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Overview and map of the organization, which services COGS108: Hands-On Data Science, from UCSD.
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COGS 108 - Data Science in Practice - is a class offered by the Cognitive Science Department of UC San Diego, taught by Professors Bradley Voytek and Shannon Ellis. Here is an overview and map of the COGS 108 Organization, which hosts materials and assignments for the class.


The most recent iteration of this class is Winter quarter 2020, the syllabus for which is available here.

Discussion Section

  • Tutorial Notebooks that run along with the topics of the class and can help as you complete section workbooks.
  • Practice Notebooks for additional programming practice on your own.
  • Workbooks for use in weekly discussion section.


Assignments will be completed on


A suggested reading list (recommended, but not required).

Final Projects

A core component of the class is completing a group project. Some example projects from the Sp17, Wi18, and Sp19 iterations of the class are available.

A reminder about time:

These assignments are intermingled with your project proposal and final project (due finals week). This is an assignment-heavy course load to get you as much practice as possible. This will require good time management and planning on your part. Start planning ahead now to avoid late submissions and issues later in the quarter.

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