⚡️CMS for developers support data sources such as Firebase/Firestore, GraphQL and Restful APIs.
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Canner, a CMS framework built for devlopers. Build CMS faster and simpler with GraphQL, Prisma, Firebase and Restful APIs.

Are you using Canner? Please share with us here. Once we approve, you will get one month PREMIUM plan for your account!

Benefits and advantages (Simple. Agile. Flexible. Efficient - SAFE)

🌍 Simple, One Framework

Canner is flexible and agnostic, that you can learn once and create any form of CMS for many different databases.

⚡️ Agile, Move Faster

By defining a Canner schema in JSX, you can determine how the CMS stores data in your databases and the appearance of the CMS UI/UX.

💪 Flexible, any Data Sources

With different connectors, you are able to create a CMS to interact with Firebase, MySQL, PostgreSQL, GraphQL with the same schema.

💸 Efficient, Less is More

Since Canner schema is only a JSX (XML-like) language without any logistic code, in other words, you can maintain your code in a configuration file and easy to maintain using version controls.


CMS features

Sources and API


Full documentation: https://www.canner.io/docs

Preview and demo


30 CMS demos using Canner

🔥🔥 Only 3 commands to start 🔥🔥

# 1. Download Canner CLI tool
➜ $ npm install --global @canner/cli

# 2. Initialize schema
➜ $ canner init:schema
# Answer the questions
# Initializing schema...
# ? What template do you want to create? (Use arrow keys)
#   None
# ❯ Blog
#   Company
#   E-commerce
# ? What data source do you want to use?
#   None
#   Firebase admin
#   Firebase client
# ❯ Prisma
✔ Initialized

# 3. Serve your CMS with Livereload in local, while you update your schema the dev server will automatically reload open http://localhost:9090
➜ $ canner script:serve

👉👉 START USING CANNER: https://www.canner.io

Why Canner is different?

Canner adopts Adaptive CMS concept. Adaptive CMS is a new CMS structure that is different from traditional CMS and headless CMS. The biggest different about Adaptive CMS is that it decouples both view and data layer. It builds data interfaces to connect to single or multiple data sources.

Adaptive CMS? Learn more here


Learn more about Canner.

  • Why create Canner? See here

  • Our mission at Canner: See here


Canner connect to Firebase

CMS for Firebase with SSR supported (NextJS) https://github.com/Canner/canner-firebase-cms

Canner connect to Firestore

CMS with Canner and Firestore, and deploy to Firebase hosting https://github.com/Canner/canner-firestore-cms

More demo visit /examples folder & canner-demo and canner.io


Blog posts


Install all dependencies.

We are using yarn workspace to manage all repos, learn more about Yarn workspace

To install packages



Interested in our next roadmap to v3? Please follow issue here.



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