Assets 4

New in this version

  • Backup/dump verification
    Automatically verifies every written part or single dump file. When this process is on, the bar turns green.
  • Fix booting into CFW for 1.0.0
    Relocated security monitor to leave a lot of free space for hekate
  • Kernel patching
    Added Disable Svc Verification and Enable Debug mode.
    Can be enabled via the hekate .ini, using the keys: fullsvcperm=1, debugmode=1 .
  • Inform user that console halted in sleep mode
    Actually this corrects sdram cfg parsing in LP0.
    The sleep mode though, still does not work. But now it tries to enter/leave sleep and halts with the backlight on.
    At least, this reminds the user to power off the console to not deplete the battery completely.
  • And many bug fixes, wording fixes, etc.

The firmware launch function supports ALL current Switch Updates!

Partial dumping notice

You can join the multiple parts from the partial dumping feature, by using one of the scripts included in
Choose the correct one for the size of parts (15 parts of 2GB or 30 of 1GB) and your OS (windows or linux/macos).


Warning 1: If you have an unfinished partial dumping and want to start anew, delete the partial.idx file first.
Warning 2: When dumping the eMMC, in parts, you should not power on the switch normally and boot to Switch OS before done. Otherwise your finished backup will probably be corrupted, because Switch OS writes on your eMMC even if it seems you done nothing.