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Change Log

1.69.0 - 2020-05-01

Fixes 🔧
  • Fixed several problems with polylines when the logarithmic depth buffer is enabled, which is the default on most systems. #8706

1.68.0 - 2020-04-01

Additions 🎉
  • Added basic underground rendering support. When the camera is underground the globe will be rendered as a solid surface and underground entities will not be culled. #8572
  • The CesiumUnminified build now includes sourcemaps. #8572
  • Added the ability to edit CesiumJS shaders on-the-fly using the SpectorJS Shader Editor. #8608
Fixes 🔧
  • Cesium can now be used in Node.JS 12 and later, with or without --experimental-modules. It can still be used in earlier versions as well. #8572
  • Interacting with the Cesium canvas will now blur the previously focused element. This prevents unintended modification of input elements when interacting with the globe. #8662
  • TileMapServiceImageryProvider will now force minimumLevel to 0 if the tilemapresource.xml metadata request fails and the rectangle is too large for the given detail level #8448
  • Fixed ground atmosphere rendering when using a smaller ellipsoid. #8683
  • Fixed globe incorrectly occluding objects when using a smaller ellipsoid. #7124
  • Fixed a regression introduced in 1.67 which caused overlapping colored ground geometry to have visual artifacts. #8694
  • Fixed a clipping problem when viewing a polyline up close with the logarithmic depth buffer enabled, which is the default on most systems. #8703

1.67.0 - 2020-03-02

Breaking Changes 📣
  • Cesium3DTileset.skipLevelOfDetail is now false by default. #8631
  • glTF models are now rendered using the LEQUALS depth test function instead of LESS. This means that when geometry overlaps, the later geometry will be visible above the earlier, where previously the opposite was true. We believe this is a more sensible default, and makes it easier to render e.g. outlined buildings with glTF. #8646
Additions 🎉
  • Massively improved performance of clamped Entity ground geometry with dynamic colors. #8630
  • Added Entity.tileset for loading a 3D Tiles tileset via the Entity API using the new Cesium3DTilesetGraphics class. #8580
  • Added tileset.uri,, and tileset.maximumScreenSpaceError properties to CZML processing for loading 3D Tiles. #8580
  • Added Color.lerp for linearly interpolating between two RGB colors. #8607
  • CesiumTerrainProvider now supports terrain tiles using a WebMercatorTilingScheme by specifying "projection": "EPSG:3857" in layer.json. It also now supports numbering tiles from the North instead of the South by specifying "scheme": "slippyMap" in layer.json. #8563
  • Added basic support for isNaN, isFinite, null, and undefined in the 3D Tiles styling GLSL backend for point clouds. #8621
  • Added sizeInMeters to ParticleSystem. #7746
Fixes 🔧
  • Fixed a bug that caused large, nearby geometry to be clipped when using a logarithmic depth buffer, which is the default on most systems. #8600
  • Fixed a bug where tiles would not load if the camera was tracking a moving tileset. #8598
  • Fixed a bug where applying a new 3D Tiles style during a flight would not update all existing tiles. #8622
  • Fixed a bug where Cartesian vectors could not be packed to typed arrays #8568
  • Updated knockout from 3.5.0 to 3.5.1. #8424
  • Cesium's local development server now works in Node 12 & 13 #8648
  • The isArray function has been deprecated and will be removed in Cesium 1.69. Use the native Array.isArray function instead. #8526

1.66.0 - 2020-02-03

  • The property Scene.sunColor has been deprecated and will be removed in Cesium 1.69. Use scene.light.color and scene.light.intensity instead. #8493
Additions 🎉
  • useBrowserRecommendedResolution flag in Viewer and CesiumWidget now defaults to true. This ensures Cesium rendering is fast and smooth by default across all devices. Set it to false to always render at native device resolution instead at the cost of performance on under-powered devices. #8548
  • Cesium now creates a WebGL context with a powerPreference value of high-performance. Some browsers use this setting to enable a second, more powerful, GPU. You can set it back to default, or opt-in to low-power mode, by passing the context option when creating a Viewer or CesiumWidget instance:
    var viewer = new Viewer('cesiumContainer', {
        contextOptions : {
            webgl : {
                powerPreference: 'default'
  • Added more customization to Cesium's lighting system. #8493
    • Added Light, DirectionalLight, and SunLight classes for creating custom light sources.
    • Added Scene.light for setting the scene's light source, which defaults to a SunLight.
    • Added Globe.dynamicAtmosphereLighting for enabling lighting effects on atmosphere and fog, such as day/night transitions. It is true by default but may be set to false if the atmosphere should stay unchanged regardless of the scene's light direction.
    • Added Globe.dynamicAtmosphereLightingFromSun for using the sun direction instead of the scene's light direction when Globe.dynamicAtmosphereLighting is enabled. See the moonlight example in the Lighting Sandcastle example.
    • Primitives and the globe are now shaded with the scene light's color.
  • Updated SampleData models to glTF 2.0. #7802
  • Added Globe.showSkirts to support the ability to hide terrain skirts when viewing terrain from below the surface. #8489
  • Added minificationFilter and magnificationFilter options to Material to control texture filtering. #8473
  • Updated earcut to 2.2.1. #8528
  • Added a font cache to improve label performance. #8537
Fixes 🔧
  • Fixed a bug where the camera could go underground during mouse navigation. #8504
  • Fixed a bug where rapidly updating a PolylineCollection could result in an instanceIndex is out of range error. #8546
  • Fixed issue where RequestScheduler double-counted image requests made via createImageBitmap. #8162
  • Reduced Cesium bundle size by avoiding unnecessarily importing Cesium3DTileset in Picking.js. #8532
  • Fixed a bug where files with backslashes were not loaded in KMZ files. #8533
  • Fixed WebGL warning message about EXT_float_blend being implicitly enabled. #8534
  • Fixed a bug where toggling point cloud classification visibility would result in a grey screen on Linux / Nvidia. #8538
  • Fixed a bug where a point in a PointPrimitiveCollection was rendered in the middle of the screen instead of being clipped. #8542
  • Fixed a crash when deleting and re-creating polylines from CZML. ReferenceProperty now returns undefined when the target entity or property does not exist, instead of throwing. #8544
  • Fixed terrain tile picking in the Cesium Inspector. #8567
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when an entity was deleted while the corresponding Primitive was being created asynchronously. #8569
  • Fixed a crash when calling camera.lookAt with the origin (0, 0, 0) as the target. This could happen when looking at a tileset with the origin as its center. #8571
  • Fixed a bug where camera.viewBoundingSphere was modifying the offset parameter. #8438
  • Fixed a crash when creating a plane with both position and normal on the Z-axis. #8576
  • Fixed BoundingSphere.projectTo2D when the bounding sphere’s center is at the origin. #8482

1.65.0 - 2020-01-06

Breaking Changes 📣
  • OrthographicFrustum.getPixelDimensions, OrthographicOffCenterFrustum.getPixelDimensions, PerspectiveFrustum.getPixelDimensions, and PerspectiveOffCenterFrustum.getPixelDimensions now require a pixelRatio argument before the result argument. The previous function definition has been deprecated since 1.63. #8320
  • The function Matrix4.getRotation has been renamed to Matrix4.getMatrix3. Matrix4.getRotation has been deprecated since 1.62. #8183
  • createTileMapServiceImageryProvider and createOpenStreetMapImageryProvider have been removed. Instead, pass the same options to new TileMapServiceImageryProvider and new OpenStreetMapImageryProvider respectively. The old functions have been deprecated since 1.62. #8174
Additions 🎉
  • Added Globe.backFaceCulling to support viewing terrain from below the surface. #8470
Fixes 🔧
  • Fixed Geocoder auto-complete suggestions when hosted inside Web Components. #8425
  • Fixed terrain tile culling problems when under ellipsoid. #8397
  • Fixed primitive culling when below the ellipsoid but above terrain. #8398
  • Improved the translucency calculation for the Water material type. #8455
  • Fixed bounding volume calculation for GroundPrimitive. #4883
  • Fixed OrientedBoundingBox.fromRectangle for rectangles with width greater than 180 degrees. #8475
  • Fixed globe picking so that it returns the closest intersecting triangle instead of the first intersecting triangle. #8390
  • Fixed horizon culling issues with large root tiles. #8487
  • Fixed a lighting bug affecting Macs with Intel integrated graphics where glTF 2.0 PBR models with double sided materials would have flipped normals. #8494

1.64.0 - 2019-12-02

Fixes 🔧
  • Fixed an issue in image based lighting where an invalid environment map would silently fail. #8303
  • Various small internal improvements

1.63.1 - 2019-11-06

Fixes 🔧
  • Fixed regression in 1.63 where ground atmosphere and labels rendered incorrectly on displays with window.devicePixelRatio greater than 1.0. #8351
  • Fixed regression in 1.63 where some primitives would show through the globe when log depth is disabled. #8368

1.63 - 2019-11-01

Major Announcements 📢
  • Cesium has migrated to ES6 modules. This may or may not be a breaking change for your application depending on how you use Cesium. See our blog post for the full details.
  • We’ve consolidated all of our website content from and into one home on Here’s where you can now find:
    • Sandcastle -
    • API Docs -
    • Downloads -
    • Hosted releases can be found at<CesiumJS Version Number>/Build/Cesium/Cesium.js
    • See our blog post for more information.
Additions 🎉
  • Decreased Web Workers bundle size by a factor of 10, from 8384KB (2624KB gzipped) to 863KB (225KB gzipped). This makes Cesium load faster, especially on low-end devices and slower network connections.
  • Added full UTF-8 support to labels, greatly improving support for non-latin alphabets and emoji. #7280
  • Added "type": "module" to package.json to take advantage of native ES6 module support in newer versions of Node.js. This also enables module-based front-end development for tooling that relies on Node.js module resolution.
  • The combined Build/Cesium/Cesium.js and Build/CesiumUnminified/Cesium.js have been upgraded from IIFE to UMD modules that support IIFE, AMD, and commonjs.
  • Added pixelRatio parameter to OrthographicFrustum.getPixelDimensions, OrthographicOffCenterFrustum.getPixelDimensions, PerspectiveFrustum.getPixelDimensions, and PerspectiveOffCenterFrustum.getPixelDimensions. Pass in scene.pixelRatio for dimensions in CSS pixel units or 1.0 for dimensions in native device pixel units. #8237
Fixes 🔧
  • Fixed css pixel usage for polylines, point clouds, models, primitives, and post-processing. #8113
  • Fixed a bug where scene.sampleHeightMostDetailed and scene.clampToHeightMostDetailed would not resolve in request render mode. #8281
  • Fixed seam artifacts when log depth is disabled, scene.globe.depthTestAgainstTerrain is false, and primitives are under the globe. #8205
  • Fix dynamic ellipsoids using innerRadii, minimumClock, maximumClock, minimumCone or maximumCone. #8277
  • Fixed rendering billboard collections containing more than 65536 billboards. #8325
  • OrthographicFrustum.getPixelDimensions, OrthographicOffCenterFrustum.getPixelDimensions, PerspectiveFrustum.getPixelDimensions, and PerspectiveOffCenterFrustum.getPixelDimensions now take a pixelRatio argument before the result argument. The previous function definition will no longer work in 1.65. #8237

1.62 - 2019-10-01

  • createTileMapServiceImageryProvider and createOpenStreetMapImageryProvider have been deprecated and will be removed in Cesium 1.65. Instead, pass the same options to new TileMapServiceImageryProvider and new OpenStreetMapImageryProvider respectively.
  • The function Matrix4.getRotation has been deprecated and renamed to Matrix4.getMatrix3. Matrix4.getRotation will be removed in version 1.65.
Additions 🎉
  • Added ability to create partial ellipsoids using both the Entity API and CZML. New ellipsoid geometry properties: innerRadii, minimumClock, maximumClock, minimumCone, and maximumCone. This affects both EllipsoidGeometry and EllipsoidOutlineGeometry. See the updated Sandcastle example. #5995
  • Added useBrowserRecommendedResolution flag to Viewer and CesiumWidget. When true, Cesium renders at CSS pixel resolution instead of native device resolution. This replaces the workaround in the 1.61 change list. 8215
  • Added TileMapResourceImageryProvider and OpenStreetMapImageryProvider classes to improve API consistency: #4812
  • Added credit parameter to CzmlDataSource, GeoJsonDataSource, KmlDataSource and Model. #8173
  • Added Matrix3.getRotation to get the rotational component of a matrix with scaling removed. #8182
Fixes 🔧
  • Fixed labels not showing for individual entities in data sources when clustering is enabled. #6087
  • Fixed an issue where polygons, corridors, rectangles, and ellipses on terrain would not render on some mobile devices. #6739
  • Fixed a bug where GlobeSurfaceTile would not render the tile until all layers completed loading causing globe to appear to hang. #7974
  • Spread out KMl loading across multiple frames to prevent freezing. #8195
  • Fixed a bug where extruded polygons would sometimes be missing segments. #8035
  • Made pixel sizes consistent for polylines and point clouds when rendering at different pixel ratios. #8113
  • Camera.flyTo flies to the correct location in 2D when the destination crosses the international date line #7909
  • Fixed 3D tiles style coloring when multiple tilesets are in the scene #8051
  • 3D Tiles geometric error now correctly scales with transform. #8182
  • Fixed per-feature post processing from sometimes selecting the wrong feature. #7929
  • Fixed a bug where dynamic polylines did not use the given arcType. #8191
  • Fixed atmosphere brightness when High Dynamic Range is disabled. #8149
  • Fixed brightness levels for procedural Image Based Lighting. #7803
  • Fixed alpha equation for BlendingState.ALPHA_BLEND and BlendingState.ADDITIVE_BLEND. #8202
  • Improved display of tile coordinates for TileCoordinatesImageryProvider #8131
  • Reduced size of approximateTerrainHeights.json #7959
  • Fixed undefined quadDetails error from zooming into the map really close. #8011
  • Fixed a crash for 3D Tiles that have zero volume. #7945
  • Fixed relative-to-center check, depthFailAppearance resource freeing for Primitive #8044

1.61 - 2019-09-03

Additions 🎉
  • Added optional index parameter to PrimitiveCollection.add. #8041
  • Cesium now renders at native device resolution by default instead of CSS pixel resolution, to go back to the old behavior, set viewer.resolutionScale = 1.0 / window.devicePixelRatio. #8082
  • Added getByName method to DataSourceCollection allowing to retrieve DataSources by their name property from the collection
Fixes 🔧
  • Disable FXAA by default. To re-enable, set scene.postProcessStages.fxaa.enabled = true #7875
  • Fixed a crash when a glTF model used KHR_texture_transform without a sampler defined. #7916
  • Fixed post-processing selection filtering to work for bloom. #7984
  • Disabled HDR by default to improve visual quality in most standard use cases. Set viewer.scene.highDynamicRange = true to re-enable. #7966
  • Fixed a bug that causes hidden point primitives to still appear on some operating systems. #8043
  • Fix negative altitude altitude handling in GoogleEarthEnterpriseTerrainProvider. #8109
  • Fixed issue where KTX or CRN files would not be properly identified. #7979
  • Fixed multiple globe materials making the globe darker. #7726

1.60 - 2019-08-01

Additions 🎉
  • Reworked label rendering to use signed distance fields (SDF) for crisper text. #7730
  • Added a new Sandcastle example to showcase the new SDF labels.
  • Added support for polygon holes to CZML. #7991
  • Added totalScale property to Label which is the total scale of the label taking into account the label's scale and the relative size of the desired font compared to the generated glyph size.
Fixes 🔧
  • Fixed crash when using ArcGIS terrain with clipping planes. #7998
  • PolygonGraphics.hierarchy now converts constant array values to a PolygonHierarchy when set, so code that accesses the value of the property can rely on it always being a PolygonHierarchy.
  • Fixed a bug with lengthwise texture coordinates in the first segment of ground polylines, as observed in some WebGL implementations such as Chrome on Linux. #8017

1.59 - 2019-07-01

Additions 🎉
  • Adds ArcGISTiledElevationTerrainProvider to support LERC encoded terrain from ArcGIS ImageServer. #7940
  • Added CZML support for heightReference to box, cylinder, and ellipsoid, and added CZML support for classificationType to corridor, ellipse, polygon, polyline, and rectangle. #7899
  • Adds exportKML function to export Entity instances with Point, Billboard, Model, Label, Polyline and Polygon graphics. #7921
  • Added support for new Mapbox Style API. #7698
  • Added support for the AGI_articulations vendor extension of glTF 2.0 to the Entity API and CZML. #7907
Fixes 🔧
  • Fixed a bug that caused missing segments for ground polylines with coplanar points over large distances and problems with polylines containing duplicate points. #7885
  • Fixed a bug where billboards were not pickable when zoomed out completely in 2D View. #7908
  • Fixed a bug where image requests that returned HTTP code 204 would prevent any future request from succeeding on browsers that supported ImageBitmap. #7914
  • Fixed polyline colors when scene.highDynamicRange is enabled. #7924
  • Fixed a bug in the inspector where the min/max height values of a picked tile were undefined. #7904
  • Fixed Math.factorial to return the correct values. (
  • Fixed a bug that caused 3D models to appear darker on Android devices. #7944

1.58.1 - 2018-06-03

This is an npm-only release to fix a publishing issue.

