at least 10)

seq 10 | parallel -u -j 10 ./worker.py

Start the web interface

python runapp.py


We welcome pull requests for new extensions, bug fixes.

Add a new module

Look at the existings functions/modules. The changes will have to be made in the following files:

  • Add the function you want to execure in url_abuse_async.py
  • Add a route in web/__init__.py. This route will do an async call to the function defined in url_abuse_async.py. The parameter of the function is sent in an POST object
  • Add a statement in web/templates/url-report.html. The data option is the parameter to pass to the javascript directive
  • Add a directive in web/static/main.js, it will take care of passing the parameter to the backend and regularly pull for the response of the async call


URL Abuse is being developed as part of the “European Union anti-Phishing Initiative” (EU PI) project. This project is coordinated by Cert-Lexsi and co-funded by the Prevention of and Fight against Crime programme of the European Union.