The EasyGoogleCSE module allows for simple integration of a Google Custom Search Engine into a Joomla website.
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#EasyGoogleCSE Module EasyGoogleCSE is a Joomla module that integrates a Google Custom Search Engine (CSE). It's provides a search entry field and a front-end results/search page view. All configuration of Google CSE settings is done in the module itself allowing you to have multiple CSE's setup on a single website.

##Usage This module requires a Google Custom Search Engine ID (e.g. 001022811063045712397:qra3zga3-dk). Which you can get from your GCSE account page.

Two copies of the module should be setup, the first uses the default layout which provides the search input box. This module needs to know the menu item that contains the module using the results layout, simply select it from the pop-up menu called Search Results Page.

The second module you set to use the results layout, this should be placed on a page, in a position that has sufficient width and height to display all of the content. For example you could embed it in an article using Joomla's built-in loadmodule plugin, e.g.

{loadmodule My EasyGoogleCSE Modules Name}