1.58 - 2019-06-03

Additions 🎉
  • Added support for new BingMapsStyle values ROAD_ON_DEMAND and AERIAL_WITH_LABELS_ON_DEMAND. The older versions of these, ROAD and AERIAL_WITH_LABELS, have been deprecated by Bing. #7808
  • Added syntax to delete data from existing properties via CZML. #7818
  • Added checkerboard material to CZML. #7845
  • BingMapsImageryProvider now uses DiscardEmptyTileImagePolicy by default to detect missing tiles as zero-length responses instead of inspecting pixel values. #7810
  • Added support for the AGI_articulations vendor extension of glTF 2.0 to the Model primitive graphics API. #7835
  • Reduce the number of Bing transactions and ion Bing sessions used when destroying and recreating the same imagery layer to 1. #7848
Fixes 🔧
  • Fixed an edge case where Cesium would provide ion access token credentials to non-ion servers if the actual asset entrypoint was being hosted by ion. #7839
  • Fixed a bug that caused Cesium to request non-existent tiles for terrain tilesets lacking tile availability, i.e. a layer.json file.
  • Fixed memory leak when removing entities that had a HeightReference of CLAMP_TO_GROUND or RELATIVE_TO_GROUND. This includes when removing a DataSource.
  • Fixed 3D Tiles credits not being shown in the data attribution box. #7877

1.57 - 2019-05-01

Additions 🎉
  • Improved 3D Tiles streaming performance, resulting in ~67% camera tour load time reduction, ~44% camera tour load count reduction. And for general camera movement, ~20% load time reduction with ~27% tile load count reduction. Tile load priority changed to focus on loading tiles in the center of the screen first. Added the following tileset optimizations, which unless stated otherwise are enabled by default. #7774
    • Added Cesium3DTileset.cullRequestsWhileMoving option to ignore requests for tiles that will likely be out-of-view due to the camera's movement when they come back from the server.
    • Added Cesium3DTileset.cullRequestsWhileMovingMultiplier option to act as a multiplier when used in culling requests while moving. Larger is more aggressive culling, smaller less aggressive culling.
    • Added Cesium3DTileset.preloadFlightDestinations option to preload tiles at the camera's flight destination while the camera is in flight.
    • Added Cesium3DTileset.preferLeaves option to prefer loading of leaves. Good for additive refinement point clouds. Set to false by default.
    • Added Cesium3DTileset.progressiveResolutionHeightFraction option to load tiles at a smaller resolution first. This can help get a quick layer of tiles down while full resolution tiles continue to load.
    • Added Cesium3DTileset.foveatedScreenSpaceError option to prioritize loading tiles in the center of the screen.
    • Added Cesium3DTileset.foveatedConeSize option to control the cone size that determines which tiles are deferred for loading. Tiles outside the cone are potentially deferred.
    • Added Cesium3DTileset.foveatedMinimumScreenSpaceErrorRelaxation option to control the starting screen space error relaxation for tiles outside the foveated cone.
    • Added Cesium3DTileset.foveatedInterpolationCallback option to control how screen space error threshold is interpolated for tiles outside the foveated cone.
    • Added Cesium3DTileset.foveatedTimeDelay option to control how long in seconds to wait after the camera stops moving before deferred tiles start loading in.
  • Added new parameter to PolylineGlowMaterial called taperPower, that works similar to the existing glowPower parameter, to taper the back of the line away. #7626
  • Added Cesium3DTileset.preloadWhenHidden tileset option to preload tiles when is false. Loads tiles as if the tileset is visible but does not render them. #7774
  • Added support for the KHR_texture_transform glTF extension. #7549
  • Added functions to remove samples from SampledProperty and SampledPositionProperty. #7723
  • Added support for color-to-alpha with a threshold on imagery layers. #7727
  • Add CZML processing for heightReference and extrudedHeightReference for geoemtry types that support it.
  • CesiumMath.toSNorm documentation changed to reflect the function's implementation. #7774
  • Added CesiumMath.normalize to convert a scalar value in an arbitrary range to a scalar in the range [0.0, 1.0]. #7774
Fixes 🔧
  • Fixed an error when loading the same glTF model in two separate viewers. #7688
  • Fixed an error where clampToHeightMostDetailed or sampleHeightMostDetailed would crash if entities were created when the promise resolved. #7690
  • Fixed an issue with compositing merged entity availability. #7717
  • Fixed an error where many imagery layers within a single tile would cause parts of the tile to render as black on some platforms. #7649
  • Fixed a bug that could cause terrain with a single, global root tile (e.g. that uses WebMercatorTilingScheme) to be culled unexpectedly in some views. #7702
  • Fixed a problem where instanced 3D models were incorrectly lit when using physically based materials. #7775
  • Fixed a bug where glTF models with certain blend modes were rendered incorrectly in browsers that support ImageBitmap. #7795

1.56.1 - 2019-04-02

Additions 🎉
  • Resource.fetchImage now takes a preferImageBitmap option to use createImageBitmap when supported to move image decode off the main thread. This option defaults to false.
Breaking Changes 📣
  • The following breaking changes are relative to 1.56. The Resource.fetchImage behavior is now identical to 1.55 and earlier.
    • Changed Resource.fetchImage back to return an Image by default, instead of an ImageBitmap when supported. Note that an ImageBitmap cannot be flipped during texture upload. Instead, set flipY : true during fetch to flip it.
    • Changed the default flipY option in Resource.fetchImage to false. This only has an effect when ImageBitmap is used.

1.56 - 2019-04-01

Breaking Changes 📣
  • Resource.fetchImage now returns an ImageBitmap instead of Image when supported. This allows for decoding images while fetching using createImageBitmap to greatly speed up texture upload and decrease frame drops when loading models with large textures. #7579
  • now has an empty Object as its default value, instead of undefined. #7567
  • Scene.clampToHeight now takes an optional width argument before the result argument. #7693
  • In the Resource class, addQueryParameters and addTemplateValues have been removed. Please use setQueryParameters and setTemplateValues instead. #7695
  • Resource.fetchImage now takes an options object. Use resource.fetchImage({ preferBlob: true }) instead of resource.fetchImage(true). The previous function definition will no longer work in 1.57. #7579
Additions 🎉
  • Added support for touch and hold gesture. The touch and hold delay can be customized by updating ScreenSpaceEventHandler.touchHoldDelayMilliseconds. #7286
  • Resource.fetchImage now has a flipY option to vertically flip an image during fetch & decode. It is only valid when ImageBitmapOptions is supported by the browser. #7579
  • Added backFaceCulling and normalShading options to PointCloudShading. Both options are only applicable for point clouds containing normals. #7399
  • reacts to updates and represents the current state of the style. #7567
Fixes 🔧
  • Fixed the value for BlendFunction.ONE_MINUS_CONSTANT_COLOR. #7624
  • Fixed HeadingPitchRoll.pitch being NaN when using .fromQuaternion due to a rounding error for pitches close to +/- 90°. #7654
  • Fixed a type of crash caused by the camera being rotated through terrain. #6783
  • Fixed an error in Resource when used with template replacements using numeric keys. #7668
  • Fixed an error in Cesium3DTilePointFeature where anchorLineColor used the same color instance instead of cloning the color #7686

1.55 - 2019-03-01

Breaking Changes 📣
  • czm_materialInput.slope is now an angle in radians between 0 and pi/2 (flat to vertical), rather than a projected length 1 to 0 (flat to vertical).
Additions 🎉
  • Updated terrain and imagery rendering, resulting in terrain/imagery loading ~33% faster and using ~33% less data #7061
  • czm_materialInput.aspect was added as an angle in radians between 0 and 2pi (east, north, west to south).
  • Added CZML arcType support for polyline and polygon, which supersedes followSurface. followSurface is still supported for compatibility with existing documents. #7582
Fixes 🔧
  • Fixed an issue where models would cause a crash on load if some primitives were Draco encoded and others were not. #7383
  • Fixed an issue where RTL labels not reversing correctly non alphabetic characters #7501
  • Fixed Node.js support for the Resource class and any functionality using it internally.
  • Fixed an issue where some ground polygons crossing the Prime Meridian would have incorrect bounding rectangles. #7533
  • Fixed an issue where polygons on terrain using rhumb lines where being rendered incorrectly. #7538
  • Fixed an issue with EllipsoidRhumbLines.findIntersectionWithLongitude when longitude was IDL. #7551
  • Fixed model silhouette colors when rendering with high dynamic range. #7563
  • Fixed an issue with ground polylines on globes that use ellipsoids other than WGS84. #7552
  • Fixed an issue where Draco compressed models with RGB per-vertex color would not load in Cesium. #7576
  • Fixed an issue where the outline geometry for extruded Polygons didn't calculate the correct indices. #7599

1.54 - 2019-02-01

Highlights 🎇
  • Added support for polylines and textured entities on 3D Tiles. #7437 and #7434
  • Added support for loading models and 3D tilesets with WebP images using the EXT_texture_webp glTF extension. #7486
  • Added support for rhumb lines to polygon and polyline geometries. #7492
Breaking Changes 📣
  • Billboards with HeightReference.CLAMP_TO_GROUND are now clamped to both terrain and 3D Tiles. #7434
  • The default classificationType for GroundPrimitive, CorridorGraphics, EllipseGraphics, PolygonGraphics and RectangleGraphics is now ClassificationType.BOTH. #7434
  • The properties ModelAnimation.speedup and ModelAnimationCollection.speedup have been removed. Use ModelAnimation.multiplier and ModelAnimationCollection.multiplier respectively instead. #7494
  • Scene.clampToHeight now takes an optional width argument before the result argument. The previous function definition will no longer work in 1.56. #7287
  • PolylineGeometry.followSurface has been superceded by PolylineGeometry.arcType. The previous definition will no longer work in 1.57. Replace followSurface: false with arcType: Cesium.ArcType.NONE and followSurface: true with arcType: Cesium.ArcType.GEODESIC. #7492
  • SimplePolylineGeometry.followSurface has been superceded by SimplePolylineGeometry.arcType. The previous definition will no longer work in 1.57. Replace followSurface: false with arcType: Cesium.ArcType.NONE and followSurface: true with arcType: Cesium.ArcType.GEODESIC. #7492
Additions 🎉
  • Added support for textured ground entities (entities with unspecified height) and GroundPrimitives on 3D Tiles. #7434
  • Added support for polylines on 3D Tiles. #7437
  • Added classificationType property to PolylineGraphics and GroundPolylinePrimitive which specifies whether a polyline clamped to ground should be clamped to terrain, 3D Tiles, or both. #7437
  • Added the ability to specify the width of the intersection volume for Scene.sampleHeight, Scene.clampToHeight, Scene.sampleHeightMostDetailed, and Scene.clampToHeightMostDetailed. #7287
  • Added a new Sandcastle example on using nodeTransformations to rotate a model's wheels based on its velocity. #7361
  • Added a new Sandcastle example for drawing polylines on 3D Tiles #7522
  • Added EllipsoidRhumbLine class as a rhumb line counterpart to EllipsoidGeodesic. #7484
  • Added rhumb line support to PolygonGeometry, PolygonOutlineGeometry, PolylineGeometry, GroundPolylineGeometry, and SimplePolylineGeometry. #7492
  • When using Cesium in Node.js, we now use the combined and minified version for improved performance unless NODE_ENV is specifically set to development.
  • Improved the performance of QuantizedMeshTerrainData.interpolateHeight. #7508
  • Added support for glTF models with WebP textures using the EXT_texture_webp extension. #7486
Fixes 🔧
  • Fixed 3D Tiles performance regression. #7482
  • Fixed an issue where classification primitives with the CESIUM_3D_TILE classification type would render on terrain. #7422
  • Fixed an issue where 3D Tiles would show through the globe. #7422
  • Fixed crash when entity geometry show value is an interval that only covered part of the entity availability range #7458
  • Fix rectangle positions at the north and south poles. #7451
  • Fixed image size issue when using multiple particle systems. #7412
  • Fixed Sandcastle's "Open in New Window" button not displaying imagery due to blob URI limitations. #7250
  • Fixed an issue where setting scene.globe.cartographicLimitRectangle to undefined would cause a crash. #7477
  • Fixed PrimitiveCollection.removeAll to no longer contain removed primitives. #7491
  • Fixed GeoJsonDataSource to use polygons and polylines that use rhumb lines. #7492
  • Fixed an issue where some ground polygons would be cut off along circles of latitude. #7507
  • Fixed an issue that would cause IE 11 to crash when enabling image-based lighting. #7485

1.53 - 2019-01-02

Additions 🎉
  • Added image-based lighting for PBR models and 3D Tiles. #7172
    • Scene.specularEnvironmentMaps is a url to a KTX file that contains the specular environment map and convoluted mipmaps for image-based lighting of all PBR models in the scene.
    • Scene.sphericalHarmonicCoefficients is an array of 9 Cartesian3 spherical harmonics coefficients for the diffuse irradiance of all PBR models in the scene.
    • The specularEnvironmentMaps and sphericalHarmonicCoefficients properties of Model and Cesium3DTileset can be used to override the values from the scene for specific models and tilesets.
    • The luminanceAtZenith property of Model and Cesium3DTileset adjusts the luminance of the procedural image-based lighting.
  • Double click away from an entity to un-track it #7285
Fixes 🔧
  • Fixed 3D Tiles visibility checking when running multiple passes within the same frame. #7289
  • Fixed contrast on imagery layers. #7382
  • Fixed rendering transparent background color when highDynamicRange is enabled. #7427
  • Fixed translucent geometry when highDynamicRange is toggled. #7451

1.52 - 2018-12-03

Breaking Changes 📣
  • TerrainProviders that implement availability must now also implement the loadTileDataAvailability method.
  • The property ModelAnimation.speedup has been deprecated and renamed to ModelAnimation.multiplier. speedup will be removed in version 1.54. #7393
Additions 🎉
  • Added functions to get the most detailed height of 3D Tiles on-screen or off-screen. #7115
    • Added Scene.sampleHeightMostDetailed, an asynchronous version of Scene.sampleHeight that uses the maximum level of detail for 3D Tiles.
    • Added Scene.clampToHeightMostDetailed, an asynchronous version of Scene.clampToHeight that uses the maximum level of detail for 3D Tiles.
  • Added support for high dynamic range rendering. It is enabled by default when supported, but can be disabled with Scene.highDynamicRange. #7017
  • Added Scene.invertClassificationSupported for checking if invert classification is supported.
  • Added computeLineSegmentLineSegmentIntersection to Intersections2D. #7228
  • Added ability to load availability progressively from a quantized mesh extension instead of upfront. This will speed up load time and reduce memory usage. #7196
  • Added the ability to apply styles to 3D Tilesets that don't contain features. #7255
Fixes 🔧
  • Fixed issue causing polyline to look wavy depending on the position of the camera #7209
  • Fixed translucency issues for dynamic geometry entities. #7364

1.51 - 2018-11-01

Additions 🎉
  • Added WMS-T (time) support in WebMapServiceImageryProvider #2581
  • Added cutoutRectangle to ImageryLayer, which allows cutting out rectangular areas in imagery layers to reveal underlying imagery. #7056
  • Added atmosphereHueShift, atmosphereSaturationShift, and atmosphereBrightnessShift properties to Globe which shift the color of the ground atmosphere to match the hue, saturation, and brightness shifts of the sky atmosphere. #4195
  • Shrink minified and gzipped Cesium.js by 27 KB (~3.7%) by delay loading seldom-used third-party dependencies. #7140
  • Added lightColor property to Cesium3DTileset, Model, and ModelGraphics to change the intensity of the light used when shading model. #7025
  • Added imageBasedLightingFactor property to Cesium3DTileset, Model, and ModelGraphics to scale the diffuse and specular image-based lighting contributions to the final color. #7025
  • Added per-feature selection to the 3D Tiles BIM Sandcastle example. #7181
  • Added Transforms.fixedFrameToHeadingPitchRoll, a helper function for extracting a HeadingPitchRoll from a fixed frame transform. #7164
  • Added Ray.clone. #7174
Fixes 🔧
  • Fixed issue removing geometry entities with different materials. #7163
  • Fixed texture coordinate calculation for polygon entities with perPositionHeight. #7188
  • Fixed crash when updating polyline attributes twice in one frame. #7155
  • Fixed entity visibility issue related to setting an entity show property and altering or adding entity geometry. #7156
  • Fixed an issue where dynamic Entities on terrain would cause a crash in platforms that do not support depth textures such as Internet Explorer. #7103
  • Fixed an issue that would cause a crash when removing a post process stage. #7210
  • Fixed an issue where pickPosition would return incorrect results when called after sampleHeight or clampToHeight. #7113
  • Fixed an issue where sampleHeight and clampToHeight would crash if picking a primitive that doesn't write depth. #7120
  • Fixed a crash when using BingMapsGeocoderService. #7143
  • Fixed accuracy of rotation matrix generated by VelocityOrientationProperty. #6641
  • Fixed clipping plane crash when adding a plane to an empty collection. #7168
  • Fixed clipping planes on tilesets not taking into account the tileset model matrix. #7182
  • Fixed incorrect rendering of models using the KHR_materials_common lights extension. #7206

1.50 - 2018-10-01

Breaking Changes 📣
  • Clipping planes on tilesets now use the root tile's transform, or the root tile's bounding sphere if a transform is not defined. #7034
    • This is to make clipping planes' coordinates always relative to the object they're attached to. So if you were positioning the clipping planes as in the example below, this is no longer necessary:
    clippingPlanes.modelMatrix = Cesium.Transforms.eastNorthUpToFixedFrame(;
    • This also fixes several issues with clipping planes not using the correct transform for tilesets with children.
Additions 🎉
  • Initial support for clamping to 3D Tiles. #6934
    • Added Scene.sampleHeight to get the height of geometry in the scene. May be used to clamp objects to the globe, 3D Tiles, or primitives in the scene.
    • Added Scene.clampToHeight to clamp a cartesian position to the scene geometry.
    • Requires depth texture support (WEBGL_depth_texture or WEBKIT_WEBGL_depth_texture). Added Scene.sampleHeightSupported and Scene.clampToHeightSupported functions for checking if height sampling is supported.
  • Added Cesium3DTileset.initialTilesLoaded to indicate that all tiles in the initial view are loaded. #6934
  • Added support for glTF extension KHR_materials_pbrSpecularGlossiness #7006.
  • Added support for glTF extension KHR_materials_unlit #6977.
  • Added support for glTF extensions KHR_techniques_webgl and KHR_blend. #6805
  • Update gltf-pipeline to 2.0. #6805
  • Added cartographicLimitRectangle to Globe. Use this to limit terrain and imagery to a specific Rectangle area. #6987
  • Added OpenCageGeocoderService, which provides geocoding via OpenCage. #7015
  • Added ground atmosphere lighting in 3D. This can be toggled with Globe.showGroundAtmosphere. 6877
    • Added Globe.nightFadeOutDistance and Globe.nightFadeInDistance to configure when ground atmosphere night lighting fades in and out. 6877
  • Added onStop event to Clock that fires each time stopTime is reached. #7066
Fixes 🔧
  • Fixed picking for overlapping translucent primitives. #7039
  • Fixed an issue in the 3D Tiles traversal where tilesets would render with mixed level of detail if an external tileset was visible but its root tile was not. #7099
  • Fixed an issue in the 3D Tiles traversal where external tilesets would not always traverse to their root tile. #7035
  • Fixed an issue in the 3D Tiles traversal where empty tiles would be selected instead of their nearest loaded ancestors. #7011
  • Fixed an issue where scaling near zero with an model animation could cause rendering to stop. #6954
  • Fixed bug where credits weren't displaying correctly if more than one viewer was initialized [#6965](expect(
  • Fixed entity show issues. #7048
  • Fixed a bug where polylines on terrain covering very large portions of the globe would cull incorrectly in 3d-only scenes. #7043
  • Fixed bug causing crash on entity geometry material change. #7047
  • Fixed MIME type behavior for Resource requests in recent versions of Edge #7085.

1.49 - 2018-09-04

Breaking Changes 📣
  • Removed ClippingPlaneCollection.clone. #6872
  • Changed Globe.pick to return a position in ECEF coordinates regardless of the current scene mode. This will only effect you if you were working around a bug to make Globe.pick work in 2D and Columbus View. Use Globe.pickWorldCoordinates to get the position in world coordinates that correlate to the current scene mode. #6859
  • Removed the unused frameState parameter in evaluate and evaluateColor functions in Expression, StyleExpression, ConditionsExpression and all other places that call the functions. #6890
  • Removed PostProcessStageLibrary.createLensFlarStage. Use PostProcessStageLibrary.createLensFlareStage instead. #6972
  • Removed Scene.fxaa. Use Scene.postProcessStages.fxaa.enabled instead. #6980
Additions 🎉
  • Added heightReference to BoxGraphics, CylinderGraphics and EllipsoidGraphics, which can be used to clamp these entity types to terrain. #6932
  • Added GeocoderViewModel.destinationFound for specifying a function that is called upon a successful geocode. The default behavior is to fly to the destination found by the geocoder. #6915
  • Added ClippingPlaneCollection.planeAdded and ClippingPlaneCollection.planeRemoved events. planeAdded is raised when a new plane is added to the collection and planeRemoved is raised when a plane is removed. #6875
  • Added Matrix4.setScale for setting the scale on an affine transformation matrix #6888
  • Added optional width and height to Scene.drillPick for specifying a search area. #6922
  • Added Cesium3DTileset.root for getting the root tile of a tileset. #6944
  • Added Cesium3DTileset.extras and Cesium3DTile.extras for getting application specific metadata from 3D Tiles. #6974
Fixes 🔧
  • Several performance improvements and fixes to the 3D Tiles traversal code. #6390
    • Improved load performance when skipLevelOfDetail is false.
    • Fixed a bug that caused some skipped tiles to load when skipLevelOfDetail is true.
    • Fixed pick statistics in the 3D Tiles Inspector.
    • Fixed drawing of debug labels for external tilesets.
    • Fixed drawing of debug outlines for empty tiles.
  • The Geocoder widget now takes terrain altitude into account when calculating its final destination. #6876
  • The Viewer widget now takes terrain altitude into account when zooming or flying to imagery layers. #6895
  • Fixed Firefox camera control issues with mouse and touch events. #6372
  • Fixed getPickRay in 2D. #2480
  • Fixed Globe.pick for 2D and Columbus View. #6859
  • Fixed imagery layer feature picking in 2D and Columbus view. #6859
  • Fixed intermittent ground clamping issues for all entity types that use a height reference. #6930
  • Fixed bug that caused a new ClippingPlaneCollection to be created every frame when used with a model entity. #6872
  • Improved Plane entities so they are better aligned with the globe surface. #6887
  • Fixed crash when rendering translucent objects when all shadow maps in the scene set fromLightSource to false. #6883
  • Fixed night shading in 2D and Columbus view. #4122
  • Fixed model loading failure when a glTF 2.0 primitive does not have a material. 6906
  • Fixed a crash when setting show to false on a polyline clamped to the ground. #6912
  • Fixed a bug where Cesium3DTileset wasn't using the correct tilesetVersion. #6933
  • Fixed crash that happened when calling scene.pick after setting a new terrain provider. #6918
  • Fixed an issue that caused the browser to hang when using drillPick on a polyline clamped to the ground. 6907
  • Fixed an issue where color wasn't updated properly for polylines clamped to ground. #6927
  • Fixed an excessive memory use bug that occurred when a data URI was used to specify a glTF model. #6928
  • Fixed an issue where switching from 2D to 3D could cause a crash. #6929
  • Fixed an issue where point primitives behind the camera would appear in view. #6904
  • The createGroundPolylineGeometry web worker no longer depends on GroundPolylinePrimitive, making the worker smaller and potentially avoiding a hanging build in some webpack configurations. #6946
  • Fixed an issue that cause terrain entities (entities with unspecified height) and GroundPrimitives to fail when crossing the international date line. #6951
  • Fixed normal calculation for CylinderGeometry when the top radius is not equal to the bottom radius #6863

1.48 - 2018-08-01

Additions 🎉
  • Added support for loading Draco compressed Point Cloud tiles for 2-3x better compression. #6559
  • Added TimeDynamicPointCloud for playback of time-dynamic point cloud data, where each frame is a 3D Tiles Point Cloud tile. #6721
  • Added CoplanarPolygonGeometry and CoplanarPolygonGeometryOutline for drawing polygons composed of coplanar positions that are not necessarily on the ellipsoid surface. #6769
  • Improved support for polygon entities using perPositionHeight, including supporting vertical polygons. This also improves KML compatibility. #6791
  • Added Cartesian3.midpoint to compute the midpoint between two Cartesian3 positions #6836
  • Added equalsEpsilon methods to OrthographicFrustum, PerspectiveFrustum, OrthographicOffCenterFrustum and PerspectiveOffCenterFrustum.
  • Support for 3D Tiles content.url is deprecated to reflect updates to the 3D Tiles spec. Use content.uri instead. Support for content.url will remain for backwards compatibility. #6744
  • Support for the 3D Tiles pre-version 1.0 Batch Table Hierarchy is deprecated to reflect updates to the 3D Tiles spec. Use the 3DTILES_batch_table_hierarchy extension instead. Support for the deprecated batch table hierarchy will remain for backwards compatibility. #6780
  • PostProcessStageLibrary.createLensFlarStage is deprecated due to misspelling and will be removed in Cesium 1.49. Use PostProcessStageLibrary.createLensFlareStage instead.
Fixes 🔧
  • Fixed a bug where 3D Tilesets using the region bounding volume don't get transformed when the tileset's modelMatrix changes. #6755
  • Fixed a bug that caused eye dome lighting for point clouds to fail in Safari on macOS and Edge on Windows by removing the dependency on floating point color textures. #6792
  • Fixed a bug that caused polylines on terrain to render incorrectly in 2D and Columbus View with a WebMercatorProjection. #6809
  • Fixed bug causing billboards and labels to appear the wrong size when switching scene modes #6745
  • Fixed PolygonGeometry when using VertexFormat.POSITION_ONLY, perPositionHeight and extrudedHeight [#6790](expect(
  • Fixed an issue where tiles were missing in VR mode. #6612
  • Fixed issues related to updating entity show and geometry color #6835
  • Fixed PolygonGeometry and EllipseGeometry tangent and bitangent attributes when a texture rotation is used #6788
  • Fixed bug where entities with a height reference weren't being updated correctly when the terrain provider was changed. #6820
  • Fixed an issue where glTF 2.0 models sometimes wouldn't be centered in the view after putting the camera on them. #6784
  • Fixed the geocoder when Viewer is passed the option geocoder: true #6833
  • Improved performance for billboards and labels clamped to terrain #6781 #6844
  • Fixed a bug that caused billboard positions to be set incorrectly when using a CallbackProperty. #6815
  • Improved support for generating a TypeScript typings file using tsd-jsdoc #6767
  • Updated viewBoundingSphere to use correct zoomOptions #6848
  • Fixed a bug that caused the scene to continuously render after resizing the viewer when requestRenderMode was enabled. #6812

1.47 - 2018-07-02

Highlights 🎇
  • Added support for polylines on terrain #6689 #6615
  • Added heightReference and extrudedHeightReference properties to CorridorGraphics, EllipseGraphics, PolygonGraphics and RectangleGraphics. #6717
  • PostProcessStage has a selected property which is an array of primitives used for selectively applying a post-process stage. #6476
Breaking Changes 📣
  • glTF 2.0 models corrected to face +Z forwards per specification. Internally Cesium uses +X as forward, so a new +Z to +X rotation was added for 2.0 models only. To fix models that are oriented incorrectly after this change:
    • If the model faces +X forwards update the glTF to face +Z forwards. This can be done by loading the glTF in a model editor and applying a 90 degree clockwise rotation about the up-axis. Alternatively, add a new root node to the glTF node hierarchy whose matrix is [0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,-1,0,0,0,0,0,0,1].
    • Apply a -90 degree rotation to the model's heading. This can be done by setting the model's orientation using the Entity API or from within CZML. See #6738 for more details.
  • Dropped support for directory URLs when loading tilesets to match the updated 3D Tiles spec. #6502
  • KML and GeoJSON now use PolylineGraphics instead of CorridorGraphics for polylines on terrain. #6706
Additions 🎉
  • Added support for polylines on terrain #6689 #6615
    • Use the clampToGround option for PolylineGraphics (polyline entities).
    • Requires depth texture support (WEBGL_depth_texture or WEBKIT_WEBGL_depth_texture), otherwise clampToGround will be ignored. Use Entity.supportsPolylinesOnTerrain to check for support.
    • Added GroundPolylinePrimitive and GroundPolylineGeometry.
  • PostProcessStage has a selected property which is an array of primitives used for selectively applying a post-process stage. #6476
    • The PostProcessStageLibrary.createBlackAndWhiteStage and PostProcessStageLibrary.createSilhouetteStage have per-feature support.
  • Added CZML support for zIndex with corridor, ellipse, polygon, polyline and rectangle. #6708
  • Added CZML clampToGround option for polyline. #6706
  • Added support for RTC_CENTER property in batched 3D model tilesets to conform to the updated 3D Tiles spec. #6488
  • Added heightReference and extrudedHeightReference properties to CorridorGraphics, EllipseGraphics, PolygonGraphics and RectangleGraphics. #6717
    • This can be used in conjunction with the height and/or extrudedHeight properties to clamp the geometry to terrain or set the height relative to terrain.
    • Note, this will not make the geometry conform to terrain. Extruded geoemtry that is clamped to the ground will have a flat top will sinks into the terrain at the base.
Fixes 🔧
  • Fixed a bug that caused Cesium to be unable to load local resources in Electron. #6726
  • Fixed a bug causing crashes with custom vertex attributes on Geometry crossing the IDL. Attributes will be barycentrically interpolated. #6644
  • Fixed a bug causing Point Cloud tiles with unsigned int batch-ids to not load. #6666
  • Fixed a bug with Draco encoded i3dm tiles, and loading two Draco models with the same url. #6668
  • Fixed a bug caused by creating a polygon with positions at the same longitude/latitude position but different heights #6731
  • Fixed terrain clipping when the camera was close to flat terrain and was using logarithmic depth. #6701
  • Fixed KML bug that constantly requested the same image if it failed to load. #6710
  • Improved billboard and label rendering so they no longer sink into terrain when clamped to ground. #6621
  • Fixed an issue where KMLs containing a colorMode of random could return the exact same color on successive calls to Color.fromRandom().
  • Iso8601.MAXIMUM_VALUE now formats to a string which can be parsed by fromIso8601.
  • Fixed material support when using an image that is already loaded #6729

1.46.1 - 2018-06-01

  • This is an npm only release to fix the improperly published 1.46.0. There were no code changes.

1.46 - 2018-06-01

Highlights 🎇
  • Added support for materials on terrain entities (entities with unspecified height) and GroundPrimitives. #6393
  • Added a post-processing framework. #5615
  • Added zIndex for ground geometry, including corridor, ellipse, polygon and rectangle entities. #6362
Breaking Changes 📣
  • ParticleSystem no longer uses forces. #6510
  • Particle no longer uses size, rate, lifeTime, life, minimumLife, maximumLife, minimumWidth, minimumHeight, maximumWidth, and maximumHeight. #6510
  • Removed Scene.copyGlobeDepth. Globe depth will now be copied by default when supported. #6393
  • The default classificationType for GroundPrimitive, CorridorGraphics, EllipseGraphics, PolygonGraphics and RectangleGraphics is now ClassificationType.TERRAIN. If you wish the geometry to color both terrain and 3D tiles, pass in the option classificationType: Cesium.ClassificationType.BOTH.
  • Removed support for the options argument for Credit #6373. Pass in an html string instead.
  • glTF 2.0 models corrected to face +Z forwards per specification. Internally Cesium uses +X as forward, so a new +Z to +X rotation was added for 2.0 models only. #6632
  • The Scene.fxaa property has been deprecated and will be removed in Cesium 1.47. Use Scene.postProcessStages.fxaa.enabled.
Additions 🎉
  • Added support for materials on terrain entities (entities with unspecified height) and GroundPrimitives. #6393
    • Only available for ClassificationType.TERRAIN at this time. Adding a material to a terrain Entity will cause it to behave as if it is ClassificationType.TERRAIN.
    • Requires depth texture support (WEBGL_depth_texture or WEBKIT_WEBGL_depth_texture), so materials on terrain entities and GroundPrimitives are not supported in Internet Explorer.
    • Best suited for notational patterns and not intended for precisely mapping textures to terrain - for that use case, use SingleTileImageryProvider.
  • Added GroundPrimitive.supportsMaterials and Entity.supportsMaterialsforEntitiesOnTerrain, both of which can be used to check if materials on terrain entities and GroundPrimitives is supported. #6393
  • Added a post-processing framework. #5615
    • Added Scene.postProcessStages which is a collection of post-process stages to be run in order.
      • Has a built-in ambientOcclusion property which will apply screen space ambient occlusion to the scene and run before all stages.
      • Has a built-in bloom property which applies a bloom filter to the scene before all other stages but after the ambient occlusion stage.
      • Has a built-in fxaa property which applies Fast Approximate Anti-aliasing (FXAA) to the scene after all other stages.
    • Added PostProcessStageLibrary which contains several built-in stages that can be added to the collection.
    • Added PostProcessStageComposite for multi-stage post-processes like depth of field.
    • Added a new Sandcastle label Post Processing to showcase the different built-in post-process stages.
  • Added zIndex for ground geometry, including corridor, ellipse, polygon and rectangle entities. #6362
  • Added Rectangle.equalsEpsilon for comparing the equality of two rectangles #6533
Fixes 🔧
  • Fixed a bug causing custom TilingScheme classes to not be able to use a GeographicProjection. #6524
  • Fixed incorrect 3D Tiles statistics when a tile fails during processing. #6558
  • Fixed race condition causing intermittent crash when changing geometry show value #3061
  • ProviderViewModels with no category are displayed in an untitled group in BaseLayerPicker instead of being labeled as 'Other' #6574
  • Fixed a bug causing intermittent crashes with clipping planes due to uninitialized textures. #6576
  • Added a workaround for clipping planes causing a picking shader compilation failure for gltf models and 3D Tilesets in Internet Explorer #6575
  • Allowed Bing Maps servers with a subpath (instead of being at the root) to work correctly. #6597
  • Added support for loading of Draco compressed glTF assets in IE11 #6404
  • Fixed polygon outline when using perPositionHeight and extrudedHeight. #6595
  • Fixed broken links in documentation of createTileMapServiceImageryProvider. #5818
  • Transitioning from 2 touches to 1 touch no longer triggers a new pan gesture. #6479

1.45 - 2018-05-01

Major Announcements 📢
  • We've launched Cesium ion! Read all about it in our blog post.
  • Cesium now uses ion services by default for base imagery, terrain, and geocoding. A demo key is provided, but to use them in your own apps you must sign up for a free ion Commmunity account.
Breaking Changes 📣
  • ClippingPlaneCollection now uses ClippingPlane objects instead of Plane objects. #6498
  • Cesium no longer ships with a demo Bing Maps API key.
  • BingMapsImageryProvider is no longer the default base imagery layer. (Bing imagery itself is still the default, however it is provided through Cesium ion)
  • BingMapsGeocoderService is no longer the default geocoding service.
  • If you wish to continue to use your own Bing API key for imagery and geocoding, you can go back to the old default behavior by constructing the Viewer as follows:
    Cesium.BingMapsApi.defaultKey = 'yourBingKey';
    var viewer = new Cesium.Viewer('cesiumContainer', {
        imageryProvider : new Cesium.BingMapsImageryProvider({
            url : ''
        geocoder : [
                new Cesium.CartographicGeocoderService(),
                new Cesium.BingMapsGeocoderService()
  • Particle.size, ParticleSystem.rate, ParticleSystem.lifeTime,, ParticleSystem.minimumLife, and ParticleSystem.maximumLife have been renamed to Particle.imageSize, ParticleSystem.emissionRate, ParticleSystem.lifetime, ParticleSystem.particleLife, ParticleSystem.minimumParticleLife, and ParticleSystem.maximumParticleLife. Use of the size, rate, lifeTime, life, minimumLife, and maximumLife parameters is deprecated and will be removed in Cesium 1.46.
  • ParticleSystem.forces array has been switched out for singular function ParticleSystems.updateCallback. Use of the forces parameter is deprecated and will be removed in Cesium 1.46.
  • Any width and height variables in ParticleSystem will no longer be individual components. ParticleSystem.minimumWidth and ParticleSystem.minimumHeight will now be ParticleSystem.minimumImageSize, ParticleSystem.maximumWidth and ParticleSystem.maximumHeight will now be ParticleSystem.maximumImageSize, and ParticleSystem.width and ParticleSystem.height will now be ParticleSystem.imageSize. Use of the minimumWidth, minimumHeight, maximumWidth, maximumHeight, width, and height parameters is deprecated and will be removed in Cesium 1.46.
Additions 🎉
  • Added option logarithmicDepthBuffer to Scene. With this option there is typically a single frustum using logarithmic depth rendered. This increases performance by issuing less draw calls to the GPU and helps to avoid artifacts on the connection of two frustums. #5851
  • When a log depth buffer is supported, the frustum near and far planes default to 0.1 and 1e10 respectively.
  • Added IonGeocoderService and made it the default geocoding service for the Geocoder widget.
  • Added createWorldImagery which provides Bing Maps imagery via a Cesium ion account.
  • Added PeliasGeocoderService, which provides geocoding via a Pelias server.
  • Added the ability for BaseLayerPicker to group layers by category. ProviderViewModel.category was also added to support this feature.
  • Added Math.log2 to compute the base 2 logarithm of a number.
  • Added GeocodeType enum and use it as an optional parameter to all GeocoderService instances to differentiate between autocomplete and search requests.
  • Added initWebAssemblyModule function to TaskProcessor to load a Web Assembly module in a web worker. #6420
  • Added supportsWebAssembly function to FeatureDetection to check if a browser supports loading Web Assembly modules. #6420
  • Improved MapboxImageryProvider performance by 300% via subdomain switching. #6426
  • Added ability to invoke sampleTerrain from node.js to enable offline terrain sampling
  • Added more ParticleSystem Sandcastle examples for rocket and comet tails and weather. #6375
  • Added color and scale attributes to the ParticleSystem class constructor. When defined the variables override startColor and endColor and startScale and endScale. #6429
Fixes 🔧
  • Fixed bugs in TimeIntervalCollection.removeInterval. #6418.
  • Fixed glTF support to handle meshes with and without tangent vectors, and with/without morph targets, sharing one material. #6421
  • Fixed glTF support to handle skinned meshes when no skin is supplied. #6061
  • Updated glTF 2.0 PBR shader to have brighter lighting. #6430
  • Allow loadWithXhr to work with string URLs in a web worker.
  • Updated to Draco 1.3.0 and implemented faster loading of Draco compressed glTF assets in browsers that support Web Assembly. #6420
  • GroundPrimitives and ClassificationPrimitives will become ready when show is false. #6428
  • Fix Firefox WebGL console warnings. #5912
  • Fix parsing Cesium.js in older browsers that do not support all TypedArray types. #6396
  • Fixed a bug causing crashes when setting colors on un-pickable models. $6442
  • Fix flicker when adding, removing, or modifying entities. #3945
  • Fixed crash bug in PolylineCollection when a polyline was updated and removed at the same time. #6455
  • Fixed crash when animating a glTF model with a single keyframe. #6422
  • Fixed Imagery Layers Texture Filters Sandcastle example. #6472.
  • Fixed a bug causing Cesium 3D Tilesets to not clip properly when tiles were unloaded and reloaded. #6484
  • Fixed TimeInterval so now it throws if fromIso8601 is given an ISO 8601 string with improper formatting. #6164
  • Improved rendering of glTF models that don't contain normals with a temporary unlit shader workaround. #6501
  • Fixed rendering of glTF models with emissive-only materials. #6501
  • Fixed a bug in shader modification for glTF 1.0 quantized attributes and Draco quantized attributes. #6523

1.44 - 2018-04-02

Highlights 🎇
  • Added a new Sandcastle label, New in X.X which will include all new Sandcastle demos added for the current release. #6384
  • Added support for glTF models with Draco geometry compression. #5120
  • Added support for ordering in DataSourceCollection. #6316
Breaking Changes 📣
  • GeometryVisualizer now requires primitive and groundPrimitive parameters. #6316
  • For all classes/functions that take a Resource instance, all additional parameters that are part of the Resource class have been removed. This generally includes proxy, headers and query parameters. #6368
  • All low level load functions including loadArrayBuffer, loadBlob, loadImage, loadJson, loadJsonp, loadText, loadXML and loadWithXhr have been removed. Please use the equivalent fetch functions on the Resource class. #6368
  • ClippingPlaneCollection is now supported in Internet Explorer, so ClippingPlaneCollection.isSupported has been deprecated and will be removed in Cesium 1.45.
  • ClippingPlaneCollection should now be used with ClippingPlane objects instead of Plane. Use of Plane objects has been deprecated and will be removed in Cesium 1.45.
  • Credit now takes an html and showOnScreen parameters instead of an options object. Use of the options parameter is deprecated and will be removed in Cesium 1.46.
  • Credit.text, Credit.imageUrl and properties have all been deprecated and will be removed in Cesium 1.46. Use Credit.html to retrieve the credit content.
  • Credit.hasImage and Credit.hasLink functions have been deprecated and will be removed in Cesium 1.46.
Additions 🎉
  • Added a new Sandcastle label, New in X.X which will include all new Sandcastle demos added for the current release. #6384
  • Added support for glTF models with Draco geometry compression. #5120
    • Added dequantizeInShader option parameter to Model and Model.fromGltf to specify if Draco compressed glTF assets should be dequantized on the GPU.
  • Added support for ordering in DataSourceCollection. #6316
    • All ground geometry from one DataSource will render in front of all ground geometry from another DataSource in the same collection with a lower index.
    • Use DataSourceCollection.raise, DataSourceCollection.lower, DataSourceCollection.raiseToTop and DataSourceCollection.lowerToBottom functions to change the ordering of a DataSource in the collection.
  • ClippingPlaneCollection updates #6201:
    • Removed the 6-clipping-plane limit.
    • Added support for Internet Explorer.
    • Added a ClippingPlane object to be used with ClippingPlaneCollection.
    • Added 3D Tiles use-case to the Terrain Clipping Planes Sandcastle.
  • Credit has been modified to take an HTML string as the credit content. #6331
  • Sharing Sandcastle examples now works by storing the full example directly in the URL instead of creating GitHub gists, because anonymous gist creation was removed by GitHub. Loading existing gists will still work. #6342
  • Updated WebMapServiceImageryProvider so it can take an srs or crs string to pass to the resource query parameters based on the WMS version. #6223
  • Added additional query parameter options to the CesiumViewer demo application #6328:
    • sourceType specifies the type of data source if the URL doesn't have a known file extension.
    • flyTo=false optionally disables the automatic flyTo after loading the data source.
  • Added a multi-part CZML example to Sandcastle. #6320
  • Improved processing order of 3D tiles. #6364
Fixes 🔧
  • Fixed Cesium ion browser caching. #6353.
  • Fixed formula for Weighted Blended Order-Independent Transparency. #6340
  • Fixed support of glTF-supplied tangent vectors. #6302
  • Fixed model loading failure when containing unused materials. 6315
  • Fixed default value of alphaCutoff in glTF models. #6346
  • Fixed double-sided flag for glTF materials with BLEND enabled. #6371
  • Fixed animation for glTF models with missing animation targets. #6351
  • Fixed improper zoom during model load failure. #6305
  • Fixed rendering vector tiles when using invertClassification. #6349
  • Fixed occlusion when is false. #6374
  • Fixed crash for entities with static geometry and time-dynamic attributes. #6377
  • Fixed geometry tile rendering in IE. #6406

1.43 - 2018-03-01

Major Announcements 📢
  • Say hello to Cesium ion
  • Cesium, the JavaScript library, is now officially renamed to CesiumJS (no code changes required)
  • The STK World Terrain tileset is deprecated and will be available until September 1, 2018. Check out the new high-resolution Cesium World Terrain
Breaking Changes 📣
  • Removed GeometryUpdater.perInstanceColorAppearanceType and GeometryUpdater.materialAppearanceType. #6239
  • GeometryVisualizer no longer uses a type parameter. #6239
  • GeometryVisualizer no longer displays polylines. Use PolylineVisualizer instead. #6239
  • The experimental CesiumIon object has been completely refactored and renamed to Ion.
  • The STK World Terrain, ArcticDEM, and PAMAP Terrain tilesets hosted on are deprecated and will be available until September 1, 2018. To continue using them, access them via Cesium ion
  • In the Resource class, addQueryParameters and addTemplateValues have been deprecated and will be removed in Cesium 1.45. Please use setQueryParameters and setTemplateValues instead.
Additions 🎉
  • Added new Ion, IonResource, and IonImageryProvider objects for loading data hosted on Cesium ion.
  • Added createWorldTerrain helper function for easily constructing the new Cesium World Terrain.
  • Added support for a promise to a resource for CesiumTerrainProvider, createTileMapServiceImageryProvider and Cesium3DTileset #6204
  • Added Cesium.Math.cbrt. #6222
  • Added PolylineVisualizer for displaying polyline entities #6239
  • Resource class #6205
    • Added put, patch, delete, options and head methods, so it can be used for all XHR requests.
    • Added preserveQueryParameters parameter to getDerivedResource, to allow us to append query parameters instead of always replacing them.
    • Added setQueryParameters and appendQueryParameters to allow for better handling of query strings.
  • Enable terrain in the CesiumViewer demo application #6198
  • Added Globe.tilesLoaded getter property to determine if all terrain and imagery is loaded. #6194
  • Added classificationType property to entities which specifies whether an entity on the ground, like a polygon or rectangle, should be clamped to terrain, 3D Tiles, or both. #6195
Fixes 🔧
  • Fixed bug where KmlDataSource did not use Ellipsoid to convert coordinates. Use options.ellipsoid to pass the ellipsoid to KmlDataSource constructors / loaders. #6176
  • Fixed bug where 3D Tiles Point Clouds would fail in Internet Explorer. #6220
  • Fixed issue where CESIUM_BASE_URL wouldn't work without a trailing /. #6225
  • Fixed coloring for polyline entities with a dynamic color for the depth fail material #6245
  • Fixed bug with zooming to dynamic geometry. #6269
  • Fixed bug where AxisAlignedBoundingBox did not copy over center value when cloning an undefined result. #6183
  • Fixed a bug where imagery stops loading when changing terrain in request render mode. #6193
  • Fixed Resource.fetch when called with no arguments #6206
  • Fixed Resource.clone to clone the Request object, so resource can be used in parallel. #6208
  • Fixed Material so it can now take a Resource object as an image. #6199
  • Fixed an issue causing the Bing Maps key to be sent unnecessarily with every tile request. #6250
  • Fixed documentation issue for the Cesium.Math class. #6233
  • Fixed rendering 3D Tiles as classification volumes. #6295

1.42.1 - 2018-02-01

This is an npm-only release to fix an issue with using Cesium in Node.js._

  • Fixed a bug where Cesium would fail to load under Node.js. #6177

1.42 - 2018-02-01

Highlights 🎇
  • Added experimental support for 3D Tiles Vector and Geometry data. (#4665)
  • Added optional mode to reduce CPU usage. See Improving Performance with Explicit Rendering. (#6115)
  • Added experimental CesiumIon utility class for working with the Cesium ion beta API. #6136
  • Major refactor of URL handling. All classes that take a url parameter, can now take a Resource or a String. This includes all imagery providers, all terrain providers, Cesium3DTileset, KMLDataSource, CZMLDataSource, GeoJsonDataSource, Model, and Billboard.
Breaking Changes 📣
  • The clock does not animate by default. Set the shouldAnimate option to true when creating the Viewer to enable animation.
  • For all classes/functions that can now take a Resource instance, all additional parameters that are part of the Resource class have been deprecated and will be removed in Cesium 1.44. This generally includes proxy, headers and query parameters.
  • All low level load functions including loadArrayBuffer, loadBlob, loadImage, loadJson, loadJsonp, loadText, loadXML and loadWithXhr have been deprecated and will be removed in Cesium 1.44. Please use the equivalent fetch functions on the Resource class.
Additions 🎉
  • Added experimental support for 3D Tiles Vector and Geometry data (#4665). The new and modified Cesium APIs are:
    • Cesium3DTileStyle has expanded to include styling point features. See the styling specification for details.
    • Cesium3DTileFeature can modify color and show properties for polygon, polyline, and geometry features.
    • Cesium3DTilePointFeature can modify the styling options for a point feature.
  • Added optional mode to reduce CPU usage. #6115
    • Scene.requestRenderMode enables a mode which will only request new render frames on changes to the scene, or when the simulation time change exceeds scene.maximumRenderTimeChange.
    • Scene.requestRender will explicitly request a new render frame when in request render mode.
    • Added Scene.preUpdate and Scene.postUpdate events that are raised before and after the scene updates respectively. The scene is always updated before executing a potential render. Continue to listen to Scene.preRender and Scene.postRender events for when the scene renders a frame.
    • Added CreditDisplay.update, which updates the credit display before a new frame is rendered.
    • Added Globe.imageryLayersUpdatedEvent, which is raised when an imagery layer is added, shown, hidden, moved, or removed on the globe.
  • Added Cesium3DTileset.classificationType to specify if a tileset classifies terrain, another 3D Tiles tileset, or both. This only applies to vector, geometry and batched 3D model tilesets. The limitations on the glTF contained in the b3dm tile are:
    • POSITION and _BATCHID semantics are required.
    • All indices with the same batch id must occupy contiguous sections of the index buffer.
    • All shaders and techniques are ignored. The generated shader simply multiplies the position by the model-view-projection matrix.
    • The only supported extensions are CESIUM_RTC and WEB3D_quantized_attributes.
    • Only one node is supported.
    • Only one mesh per node is supported.
    • Only one primitive per mesh is supported.
  • Added geometric-error-based point cloud attenuation and eye dome lighting for point clouds using replacement refinement. #6069
  • Updated Viewer.zoomTo and Viewer.flyTo to take a Cesium3DTileset as a target. #6104
  • Added shouldAnimate option to the Viewer constructor to indicate if the clock should begin animating on startup. #6154
  • Added Cesium3DTileset.ellipsoid determining the size and shape of the globe. This can be set at construction and defaults to a WGS84 ellipsoid.
  • Added Plane.projectPointOntoPlane for projecting a Cartesian3 position onto a Plane. #6092
  • Added Cartesian3.projectVector for projecting one vector to another. #6093
  • Added Cesium3DTileset.tileFailed event that will be raised when a tile fails to load. The object passed to the event listener will have a url and message property. If there are no event listeners, error messages will be logged to the console. #6088
  • Added AttributeCompression.zigZagDeltaDecode which will decode delta and ZigZag encoded buffers in place.
  • Added pack and unpack functions to OrientedBoundingBox for packing to and unpacking from a flat buffer.
  • Added support for vertex shader uniforms when tileset.colorBlendMode is MIX or REPLACE. #5874
  • Added ClippingPlaneCollection.isSupported function for checking if rendering with clipping planes is supported.#6084
  • Added Cartographic.toCartesian to convert from Cartographic to Cartesian3. #6163
  • Added BoundingSphere.volume for computing the volume of a BoundingSphere. #6069
  • Added new file for the Cesium Code of Conduct. #6129
Fixes 🔧
  • Fixed a bug that could cause tiles to be missing from the globe surface, especially when starting with the camera zoomed close to the surface. #4969
  • Fixed applying a translucent style to a point cloud tileset. #6113
  • Fixed Sandcastle error in IE 11. #6169
  • Fixed a glTF animation bug that caused certain animations to jitter. #5740
  • Fixed a bug when creating billboard and model entities without a globe. #6109
  • Improved CZML Custom Properties Sandcastle example. #6086
  • Improved Particle System Sandcastle example for better visual. #6132
  • Fixed behavior of Camera.move* and Camera.look* functions in 2D mode. #5884
  • Fixed Camera.moveStart and Camera.moveEnd events not being raised when camera is close to the ground. #4753
  • Fixed OrientedBoundingBox documentation. #6147
  • Updated documentation links to reflect new locations on and

1.41 - 2018-01-02

  • Breaking changes
    • Removed the text, imageUrl, and link parameters from Credit, which were deprecated in Cesium 1.40. Use options.text, options.imageUrl, and instead.
  • Added support for clipping planes. #5913, #5996
    • Added clippingPlanes property to ModelGraphics, Model, Cesium3DTileset, and Globe, which specifies a ClippingPlaneCollection to selectively disable rendering.
    • Added PlaneGeometry, PlaneOutlineGeometry, PlaneGeometryUpdater, PlaneOutlineGeometryUpdater, PlaneGraphics, and Entity.plane to visualize planes.
    • Added Plane.transformPlane to apply a transformation to a plane.
  • Fixed point cloud exception in IE. #6051
  • Fixed globe materials when Globe.enableLighting was false. #6042
  • Fixed shader compilation failure on pick when globe materials were enabled. #6039
  • Fixed exception when invertClassification was enabled, the invert color had an alpha less than 1.0, and the window was resized. #6046

1.40 - 2017-12-01

  • Deprecated
    • The text, imageUrl and link parameters from Credit have been deprecated and will be removed in Cesium 1.41. Use options.text, options.imageUrl and instead.
  • Added Globe.material to apply materials to the globe/terrain for shading such as height- or slope-based color ramps. See the new Sandcastle example. #5919
  • Added CZML support for polyline.depthFailMaterial, label.scaleByDistance, distanceDisplayCondition, and disableDepthTestDistance. #5986
  • Fixed a bug where drill picking a polygon clamped to ground would cause the browser to hang. #5971
  • Fixed bug in KML LookAt bug where degrees and radians were mixing in a subtraction. #5992
  • Fixed handling of KMZ files with missing xsi namespace declarations. #6003
  • Added function that removes duplicate namespace declarations while loading a KML or a KMZ. #5972
  • Fixed a language detection issue. #6016
  • Fixed a bug where glTF models with animations of different lengths would cause an error. #5694
  • Added a clampAnimations parameter to Model and Entity.model. Setting this to false allows different length animations to loop asynchronously over the duration of the longest animation.
  • Fixed Invalid asm.js: Invalid member of stdlib console error by recompiling crunch.js with latest emscripten toolchain. #5847
  • Added file: scheme compatibility to joinUrls. #5989
  • Added a Reverse Geocoder Sandcastle example. #5976
  • Added ability to support touch event in Imagery Layers Split Sandcastle example. #5948
  • Added a new @experimental tag to the documentation. A small subset of the Cesium API tagged as such are subject to breaking changes without deprecation. See the Coding Guide for further explanation. #6010
  • Moved terrain and imagery credits to a lightbox that pops up when you click a link in the onscreen credits #3013

1.39 - 2017-11-01

  • Cesium now officially supports webpack. See our Integrating Cesium and webpack blog post for more details.
  • Added support for right-to-left language detection in labels, currently Hebrew and Arabic are supported. To enable it, set Cesium.Label.enableRightToLeftDetection = true at the start of your application. #5771
  • Fixed handling of KML files with missing xsi namespace declarations. #5860
  • Fixed a bug that caused KML ground overlays to appear distorted when rotation was applied. #5914
  • Fixed a bug where KML placemarks with no specified icon would be displayed with default icon. #5819
  • Changed KML loading to ignore NetworkLink failures and continue to load the rest of the document. #5871
  • Added the ability to load Cesium's assets from the local file system if security permissions allow it. #5830
  • Added two new properties to ImageryLayer that allow for adjusting the texture sampler used for up and down-sampling of imagery tiles, namely minificationFilter and magnificationFilter with possible values LINEAR (the default) and NEAREST defined in TextureMinificationFilter and TextureMagnificationFilter. #5846
  • Fixed flickering artifacts with 3D Tiles tilesets with thin walls. #5940
  • Fixed bright fog when terrain lighting is enabled and added Fog.minimumBrightness to affect how bright the fog will be when in complete darkness. #5934
  • Fixed using arrow keys in geocoder widget to select search suggestions. #5943
  • Added support for the layer.json parentUrl property in CesiumTerrainProvider to allow for compositing of tilesets. #5864
  • Added invertClassification and invertClassificationColor to Scene. When invertClassification is true, any 3D Tiles geometry that is not classified by a ClassificationPrimitive or GroundPrimitive will have its color multiplied by invertClassificationColor. #5836
  • Added customTags property to the UrlTemplateImageryProvider to allow custom keywords in the template URL. #5696
  • Added eyeSeparation and focalLength properties to Scene to configure VR settings. #5917
  • Improved CZML Reference Properties example #5754

1.38 - 2017-10-02

  • Breaking changes
    • Scene/CullingVolume has been removed. Use Core/CullingVolume.
    • Scene/OrthographicFrustum has been removed. Use Core/OrthographicFrustum.
    • Scene/OrthographicOffCenterFrustum has been removed. Use Core/OrthographicOffCenterFrustum.
    • Scene/PerspectiveFrustum has been removed. Use Core/PerspectiveFrustum.
    • Scene/PerspectiveOffCenterFrustum has been removed. Use Core/PerspectiveOffCenterFrustum.
  • Added support in CZML for expressing orientation as the velocity vector of an entity, using velocityReference syntax. #5807
  • Fixed CZML processing of velocityReference within an interval. #5738
  • Added ability to add an animation to ModelAnimationCollection by its index. #5815
  • Fixed a bug in ModelAnimationCollection that caused adding an animation by its name to throw an error. #5815
  • Fixed issue in Internet Explorer and Edge with loading unicode strings in typed arrays that impacted 3D Tiles Batch Table values.
  • Zoom now maintains camera heading, pitch, and roll. #4639
  • Fixed a bug in PolylineCollection preventing the display of more than 16K points in a single collection. #5538
  • Fixed a 3D Tiles point cloud bug causing a stray point to appear at the center of the screen on certain hardware. #5599
  • Fixed removing multiple event listeners within event callbacks. #5827
  • Running buildApps now creates a built version of Sandcastle which uses the built version of Cesium for better performance.
  • Fixed a tileset traversal bug when the skipLevelOfDetail optimization is off. #5869

1.37 - 2017-09-01

  • Breaking changes
    • Passing options.clock when creating a new Viewer instance is removed, pass options.clockViewModel instead.
    • Removed GoogleEarthImageryProvider, use GoogleEarthEnterpriseMapsProvider instead.
    • Removed the throttleRequest parameter from TerrainProvider.requestTileGeometry and inherited terrain providers. It is replaced with an optional Request object. Set the request's throttle property to true to throttle requests.
    • Removed the ability to provide a Promise for the options.url parameter of loadWithXhr and for the url parameter of loadArrayBuffer, loadBlob, loadImageViaBlob, loadText, loadJson, loadXML, loadImage, loadCRN, loadKTX, and loadCubeMap. Instead url must be a string.
  • Added classificationType to ClassificationPrimitive and GroundPrimitive to choose whether terrain, 3D Tiles, or both are classified. #5770
  • Fixed depth picking on 3D Tiles. #5676
  • Fixed glTF model translucency bug. #5731
  • Fixed replaceState bug that was causing the CesiumViewer demo application to crash in Safari and iOS. #5691
  • Fixed a 3D Tiles traversal bug for tilesets using additive refinement. #5766
  • Fixed a 3D Tiles traversal bug where out-of-view children were being loaded unnecessarily. #5477
  • Fixed Entity id type to be String in EntityCollection and CompositeEntityCollection #5791
  • Fixed issue where Model and BillboardCollection would throw an error if the globe is undefined. #5638
  • Fixed issue where the Model glTF cache loses reference to the model's buffer data. #5720
  • Fixed some issues with disableDepthTestDistance. #5501 #5331 #5621
  • Added several new Bing Maps styles: CANVAS_DARK, CANVAS_LIGHT, and CANVAS_GRAY. #5737
  • Added small improvements to the atmosphere. #5741
  • Fixed a bug that caused imagery splitting to work incorrectly when CSS pixels were not equivalent to WebGL drawing buffer pixels, such as on high DPI displays in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. #5743
  • Added Cesium3DTileset.loadJson to support overriding the default tileset loading behavior. #5685
  • Fixed loading of binary glTFs containing CRN or KTX textures. #5753
  • Fixed specular computation for certain models using the KHR_materials_common extension. #5773
  • Fixed a picking bug in the 3D Tiles Interactivity Sandcastle demo. #5703
  • Updated knockout from 3.4.0 to 3.4.2 #5703

1.36 - 2017-08-01

  • Breaking changes
    • The function Quaternion.fromHeadingPitchRoll(heading, pitch, roll, result) was removed. Use Quaternion.fromHeadingPitchRoll(hpr, result) instead where hpr is a HeadingPitchRoll.
    • The function Transforms.headingPitchRollToFixedFrame(origin, headingPitchRoll, ellipsoid, result) was removed. Use Transforms.headingPitchRollToFixedFrame(origin, headingPitchRoll, ellipsoid, fixedFrameTransform, result) instead where fixedFrameTransform is a a 4x4 transformation matrix (see Transforms.localFrameToFixedFrameGenerator).
    • The function Transforms.headingPitchRollQuaternion(origin, headingPitchRoll, ellipsoid, result) was removed. Use Transforms.headingPitchRollQuaternion(origin, headingPitchRoll, ellipsoid, fixedFrameTransform, result) instead where fixedFrameTransform is a a 4x4 transformation matrix (see Transforms.localFrameToFixedFrameGenerator).
    • The color, show, and pointSize properties of Cesium3DTileStyle are no longer initialized with default values.
  • Deprecated
    • Scene/CullingVolume is deprecated and will be removed in 1.38. Use Core/CullingVolume.
    • Scene/OrthographicFrustum is deprecated and will be removed in 1.38. Use Core/OrthographicFrustum.
    • Scene/OrthographicOffCenterFrustum is deprecated and will be removed in 1.38. Use Core/OrthographicOffCenterFrustum.
    • Scene/PerspectiveFrustum is deprecated and will be removed in 1.38. Use Core/PerspectiveFrustum.
    • Scene/PerspectiveOffCenterFrustum is deprecated and will be removed in 1.38. Use Core/PerspectiveOffCenterFrustum.
  • Added glTF 2.0 support, including physically-based material rendering, morph targets, and appropriate updating of glTF 1.0 models to 2.0. #5641
  • Added ClassificationPrimitive which defines a volume and draws the intersection of the volume and terrain or 3D Tiles. #5625
  • Added tileLoad event to Cesium3DTileset. #5628
  • Fixed issue where scene would blink when labels were added. #5537
  • Fixed label positioning when height reference changes #5609
  • Fixed label positioning when using HeightReference.CLAMP_TO_GROUND and no position #5648
  • Fix for dynamic polylines with polyline dash material #5681
  • Added ability to provide a width and height to scene.pick. #5602
  • Fixed Viewer.flyTo not respecting zoom limits, and resetting minimumZoomDistance if the camera zoomed past the minimumZoomDistance. 5573
  • Added ability to show tile urls in the 3D Tiles Inspector. #5592
  • Fixed a bug when reading CRN compressed textures with multiple mip levels. #5618
  • Fixed issue where composite 3D Tiles that contained instanced 3D Tiles with an external model reference would fail to download the model.
  • Added behavior to Cesium3DTilesInspector that selects the first tileset hovered over if no tilest is specified. #5139
  • Added Entity.computeModelMatrix which returns the model matrix representing the entity's transformation. #5584
  • Added ability to set a style's color, show, or pointSize with a string or object literal. show may also take a boolean and pointSize may take a number. #5412
  • Added setter for to specify a name for the datasource #5660.
  • Added setter for to specify a name for the datasource #5653
  • Fixed crash when using the Cesium3DTilesInspectorViewModel and removing a tileset #5607
  • Fixed polygon outline in Polygon Sandcastle demo #5642
  • Updated Billboard, Label and PointPrimitive constructors to clone NearFarScale parameters #5654
  • Added FrustumGeometry and FrustumOutlineGeometry. #5649
  • Added an options parameter to the constructors of PerspectiveFrustum, PerspectiveOffCenterFrustum, OrthographicFrustum, and OrthographicOffCenterFrustum to set properties. #5649

1.35.2 - 2017-07-11

  • This is an npm-only release to fix an issue with using Cesium in Node.js.
  • Fixed a bug where Cesium would fail to load under Node.js and some webpack configurations. #5593
  • Fixed a bug where a Model's compressed textures were not being displayed. #5596
  • Fixed documentation for OrthographicFrustum. #5586

1.35.1 - 2017-07-05

  • This is an npm-only release to fix a deployment issue with 1.35. No code changes.

1.35 - 2017-07-05

  • Breaking changes
    • JulianDate.fromIso8601 will default to midnight UTC if no time is provided to match the Javascript Date specification. You must specify a local time of midnight to achieve the old behavior.
  • Deprecated
    • GoogleEarthImageryProvider has been deprecated and will be removed in Cesium 1.37, use GoogleEarthEnterpriseMapsProvider instead.
    • The throttleRequest parameter for TerrainProvider.requestTileGeometry, CesiumTerrainProvider.requestTileGeometry, VRTheWorldTerrainProvider.requestTileGeometry, and EllipsoidTerrainProvider.requestTileGeometry is deprecated and will be replaced with an optional Request object. The throttleRequests parameter will be removed in 1.37. Instead set the request's throttle property to true to throttle requests.
    • The ability to provide a Promise for the options.url parameter of loadWithXhr and for the url parameter of loadArrayBuffer, loadBlob, loadImageViaBlob, loadText, loadJson, loadXML, loadImage, loadCRN, loadKTX, and loadCubeMap is deprecated. This will be removed in 1.37, instead url must be a string.
  • Added support for 3D Tiles for streaming massive heterogeneous 3D geospatial datasets (#5308). See the new Sandcastle examples. The new Cesium APIs are:
    • Cesium3DTileset
    • Cesium3DTileStyle, StyleExpression, Expression, and ConditionsExpression
    • Cesium3DTile
    • Cesium3DTileContent
    • Cesium3DTileFeature
    • Cesium3DTilesInspector, Cesium3DTilesInspectorViewModel, and viewerCesium3DTilesInspectorMixin
    • Cesium3DTileColorBlendMode
  • Added a particle system for effects like smoke, fire, sparks, etc. See ParticleSystem, Particle, ParticleBurst, BoxEmitter, CircleEmitter, ConeEmitter, ParticleEmitter, and SphereEmitter, and the new Sandcastle examples: Particle System and Particle System Fireworks. #5212
  • Added options.clock, options.times and options.dimensions to WebMapTileServiceImageryProvider in order to handle time dynamic and static values for dimensions.
  • Added an options.request parameter to loadWithXhr and a request parameter to loadArrayBuffer, loadBlob, loadImageViaBlob, loadText, loadJson, loadJsonp, loadXML, loadImageFromTypedArray, loadImage, loadCRN, and loadKTX.
  • CzmlDataSource and KmlDataSource load functions now take an optional query object, which will append query parameters to all network requests. #5419, #5434
  • Added Sandcastle demo for setting time with the Clock API #5457;
  • Added Sandcastle demo for ArcticDEM data. #5224
  • Added fromIso8601, fromIso8601DateArray, and fromIso8601DurationArray to TimeIntervalCollection for handling various ways groups of intervals can be specified in ISO8601 format.
  • Added fromJulianDateArray to TimeIntervalCollection for generating intervals from a list of dates.
  • Fixed geocoder bug so geocoder can accurately handle NSEW inputs #5407
  • Fixed a bug where picking would break when the Sun came into view #5478
  • Fixed a bug where picking clusters would return undefined instead of a list of the clustered entities. #5286
  • Fixed bug where if polylines were set to follow the surface of an undefined globe, Cesium would throw an exception. #5413
  • Reduced the amount of Sun bloom post-process effect near the horizon. #5381
  • Fixed a bug where camera zooming worked incorrectly when the display height was greater than the display width #5421
  • Updated glTF/glb MIME types. #5420
  • Added Cesium.Math.randomBetween.
  • Modified defaultValue to check for both undefined and null. #5551
  • The throttleRequestByServer function has been removed. Instead pass a Request object with throttleByServer set to true to any of following load functions: loadWithXhr, loadArrayBuffer, loadBlob, loadImageViaBlob, loadText, loadJson, loadJsonp, loadXML, loadImageFromTypedArray, loadImage, loadCRN, and loadKTX.

1.34 - 2017-06-01

  • Deprecated
    • Passing options.clock when creating a new Viewer instance has been deprecated and will be removed in Cesium 1.37, pass options.clockViewModel instead.
  • Fix issue where polylines in a PolylineCollection would ignore the far distance when updating the distance display condition. #5283
  • Fixed a crash when calling Camera.pickEllipsoid with a canvas of size 0.
  • Fix BoundingSphere.fromOrientedBoundingBox. #5334
  • Fixed bug where polylines would not update when PolylineCollection model matrix was updated. #5327
  • Fixed a bug where adding a ground clamped label without a position would show up at a previous label's clamped position. #5338
  • Fixed translucency bug for certain material types. #5335
  • Fix picking polylines that use a depth fail appearance. #5337
  • Fixed a crash when morphing from Columbus view to 3D. #5311
  • Fixed a bug which prevented KML descriptions with relative paths from loading. #5352
  • Fixed an issue where camera view could be invalid at the last frame of animation. #4949
  • Fixed an issue where using the depth fail material for polylines would cause a crash in Edge. #5359
  • Fixed a crash where EllipsoidGeometry and EllipsoidOutlineGeometry were given floating point values when expecting integers. #5260
  • Fixed an issue where billboards were not properly aligned. #2487
  • Fixed an issue where translucent objects could flicker when picking on mouse move. #5307
  • Fixed a bug where billboards with sizeInMeters set to true would move upwards when zooming out. #5373
  • Fixed a bug where SampledProperty.setInterpolationOptions does not ignore undefined options. #3575
  • Added basePath option to Cesium.Model.fromGltf. #5320

1.33 - 2017-05-01

  • Breaking changes
    • Removed left, right, bottom and top properties from OrthographicFrustum. Use OrthographicOffCenterFrustum instead. #5109
  • Added GoogleEarthEnterpriseTerrainProvider and GoogleEarthEnterpriseImageryProvider to read data from Google Earth Enterprise servers. #5189.
  • Support for dashed polylines #5159.
    • Added PolylineDash Material type.
    • Added PolylineDashMaterialProperty to the Entity API.
    • Added CZML polylineDash property .
  • Added disableDepthTestDistance to billboards, points and labels. This sets the distance to the camera where the depth test will be disabled. Setting it to zero (the default) will always enable the depth test. Setting it to Number.POSITVE_INFINITY will never enabled the depth test. Also added scene.minimumDisableDepthTestDistance to change the default value from zero. #5166
  • Added a depthFailMaterial property to line entities, which is the material used to render the line when it fails the depth test. #5160
  • Fixed billboards not initially clustering. #5208
  • Fixed issue with displaying MapboxImageryProvider default token error message. #5191
  • Fixed bug in conversion formula in Matrix3.fromHeadingPitchRoll. #5195
  • Upgrade FXAA to version 3.11. #5200
  • Scene.pickPosition now caches results per frame to increase performance. #5117

1.32 - 2017-04-03

  • Deprecated
    • The left, right, bottom, and top properties of OrthographicFrustum are deprecated and will be removed in 1.33. Use OrthographicOffCenterFrustum instead.
  • Breaking changes
    • Removed ArcGisImageServerTerrainProvider.
    • The top-level properties in an Entity created by GeoJsonDataSource are now instances of ConstantProperty instead of raw values.
  • Added support for an orthographic projection in 3D and Columbus view.
    • Set projectionPicker to true in the options when creating a Viewer to add a widget that will switch projections. #5021
    • Call switchToOrthographicFrustum or switchToPerspectiveFrustum on Camera to change projections.
  • Added support for custom time-varying properties in CZML. #5105.
  • Added new flight parameters to Camera.flyTo and Camera.flyToBoundingSphere: flyOverLongitude, flyOverLongitudeWeight, and pitchAdjustHeight. #5070
  • Added the event Viewer.trackedEntityChanged, which is raised when the value of viewer.trackedEntity changes. #5060
  • Added Camera.DEFAULT_OFFSET for default view of objects with bounding spheres. #4936
  • Fixed an issue with TileBoundingBox that caused the terrain to disappear in certain places 4032
  • Fixed overlapping billboard blending. #5066
  • Fixed an issue with PinBuilder where inset images could have low-alpha fringes against an opaque background. #5099
  • Fix billboard, point and label clustering in 2D and Columbus view. #5136
  • Fixed GroundPrimitive rendering in 2D and Columbus View. #5078
  • Fixed an issue with camera tracking of dynamic ellipsoids. #5133
  • Fixed issues with imagerySplitPosition and the international date line in 2D mode. #5151
  • Fixed a bug in ModelAnimationCache causing different animations to reference the same animation. #5064
  • ConstantProperty now provides valueOf and toString methods that return the constant value.
  • Improved depth artifacts between opaque and translucent primitives. #5116
  • Fixed crunch compressed textures in IE11. #5057
  • Fixed a bug in Quaternion.fromHeadingPitchRoll that made it erroneously throw an exception when passed individual angles in an unminified / debug build.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an exception in CesiumInspectorViewModel when using the NW / NE / SW / SE / Parent buttons to navigate to a terrain tile that is not yet loaded.
  • QuadtreePrimitive now uses frameState.afterRender to fire tileLoadProgressEvent #3450

1.31 - 2017-03-01

  • Deprecated
    • The function Quaternion.fromHeadingPitchRoll(heading, pitch, roll, result) will be removed in 1.33. Use Quaternion.fromHeadingPitchRoll(hpr, result) instead where hpr is a HeadingPitchRoll. #4896
    • The function Transforms.headingPitchRollToFixedFrame(origin, headingPitchRoll, ellipsoid, result) will be removed in 1.33. Use Transforms.headingPitchRollToFixedFrame(origin, headingPitchRoll, ellipsoid, fixedFrameTransform, result) instead where fixedFrameTransform is a a 4x4 transformation matrix (see Transforms.localFrameToFixedFrameGenerator). #4896
    • The function Transforms.headingPitchRollQuaternion(origin, headingPitchRoll, ellipsoid, result) will be removed in 1.33. Use Transforms.headingPitchRollQuaternion(origin, headingPitchRoll, ellipsoid, fixedFrameTransform, result) instead where fixedFrameTransform is a a 4x4 transformation matrix (see Transforms.localFrameToFixedFrameGenerator). #4896
    • ArcGisImageServerTerrainProvider will be removed in 1.32 due to missing TIFF support in web browsers. #4981
  • Breaking changes
    • Corrected spelling of Color.FUCHSIA from Color.FUSCHIA. #4977
    • The enums MIDDLE_DOUBLE_CLICK and RIGHT_DOUBLE_CLICK from ScreenSpaceEventType have been removed. #5052
    • Removed the function GeometryPipeline.computeBinormalAndTangent. Use GeometryPipeline.computeTangentAndBitangent instead. #5053
    • Removed the url and key properties from GeocoderViewModel. #5056
    • BingMapsGeocoderServices now requires options.scene. #5056
  • Added compressed texture support. #4758
    • glTF models and imagery layers can now reference KTX textures and textures compressed with crunch.
    • Added loadKTX, to load KTX textures, and loadCRN to load crunch compressed textures.
    • Added new PixelFormat and WebGLConstants enums from WebGL extensions WEBGL_compressed_s3tc, WEBGL_compressed_texture_pvrtc, and WEBGL_compressed_texture_etc1.
    • Added CompressedTextureBuffer.
  • Added support for Scene.pickPosition in Columbus view and 2D. #4990
  • Added support for depth picking translucent primitives when Scene.pickTranslucentDepth is true. #4979
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would zoom past an object and flip to the other side of the globe. #4967 and #4982
  • Enable rendering GroundPrimitives on hardware without the EXT_frag_depth extension; however, this could cause artifacts for certain viewing angles. #4930
  • Added Transforms.localFrameToFixedFrameGenerator to generate a function that computes a 4x4 transformation matrix from a local reference frame to fixed reference frame. #4896
  • Added Label.scaleByDistance to control minimum/maximum label size based on distance from the camera. #5019
  • Added support to DebugCameraPrimitive to draw multifrustum planes. The attribute debugShowFrustumPlanes of Scene and frustumPlanes of CesiumInspector toggle this. #4932
  • Added fix to always outline KML line extrusions so that they show up properly in 2D and other straight down views. #4961
  • Improved RectangleGeometry by skipping unnecessary logic in the code. #4948
  • Fixed exception for polylines in 2D when rotating the map. #4619
  • Fixed an issue with constant VertexArray attributes not being set correctly. #4995
  • Added the event Viewer.selectedEntityChanged, which is raised when the value of viewer.selectedEntity changes. #5043

1.30 - 2017-02-01

  • Deprecated
    • The properties url and key will be removed from GeocoderViewModel in 1.31. These properties will be available on geocoder services that support them, like BingMapsGeocoderService.
    • The function GeometryPipeline.computeBinormalAndTangent will be removed in 1.31. Use GeometryPipeline.createTangentAndBitangent instead. #4856
    • The enums MIDDLE_DOUBLE_CLICK and RIGHT_DOUBLE_CLICK from ScreenSpaceEventType have been deprecated and will be removed in 1.31. #4910
  • Breaking changes
    • Removed separate heading, pitch, roll parameters from Transform.headingPitchRollToFixedFrame and Transform.headingPitchRollQuaternion. Pass a HeadingPitchRoll object instead. #4843
    • The property binormal has been renamed to bitangent for Geometry and VertexFormat. #4856
    • A handful of CesiumInspectorViewModel properties were removed or changed from variables to functions. #4857
    • The ShadowMap constructor has been made private. #4010
  • Added sampleTerrainMostDetailed to sample the height of an array of positions using the best available terrain data at each point. This requires a TerrainProvider with the availability property.
  • Transparent parts of billboards, labels, and points no longer overwrite parts of the scene behind them. #4886
    • Added blendOption property to BillboardCollection, LabelCollection, and PointPrimitiveCollection. The default is BlendOption.OPAQUE_AND_TRANSLUCENT; however, if all billboards, labels, or points are either completely opaque or completely translucent, blendOption can be changed to BlendOption.OPAQUE or BlendOption.TRANSLUCENT, respectively, to increase performance by up to 2x.
  • Added support for custom geocoder services and autocomplete, see the Sandcastle example. Added GeocoderService, an interface for geocoders, and BingMapsGeocoderService and CartographicGeocoderService implementations. #4723
  • Added ability to draw an ImageryLayer with a splitter to allow layers to only display to the left or right of a splitter. See ImageryLayer.splitDirection, Scene.imagerySplitPosition, and the Sandcastle example.
  • Fixed bug where GroundPrimitives where rendering incorrectly or disappearing at different zoom levels. #4161, #4326
  • TerrainProvider now optionally exposes an availability property that can be used to query the terrain level that is available at a location or in a rectangle. Currently only CesiumTerrainProvider exposes this property.
  • Added support for WMS version 1.3 by using CRS vice SRS query string parameter to request projection. SRS is still used for older versions.
  • Fixed a bug that caused all models to use the same highlight color. [#4798] (
  • Fixed sky atmosphere from causing incorrect picking and hanging drill picking. #4783 and #4784
  • Fixed KML loading when color is an empty string. #4826
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a "readyImagery is not actually ready" exception when quickly zooming past the maximum available imagery level of an imagery layer near the poles.
  • Fixed a bug that affected dynamic graphics with time-dynamic modelMatrix. #4907
  • Fixed Geocoder autocomplete drop down visibility in Firefox. #4916
  • Added Rectangle.fromRadians.
  • Updated the morph so the default view in Columbus View is now angled. #3878
  • Added 2D and Columbus View support for models using the RTC extension or whose vertices are in WGS84 coordinates. #4922
  • The attribute perInstanceAttribute of DebugAppearance has been made optional and defaults to false.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a crash when debugShowFrustums is enabled with OIT. #4864
  • Added the ability to run the unit tests with a WebGL Stub, which makes all WebGL calls a noop and ignores test expectations that rely on reading back from WebGL. Use the web link from the main index.html or run with npm run test-webgl-stub.

1.29 - 2017-01-02

  • Improved 3D Models
    • Added the ability to blend a Model with a color/translucency. Added color, colorBlendMode, and colorBlendAmount properties to Model, ModelGraphics, and CZML. Also added ColorBlendMode enum. #4547
    • Added the ability to render a Model with a silhouette. Added silhouetteColor and silhouetteSize properties to Model, ModelGraphics, and CZML. #4314
  • Improved Labels
    • Added new Label properties showBackground, backgroundColor, and backgroundPadding to the primitive, Entity, and CZML layers.
    • Added support for newlines (\n) in Cesium Labels and CZML. [#2402]
    • Added new enum VerticalOrigin.BASELINE. Previously, VerticalOrigin.BOTTOM would sometimes align to the baseline depending on the contents of a label. (
  • Fixed translucency in Firefox 50. #4762
  • Fixed texture rotation for RectangleGeometry. #2737
  • Fixed issue where billboards on terrain had an incorrect offset. #4598
  • Fixed issue where globe.getHeight incorrectly returned undefined. #3411
  • Fixed a crash when using Entity path visualization with reference properties. #4915
  • Fixed a bug that caused GroundPrimitive to render incorrectly on systems without the WEBGL_depth_texture extension. #4747
  • Fixed default Mapbox token and added a watermark to notify users that they need to sign up for their own token.
  • Fixed glTF models with skinning that used bindShapeMatrix. #4722
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a "readyImagery is not actually ready" exception with some configurations of imagery layers.
  • Fixed Rectangle.union to correctly account for rectangles that cross the IDL. #4732
  • Fixed tooltips for gallery thumbnails in Sandcastle [#4702].(
  • DataSourceClock.getValue now preserves the provided result properties when its properties are undefined. #4029
  • Added divideComponents function to Cartesian2, Cartesian3, and Cartesian4. #4750
  • Added WebGLConstants enum. Previously, this was part of the private Renderer API. #4731

1.28 - 2016-12-01

  • Improved terrain/imagery load ordering, especially when the terrain is already fully loaded and a new imagery layer is loaded. This results in a 25% reduction in load times in many cases. #4616
  • Improved Billboard, Label, and PointPrimitive visual quality. #4675
    • Corrected odd-width and odd-height billboard sizes from being incorrectly rounded up.
    • Changed depth testing from LESS to LEQUAL, allowing label glyphs of equal depths to overlap.
    • Label glyph positions have been adjusted and corrected.
    • TextureAtlas.borderWidthInPixels has always been applied to the upper and right edges of each internal texture, but is now also applied to the bottom and left edges of the entire TextureAtlas, guaranteeing borders on all sides regardless of position within the atlas.
  • Fall back to packing floats into an unsigned byte texture when floating point textures are unsupported. #4563
  • Added support for saving html and css in GitHub Gists. #4125
  • Fixed Cartographic.fromCartesian when the cartesian is not on the ellipsoid surface. #4611

1.27 - 2016-11-01

  • Deprecated
    • Individual heading, pitch, and roll options to Transforms.headingPitchRollToFixedFrame and Transforms.headingPitchRollQuaternion have been deprecated and will be removed in 1.30. Pass the new HeadingPitchRoll object instead. #4498
  • Breaking changes
    • The scene parameter for creating BillboardVisualizer, LabelVisualizer, and PointVisualizer has been removed. Instead, pass an instance of EntityCluster. #4514
  • Fixed an issue where a billboard entity would not render after toggling the show property. #4408
  • Fixed a crash when zooming from touch input on viewer initialization. #4177
  • Fixed a crash when clustering is enabled, an entity has a label graphics defined, but the label isn't visible. #4414
  • Added the ability for KML files to load network links to other KML files within the same KMZ archive. #4477
  • KmlDataSource and GeoJsonDataSource were not honoring the clampToGround option for billboards and labels and was instead always clamping, reducing performance in cases when it was unneeded. #4459
  • Fixed KmlDataSource features to respect timespan and timestamp properties of its parents (e.g. Folders or NetworkLinks). #4041
  • Fixed a KmlDataSource bug where features had duplicate IDs and only one was drawn. #3941
  • GeoJsonDataSource now treats null crs values as a no-op instead of failing to load. #4456
  • GeoJsonDataSource now gracefully handles missing style icons instead of failing to load. #4452
  • Added HeadingPitchRoll #4047
    • HeadingPitchRoll.fromQuaternion function for retrieving heading-pitch-roll angles from a quaternion.
    • HeadingPitchRoll.fromDegrees function that returns a new HeadingPitchRoll instance from angles given in degrees.
    • HeadingPitchRoll.clone function to duplicate HeadingPitchRoll instance.
    • HeadingPitchRoll.equals and HeadingPitchRoll.equalsEpsilon functions for comparing two instances.
    • Added Matrix3.fromHeadingPitchRoll Computes a 3x3 rotation matrix from the provided headingPitchRoll.
  • Fixed primitive bounding sphere bug that would cause a crash when loading data sources. #4431
  • Fixed BoundingSphere computation for Primitive instances with a modelMatrix. #4428
  • Fixed a bug with rotated, textured rectangles. #4430
  • Added the ability to specify retina options, such as @2x.png, via the MapboxImageryProvider format option. #4453.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when specifying an imagery provider's rectangle option.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when using dynamic distanceDisplayCondition properties. #4403
  • Fixed several bugs that lead to billboards and labels being improperly clamped to terrain. #4396, #4062
  • Fixed a bug affected models with multiple meshes without indices. #4237
  • Fixed a glTF transparency bug where blendFuncSeparate parameters were loaded in the wrong order. #4435
  • Fixed a bug where creating a custom geometry with attributes and indices that have values that are not a typed array would cause a crash. #4419
  • Fixed a bug when morphing from 2D to 3D. #4388
  • Fixed RectangleGeometry rotation when the rectangle is close to the international date line #3874
  • Added clusterBillboards, clusterLabels, and cluserPoints properties to EntityCluster to selectively cluster screen space entities.
  • Prevent execution of default device/browser behavior when handling "pinch" touch event/gesture. #4518.
  • Fixed a shadow aliasing issue where polygon offset was not being applied. #4559
  • Removed an unnecessary reprojection of Web Mercator imagery tiles to the Geographic projection on load. This should improve both visual quality and load performance slightly. #4339
  • Added Transforms.northUpEastToFixedFrame to compute a 4x4 local transformation matrix from a reference frame with a north-west-up axes.
  • Improved Geocoder usability by selecting text on click #4464
  • Added Rectangle.simpleIntersection which is an optimized version of Rectangle.intersection for more constrained input. #4339
  • Fixed warning when using Webpack. #4467

1.26 - 2016-10-03

  • Deprecated
    • The scene parameter for creating BillboardVisualizer, LabelVisualizer, and PointVisualizer has been deprecated and will be removed in 1.28. Instead, pass an instance of EntityCluster.
  • Breaking changes
    • Vertex texture fetch is now required to be supported to render polylines. Maximum vertex texture image units must be greater than zero.
    • Removed castShadows and receiveShadows properties from Model, Primitive, and Globe. Instead, use shadows with the ShadowMode enum, e.g. model.shadows = ShadowMode.ENABLED.
    • Viewer.terrainShadows now uses the ShadowMode enum instead of a Boolean, e.g. viewer.terrainShadows = ShadowMode.RECEIVE_ONLY.
  • Added support for clustering Billboard, Label and Point entities. #4240
  • Added DistanceDisplayConditions to all primitives to determine the range interval from the camera for when it will be visible.
  • Removed the default gamma correction for Bing Maps aerial imagery, because it is no longer an improvement to current versions of the tiles. To restore the previous look, set the defaultGamma property of your BingMapsImageryProvider instance to 1.3.
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to incorrect terrain heights when using HeightmapTerrainData with an encoding in which actual heights were equal to the minimum representable height.
  • Fixed a bug in AttributeCompression.compressTextureCoordinates and decompressTextureCoordinates that could cause a small inaccuracy in the encoded texture coordinates.
  • Fixed a bug where viewing a model with transparent geometry would cause a crash. #4378
  • Added TrustedServer collection that controls which servers should have withCredential set to true on XHR Requests.
  • Fixed billboard rotation when sized in meters. #3979
  • Added backgroundColor and borderWidth properties to writeTextToCanvas.
  • Fixed timeline touch events. #4305
  • Fixed a bug that was incorrectly clamping Latitudes in KML (s) to the range -PI..PI. Now correctly clamps to -PI/2..PI/2.
  • Added CesiumMath.clampToLatitudeRange. A convenience function to clamp a passed radian angle to valid Latitudes.
  • Added DebugCameraPrimitive to visualize the view frustum of a camera.

1.25 - 2016-09-01

  • Breaking changes
    • The number and order of arguments passed to KmlDataSource unsupportedNodeEvent listeners have changed to allow better handling of unsupported KML Features.
    • Changed billboards and labels that are clamped to terrain to have the verticalOrigin set to CENTER by default instead of BOTTOM.
  • Deprecated
    • Deprecated castShadows and receiveShadows properties from Model, Primitive, and Globe. They will be removed in 1.26. Use shadows instead with the ShadowMode enum, e.g. model.shadows = ShadowMode.ENABLED.
    • Viewer.terrainShadows now uses the ShadowMode enum instead of a Boolean, e.g. viewer.terrainShadows = ShadowMode.RECEIVE_ONLY. Boolean support will be removed in 1.26.
  • Updated the online model converter to convert OBJ models to glTF with obj2gltf, as well as optimize existing glTF models with the gltf-pipeline. Added an option to bake ambient occlusion onto the glTF model. Also added an option to compress geometry using the glTF WEB3D_quantized_attributes extension.
  • Improve label quality for oblique and italic fonts. #3782
  • Added shadows property to the entity API for Box, Corridor, Cylinder, Ellipse, Ellipsoid, Polygon, Polyline, PoylineVolume, Rectangle, and Wall. #4005
  • Added Camera.cancelFlight to cancel the existing camera flight if it exists.
  • Fix overlapping camera flights by always cancelling the previous flight when a new one is created.
  • Camera flights now disable collision with the terrain until all of the terrain in the area has finished loading. This prevents the camera from being moved to be above lower resolution terrain when flying to a position close to higher resolution terrain. #4075
  • Fixed a crash that would occur if quickly toggling imagery visibility. #4083
  • Fixed an issue causing an error if KML has a clamped to ground LineString with color. #4131
  • Added logic to KmlDataSource defaulting KML Feature node to hidden unless all ancestors are visible. This better matches the KML specification.
  • Fixed position of KML point features with an altitude mode of relativeToGround and clampToGround.
  • Added GeocoderViewModel.keepExpanded which when set to true will always keep the Geocoder in its expanded state.
  • Added support for INT and UNSIGNED_INT in ComponentDatatype.
  • Added ComponentDatatype.fromName for getting a ComponentDatatype from its name.
  • Fixed a crash caused by draping dynamic geometry over terrain. #4255

1.24 - 2016-08-01

  • Added support in CZML for expressing BillboardGraphics.alignedAxis as the velocity vector of an entity, using velocityReference syntax.
  • Added urlSchemeZeroPadding property to UrlTemplateImageryProvider to allow the numeric parts of a URL, such as {x}, to be padded with zeros to make them a fixed width.
  • Added leap second just prior to January 2017. #4092
  • Fixed an exception that would occur when switching to 2D view when shadows are enabled. #4051
  • Fixed an issue causing entities to disappear when updating multiple entities simultaneously. #4096
  • Normalizing the velocity vector produced by VelocityVectorProperty is now optional.
  • Pack functions now return the result array #4156
  • Added optional rangeMax parameter to Math.toSNorm and Math.fromSNorm. #4121
  • Removed MapQuest OpenStreetMap from the list of demo base layers since direct tile access has been discontinued. See the MapQuest Developer Blog for details.
  • Fixed PolylinePipeline.generateArc to accept an array of heights when there's only one position #4155

1.23 - 2016-07-01

  • Breaking changes
    • GroundPrimitive.initializeTerrainHeights() must be called and have the returned promise resolve before a GroundPrimitive can be added synchronously.
  • Added terrain clamping to entities, KML, and GeoJSON
    • Added heightReference property to point, billboard and model entities.
    • Changed corridor, ellipse, polygon and rectangle entities to conform to terrain by using a GroundPrimitive if its material is a ColorMaterialProperty instance and it doesn't have a height or extrudedHeight. Entities with any other type of material are not clamped to terrain.
    • KMLDataSource
      • Point and Model features will always respect altitudeMode.
      • Added clampToGround property. When true, clamps Polygon, LineString and LinearRing features to the ground if their altitudeMode is clampToGround. For this case, lines use a corridor instead of a polyline.
    • GeoJsonDataSource
      • Points with a height will be drawn at that height; otherwise, they will be clamped to the ground.
      • Added clampToGround property. When true, clamps Polygon and LineString features to the ground. For this case, lines use a corridor instead of a polyline.
    • Added Ground Clamping Sandcastle example.
  • Improved performance and accuracy of polygon triangulation by using the earcut library. Loading a GeoJSON with polygons for each country was 2x faster.
  • Fix some large polygon triangulations. #2788
  • Added support for the glTF extension WEB3D_quantized_attributes. #3241
  • Added CZML support for Box, Corridor and Cylinder. Added new CZML properties:
    • Billboard: width, height, heightReference, scaleByDistance, translucencyByDistance, pixelOffsetScaleByDistance, imageSubRegion
    • Label: heightReference, translucencyByDistance, pixelOffsetScaleByDistance
    • Model: heightReference, maximumScale
    • Point: heightReference, scaleByDistance, translucencyByDistance
    • Ellipsoid: subdivisions, stackPartitions, slicePartitions
  • Added rotatable2D property to to Scene, CesiumWidget and Viewer to enable map rotation in 2D mode. #3897
  • Camera.setView and Camera.flyTo now use the orientation.heading parameter in 2D if the map is rotatable.
  • Added Camera.changed event that will fire whenever the camera has changed more than Camera.percentageChanged. percentageChanged is in the range [0, 1].
  • Zooming in toward a target point now keeps the target point at the same screen position. #4016
  • Improved GroundPrimitive performance.
  • Some incorrect KML (specifically KML that reuses IDs) is now parsed correctly.
  • Added unsupportedNodeEvent to KmlDataSource that is fired whenever an unsupported node is encountered.
  • Clock now keeps its configuration settings self-consistent. Previously, this was done by AnimationViewModel and could become inconsistent in certain cases. #4007
  • Updated Google Cardboard Sandcastle example.
  • Added hot air balloon sample model.
  • Fixed handling of sampled Rectangle coordinates in CZML. #4033
  • Fix "Cannot read property 'x' of undefined" error when calling SceneTransforms.wgs84ToWindowCoordinates in certain cases. #4022
  • Re-enabled mouse inputs after a specified number of milliseconds past the most recent touch event.
  • Exposed a parametric ray-triangle intersection test to the API as IntersectionTests.rayTriangleParametric.
  • Added packArray and unpackArray functions to Cartesian2, Cartesian3, and Cartesian4.

1.22.2 - 2016-06-14

  • This is an npm only release to fix the improperly published 1.22.1. There were no code changes.

1.22.1 - 2016-06-13

  • Fixed default Bing Key and added a watermark to notify users that they need to sign up for their own key.

1.22 - 2016-06-01

  • Breaking changes
    • KmlDataSource now requires and options.canvas.
  • Added shadows
    • See the Sandcastle demo: Shadows.
    • Added Viewer.shadows and Viewer.terrainShadows. Both are off by default.
    • Added Viewer.shadowMap and Scene.shadowMap for accessing the scene's shadow map.
    • Added castShadows and receiveShadows properties to Model and Entity.model, and options to the Model constructor and Model.fromGltf.
    • Added castShadows and receiveShadows properties to Primitive, and options to the Primitive constructor.
    • Added castShadows and receiveShadows properties to Globe.
  • Added heightReference to models so they can be drawn on terrain.
  • Added support for rendering models in 2D and Columbus view.
  • Added option to enable sun position based atmosphere color when Globe.enableLighting is true. 3439
  • Improved KML NetworkLink compatibility by supporting the Url tag. #3895.
  • Added VelocityVectorProperty so billboard's aligned axis can follow the velocity vector. #3908
  • Improve memory management for entity billboard/label/point/path visualization.
  • Added terrainProviderChanged event to Scene and Globe
  • Added support for hue, saturation, and brightness color shifts in the atmosphere in SkyAtmosphere. See the new Sandcastle example: Atmosphere Color. #3439
  • Fixed exaggerated terrain tiles disappearing. #3676
  • Fixed a bug that could cause incorrect normals to be computed for exaggerated terrain, especially for low-detail tiles. #3904
  • Fixed a bug that was causing errors to be thrown when picking and terrain was enabled. #3779
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the atmosphere to disappear when only atmosphere is visible. #3347
  • Fixed infinite horizontal 2D scrolling in IE/Edge. #3893
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a crash is the camera was on the IDL in 2D. #3951
  • Fixed issue where a repeating model animation doesn't play when the clock is set to a time before the model was created. #3932
  • Fixed Billboard.computeScreenSpacePosition returning the wrong y coordinate. #3920
  • Fixed issue where labels were disappearing. #3730
  • Fixed issue where billboards on terrain didn't always update when the terrain provider was changed. #3921
  • Fixed issue where Matrix4.fromCamera was taking eye/target instead of position/direction. #3927
  • Added Scene.nearToFarDistance2D that determines the size of each frustum of the multifrustum in 2D.
  • Added Matrix4.computeView.
  • Added CullingVolume.fromBoundingSphere.
  • Added debugShowShadowVolume to GroundPrimitive.
  • Fix issue with disappearing tiles on Linux. #3889

1.21 - 2016-05-02

  • Breaking changes
    • Removed ImageryMaterialProperty.alpha. Use ImageryMaterialProperty.color.alpha instead.
    • Removed OpenStreetMapImageryProvider. Use createOpenStreetMapImageryProvider instead.
  • Added ability to import and export Sandcastle example using GitHub Gists. #3795
  • Added PolygonGraphics.closeTop, PolygonGraphics.closeBottom, and PolygonGeometry options for creating an extruded polygon without a top or bottom. #3879
  • Added support for polyline arrow material to CzmlDataSource #3860
  • Fixed issue causing the sun not to render. #3801
  • Fixed issue where Camera.flyTo would not work with a rectangle in 2D. #3688
  • Fixed issue causing the fog to go dark and the atmosphere to flicker when the camera clips the globe. #3178
  • Fixed a bug that caused an exception and rendering to stop when using ArcGisMapServerImageryProvider to connect to a MapServer specifying the Web Mercator projection and a fullExtent bigger than the valid extent of the projection. #3854
  • Fixed issue causing an exception when switching scene modes with an active KML network link. #3865

1.20 - 2016-04-01

  • Breaking changes
    • Removed TileMapServiceImageryProvider. Use createTileMapServiceImageryProvider instead.
    • Removed GroundPrimitive.geometryInstance. Use GroundPrimitive.geometryInstances instead.
    • Removed definedNotNull. Use defined instead.
    • Removed ability to rotate the map in 2D due to the new infinite 2D scrolling feature.
  • Deprecated
    • Deprecated ImageryMaterialProperty.alpha. It will be removed in 1.21. Use ImageryMaterialProperty.color.alpha instead.
  • Added infinite horizontal scrolling in 2D.
  • Added a code example to Sandcastle for the new 1-meter Pennsylvania terrain service.
  • Fixed loading for KML NetworkLink to not append a ? if there isn't a query string.
  • Fixed handling of non-standard KML styleUrl references within a StyleMap.
  • Fixed issue in KML where StyleMaps from external documents fail to load.
  • Added translucent and colored image support to KML ground overlays
  • Fix bug when upsampling exaggerated terrain where the terrain heights were exaggerated at twice the value. #3607
  • All external urls are now https by default to make Cesium work better with non-server-based applications. #3650
  • GeoJsonDataSource now handles CRS urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG::4326
  • Fixed TimeIntervalCollection.removeInterval bug that resulted in too many intervals being removed.
  • GroundPrimitive throws a DeveloperError when passed an unsupported geometry type instead of crashing.
  • Fix issue with billboard collections that have at least one billboard with an aligned axis and at least one billboard without an aligned axis. #3318
  • Fix a race condition that would cause the terrain to continue loading and unloading or cause a crash when changing terrain providers. #3690
  • Fix issue where the GroundPrimitive volume was being clipped by the far plane. #3706
  • Fixed issue where Camera.computeViewRectangle was incorrect when crossing the international date line. #3717
  • Added Rectangle result parameter to Camera.computeViewRectangle.
  • Fixed a reentrancy bug in EntityCollection.collectionChanged. #3739
  • Fixed a crash that would occur if you added and removed an Entity with a path without ever actually rendering it. #3738
  • Fixed issue causing parts of geometry and billboards/labels to be clipped. #3748
  • Fixed bug where transparent image materials were drawn black.
  • Fixed Color.fromCssColorString from reusing the input result alpha value in some cases.

1.19 - 2016-03-01

  • Breaking changes
    • PolygonGeometry now changes the input Cartesian3 values of options.positions so that they are on the ellipsoid surface. This only affects polygons created synchronously with options.perPositionHeight = false when the positions have a non-zero height and the same positions are used for multiple entities. In this case, make a copy of the Cartesian3 values used for the polygon positions.
  • Deprecated
    • Deprecated KmlDataSource taking a proxy object. It will throw an exception in 1.21. It now should take a options object with required camera and canvas parameters.
    • Deprecated definedNotNull. It will be removed in 1.20. Use defined instead, which now checks for null as well as undefined.
  • Improved KML support.
    • Added support for NetworkLink refresh modes onInterval, onExpire and onStop. Includes support for viewboundScale, viewFormat, httpQuery.
    • Added partial support for NetworkLinkControl including minRefreshPeriod, cookie and expires.
    • Added support for local StyleMap. The highlight style is still ignored.
    • Added support for root:// URLs.
    • Added more warnings for unsupported features.
    • Improved style processing in IE.
  • Viewer.zoomTo and Viewer.flyTo now accept an ImageryLayer instance as a valid parameter and will zoom to the extent of the imagery.
  • Added Camera.flyHome function for resetting the camera to the home view.
  • Camera.flyTo now honors max and min zoom settings in ScreenSpaceCameraController.
  • Added show property to CzmlDataSource, GeoJsonDataSource, KmlDataSource, CustomDataSource, and EntityCollection for easily toggling display of entire data sources.
  • Added owner property to CompositeEntityCollection.
  • Added DataSouceDisplay.ready for determining whether or not static data associated with the Entity API has been rendered.
  • Fix an issue when changing a billboard's position property multiple times per frame. #3511
  • Fixed texture coordinates for polygon with position heights.
  • Fixed issue that kept GroundPrimitive with an EllipseGeometry from having a rotation.
  • Fixed crash caused when drawing CorridorGeometry and CorridorOutlineGeometry synchronously.
  • Added the ability to create empty geometries. Instead of throwing DeveloperError, undefined is returned.
  • Fixed flying to latitude, longitude, height in the Geocoder.
  • Fixed bug in IntersectionTests.lineSegmentSphere where the ray origin was not set.
  • Added length to Matrix2, Matrix3 and Matrix4 so these can be used as array-like objects.
  • Added Color.add, Color.subtract, Color.multiply, Color.divide, Color.mod, Color.multiplyByScalar, and Color.divideByScalar functions to perform arithmetic operations on colors.
  • Added optional result parameter to Color.fromRgba, Color.fromHsl and Color.fromCssColorString.
  • Fixed bug causing navigator is not defined reference error when Cesium is used with Node.js.
  • Upgraded Knockout from version 3.2.0 to 3.4.0.
  • Fixed hole that appeared in the top of in dynamic ellipsoids

1.18 - 2016-02-01

  • Breaking changes
    • Removed support for CESIUM_binary_glTF. Use KHR_binary_glTF instead, which is the default for the online COLLADA-to-glTF converter.
  • Deprecated
    • Deprecated GroundPrimitive.geometryInstance. It will be removed in 1.20. Use GroundPrimitive.geometryInstances instead.
    • Deprecated TileMapServiceImageryProvider. It will be removed in 1.20. Use createTileMapServiceImageryProvider instead.
  • Reduced the amount of CPU memory used by terrain by ~25% in Chrome.
  • Added a Sandcastle example to "star burst" overlapping billboards and labels.
  • Added VRButton which is a simple, single-button widget that toggles VR mode. It is off by default. To enable the button, set the vrButton option to Viewer to true. Only Cardboard for mobile is supported. More VR devices will be supported when the WebVR API is more stable.
  • Added Scene.useWebVR to switch the scene to use stereoscopic rendering.
  • Cesium now honors window.devicePixelRatio on browsers that support the CSS imageRendering attribute. This greatly improves performance on mobile devices and high DPI displays by rendering at the browser-recommended resolution. This also reduces bandwidth usage and increases battery life in these cases. To enable the previous behavior, use the following code:
        viewer.resolutionScale = window.devicePixelRatio;
  • GroundPrimitive now supports batching geometry for better performance.
  • Improved compatibility with glTF KHR_binary_glTF and KHR_materials_common extensions
  • Added ImageryLayer.getViewableRectangle to make it easy to get the effective bounds of an imagery layer.
  • Improved compatibility with glTF KHR_binary_glTF and KHR_materials_common extensions
  • Fixed a picking issue that sometimes prevented objects being selected. #3386
  • Fixed cracking between tiles in 2D. #3486
  • Fixed creating bounding volumes for GroundPrimitives whose containing rectangle has a width greater than pi.
  • Fixed incorrect texture coordinates for polygons with large height.
  • Fixed camera.flyTo not working when in 2D mode and only orientation changes
  • Added UrlTemplateImageryProvider.reinitialize for changing imagery provider options without creating a new instance.
  • UrlTemplateImageryProvider now accepts a promise to an options object in addition to taking the object directly.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented WMS feature picking from working with THREDDS XML and msGMLOutput in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Added Scene.useDepthPicking to enable or disable picking using the depth buffer. #3390
  • Added BoundingSphere.fromEncodedCartesianVertices to create bounding volumes from parallel arrays of the upper and lower bits of EncodedCartesian3s.
  • Added helper functions: getExtensionFromUri, getAbsoluteUri, and Math.logBase.
  • Added Rectangle.union and Rectangle.expand.
  • TMS support now works with newer versions of generated layers. createTileMapServiceImageryProvider. Tilesets generated with older versions may need to have the flipXY : true option set to load correctly.

1.17 - 2016-01-04

  • Breaking changes
    • Removed Camera.viewRectangle. Use Camera.setView({destination: rectangle}) instead.
    • Removed RectanglePrimitive. Use RectangleGeometry or Entity.rectangle instead.
    • Removed Polygon. Use PolygonGeometry or Entity.polygon instead.
    • Removed OrthographicFrustum.getPixelSize. Use OrthographicFrustum.getPixelDimensions instead.
    • Removed PerspectiveFrustum.getPixelSize. Use PerspectiveFrustum.getPixelDimensions instead.
    • Removed PerspectiveOffCenterFrustum.getPixelSize. Use PerspectiveOffCenterFrustum.getPixelDimensions instead.
    • Removed Scene\HeadingPitchRange. Use Core\HeadingPitchRange instead.
    • Removed jsonp. Use loadJsonp instead.
    • Removed HeightmapTessellator from the public API. It is an implementation details.
    • Removed TerrainMesh from the public API. It is an implementation details.
  • Reduced the amount of GPU and CPU memory used by terrain by using compression. The CPU memory was reduced by up to 40%.
  • Added the ability to manipulate Model node transformations via CZML and the Entity API. See the new Sandcastle example: CZML Model - Node Transformations. #3316
  • Added Globe.tileLoadProgressEvent, which is raised when the length of the tile load queue changes, enabling incremental loading indicators.
  • Added support for msGMLOutput and Thredds server feature information formats to GetFeatureInfoFormat and WebMapServiceImageryProvider.
  • Added dynamic enableFeaturePicking toggle to all ImageryProviders that support feature picking.
  • Fixed disappearing terrain while fog is active. #3335
  • Fixed short segments in CorridorGeometry and PolylineVolumeGeometry. #3293
  • Fixed CorridorGeometry with nearly colinear points. #3320
  • Added missing points to EllipseGeometry and EllipseOutlineGeometry. #3078
  • Rectangle.fromCartographicArray now uses the smallest rectangle regardess of whether or not it crosses the international date line. #3227
  • Added TranslationRotationScale property, which represents an affine transformation defined by a translation, rotation, and scale.
  • Added Matrix4.fromTranslationRotationScale.
  • Added NodeTransformationProperty, which is a Property value that is defined by independent translation, rotation, and scale Property instances.
  • Added PropertyBag, which is a Property whose value is a key-value mapping of property names to the computed value of other properties.
  • Added ModelGraphics.runAnimations which is a boolean Property indicating if all model animations should be started after the model is loaded.
  • Added ModelGraphics.nodeTransformations which is a PropertyBag of TranslationRotationScale properties to be applied to a loaded model.
  • Added CZML support for new runAnimations and nodeTransformations properties on the model packet.

1.16 - 2015-12-01

  • Deprecated
    • Deprecated HeightmapTessellator. It will be removed in 1.17.
    • Deprecated TerrainMesh. It will be removed in 1.17.
    • Deprecated OpenStreetMapImageryProvider. It will be removed in 1.18. Use createOpenStreetMapImageryProvider instead.
  • Improved terrain performance by up to 35%. Added support for fog near the horizon, which improves performance by rendering less terrain tiles and reduces terrain tile requests. This is enabled by default. See Scene.fog for options. #3154
  • Added terrain exaggeration. Enabled on viewer creation with the exaggeration scalar as the terrainExaggeration option.
  • Added support for incrementally loading textures after a Model is ready. This allows the Model to be visible as soon as possible while its textures are loaded in the background.
  • ImageMaterialProperty.image now accepts an HTMLVideoElement. You can also assign a video element directly to an Entity material property.
  • Material image uniforms now accept and HTMLVideoElement anywhere it could previously take a Canvas element.
  • Added VideoSynchronizer helper object for keeping an HTMLVideoElement in sync with a scene's clock.
  • Fixed an issue with loading skeletons for skinned glTF models. #3224
  • Fixed an issue with tile selection when below the surface of the ellipsoid. #3170
  • Added Cartographic.fromCartesian function.
  • Added createOpenStreetMapImageryProvider function to replace the OpenStreetMapImageryProvider class. This function returns a constructed UrlTemplateImageryProvider.
  • GeoJsonDataSource.load now takes an optional describeProperty function for generating feature description properties. #3140
  • Added ImageryProvider.readyPromise and TerrainProvider.readyPromise and implemented it in all terrain and imagery providers. This is a promise which resolves when ready becomes true and rejected if there is an error during initialization. #3175
  • Fixed an issue where the sun texture is not generated correctly on some mobile devices. #3141
  • Fixed a bug that caused setting Entity.parent to undefined to throw an exception. #3169
  • Fixed a bug which caused Entity polyline graphics to be incorrect when a scene's ellipsoid was not WGS84. #3174
  • Entities have a reference to their entity collection and to their owner (usually a data source, but can be a CompositeEntityCollection).
  • Added ImageMaterialProperty.alpha and a alpha uniform to Image and Material types to control overall image opacity. It defaults to 1.0, fully opaque.
  • Added Camera.getPixelSize function to get the size of a pixel in meters based on the current view.
  • Added Camera.distanceToBoundingSphere function.
  • Added BoundingSphere.fromOrientedBoundingBox function.
  • Added utility function getBaseUri, which given a URI with or without query parameters, returns the base path of the URI.
  • Added Queue.peek to return the item at the front of a Queue.
  • Fixed JulianDate.fromIso8601 so that it correctly parses the YYYY-MM-DDThh:mmTZD format.
  • Added Model.maximumScale and ModelGraphics.maximumScale properties, giving an upper limit for minimumPixelSize.
  • Fixed glTF implementation to read the version as a string as per the specification and to correctly handle backwards compatibility for axis-angle rotations in glTF 0.8 models.
  • Fixed a bug in the deprecated jsonp that prevented it from returning a promise. Its replacement, loadJsonp, was unaffected.
  • Fixed a bug where loadWithXhr would reject the returned promise with successful HTTP responses (2xx) that weren't 200.

1.15 - 2015-11-02

  • Breaking changes
    • Deleted old <subfolder>/package.json and *.profile.js files, not used since Cesium moved away from a Dojo-based build years ago. This will allow future compatibility with newer systems like Browserify and Webpack.
  • Deprecated
    • Deprecated Camera.viewRectangle. It will be removed in 1.17. Use Camera.setView({destination: rectangle}) instead.
    • The following options to Camera.setView have been deprecated and will be removed in 1.17:
      • position. Use destination instead.
      • positionCartographic. Convert to a Cartesian3 and use destination instead.
      • heading, pitch and roll. Use orientation.heading/pitch/roll instead.
    • Deprecated CESIUM_binary_glTF extension support for glTF models. KHR_binary_glTF should be used instead. CESIUM_binary_glTF will be removed in 1.18. Reconvert models using the online model converter.
    • Deprecated RectanglePrimitive. It will be removed in 1.17. Use RectangleGeometry or Entity.rectangle instead.
    • Deprecated EllipsoidPrimitive. It will be removed in 1.17. Use EllipsoidGeometry or Entity.ellipsoid instead.
    • Made EllipsoidPrimitive private, use EllipsoidGeometry or Entity.ellipsoid instead.
    • Deprecated BoxGeometry.minimumCorner and BoxGeometry.maximumCorner. These will be removed in 1.17. Use BoxGeometry.minimum and BoxGeometry.maximum instead.
    • Deprecated BoxOutlineGeometry.minimumCorner and BoxOutlineGeometry.maximumCorner. These will be removed in 1.17. Use BoxOutlineGeometry.minimum and BoxOutlineGeometry.maximum instead.
    • Deprecated OrthographicFrustum.getPixelSize. It will be removed in 1.17. Use OrthographicFrustum.getPixelDimensions instead.
    • Deprecated PerspectiveFrustum.getPixelSize. It will be removed in 1.17. Use PerspectiveFrustum.getPixelDimensions instead.
    • Deprecated PerspectiveOffCenterFrustum.getPixelSize. It will be removed in 1.17. Use PerspectiveOffCenterFrustum.getPixelDimensions instead.
    • Deprecated Scene\HeadingPitchRange. It will be removed in 1.17. Use Core\HeadingPitchRange instead.
    • Deprecated jsonp. It will be removed in 1.17. Use loadJsonp instead.
  • Added support for the glTF 1.0 draft specification.
  • Added support for the glTF extensions KHR_binary_glTF and KHR_materials_common.
  • Decreased GPU memory usage in BillboardCollection and LabelCollection by using WebGL instancing.
  • Added CZML examples to Sandcastle. See the new CZML tab.
  • Changed Camera.setView to take the same parameter options as Camera.flyTo. options.destination takes a rectangle, options.orientation works with heading/pitch/roll or direction/up, and options.endTransform was added. #3100
  • Fixed token issue in ArcGisMapServerImageryProvider.
  • ImageryLayerFeatureInfo now has an imageryLayer property, indicating the layer that contains the feature.
  • Made TileMapServiceImageryProvider and CesiumTerrainProvider work properly when the provided base url contains query parameters and fragments.
  • The WebGL setting of failIfMajorPerformanceCaveat now defaults to false, which is the WebGL default. This improves compatibility with out-of-date drivers and remote desktop sessions. Cesium will run slower in these cases instead of simply failing to load. #3108
  • Fixed the issue where the camera inertia takes too long to finish causing the camera move events to fire after it appears to. #2839
  • Make KML invalid coordinate processing match Google Earth behavior. #3124
  • Added BoxOutlineGeometry.fromAxisAlignedBoundingBox and BoxGeometry.fromAxisAlignedBoundingBox functions.
  • Switched to gulp for all build tasks. Java and ant are no longer required to develop Cesium. #3106
  • Updated requirejs from 2.1.9 to 2.1.20. #3107
  • Updated almond from 0.2.6 to 0.3.1. #3107

1.14 - 2015-10-01

  • Fixed issues causing the terrain and sky to disappear when the camera is near the surface. #2415 and #2271
  • Changed the ScreenSpaceCameraController.minimumZoomDistance default from 20.0 to 1.0.
  • Added Billboard.sizeInMeters. true sets the billboard size to be measured in meters; otherwise, the size of the billboard is measured in pixels. Also added support for billboard sizeInMeters to entities and CZML.
  • Fixed a bug in AssociativeArray that would cause unbounded memory growth when adding and removing lots of items.
  • Provided a workaround for Safari 9 where WebGL constants can't be accessed through WebGLRenderingContext. Now constants are hard-coded in WebGLConstants. #2989
  • Added a workaround for Chrome 45, where the first character in a label with a small font size would not appear. #3011
  • Added subdomains option to the WebMapTileServiceImageryProvider constructor.
  • Added subdomains option to the WebMapServiceImageryProvider constructor.
  • Fix zooming in 2D when tracking an object. The zoom was based on location rather than the tracked object. #2991
  • Added parameter to MapboxImageryProvider.
  • Fixed an issue with drill picking at low frame rates that would cause a crash. #3010
  • Fixed a bug that prevented setView from working across all scene modes.
  • Fixed a bug that caused camera.positionWC to occasionally return the incorrect value.
  • Used all the template urls defined in the CesiumTerrain provider.#3038

1.13 - 2015-09-01

  • Breaking changes

    • Remove deprecated AxisAlignedBoundingBox.intersect and BoundingSphere.intersect. Use BoundingSphere.intersectPlane instead.
    • Remove deprecated getFeatureInfoAsGeoJson and getFeatureInfoAsXml constructor parameters from WebMapServiceImageryProvider.
  • Added support for GroundPrimitive which works much like Primitive but drapes geometry over terrain. Valid geometries that can be draped on terrain are CircleGeometry, CorridorGeometry, EllipseGeometry, PolygonGeometry, and RectangleGeometry. Because of the cutting edge nature of this feature in WebGL, it requires the EXT_frag_depth extension, which is currently only supported in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Apple support is expected in iOS 9 and MacOS Safari 9. Android support varies by hardware and IE11 will most likely never support it. You can use to verify support for your hardware. Finally, this feature is currently only supported in Primitives and not yet available via the Entity API. #2865

  • Added Scene.groundPrimitives, which is a primitive collection like Scene.primitives, but for GroundPrimitive instances. It allows custom z-ordering. #2960 For example:

      // draws the ellipse on top of the rectangle
      var ellipse = scene.groundPrimitives.add(new Cesium.GroundPrimitive({...}));
      var rectangle = scene.groundPrimitives.add(new Cesium.GroundPrimitive({...}));
      // move the rectangle to draw on top of the ellipse
  • Added reverseZ tag to UrlTemplateImageryProvider. #2961

  • Added BoundingSphere.isOccluded and OrientedBoundingBox.isOccluded to determine if the volumes are occluded by an Occluder.

  • Added distanceSquaredTo and computePlaneDistances functions to OrientedBoundingBox.

  • Fixed a GLSL precision issue that enables Cesium to support Mali-400MP GPUs and other mobile GPUs where GLSL shaders did not previously compile. #2984

  • Fixed an issue where extruded PolygonGeometry was always extruding to the ellipsoid surface instead of specified height. #2923

  • Fixed an issue where non-feature nodes prevented KML documents from loading. #2945

  • Fixed an issue where JulianDate would not parse certain dates properly. #405

  • Removed es5-shim, which is no longer being used. #2933

1.12 - 2015-08-03

  • Breaking changes
    • Remove deprecated ObjectOrientedBoundingBox. Use OrientedBoundingBox instead.
  • Added MapboxImageryProvider to load imagery from Mapbox.
  • Added maximumHeight option to Viewer.flyTo. #2868
  • Added picking support to UrlTemplateImageryProvider.
  • Added ArcGIS token-based authentication support to ArcGisMapServerImageryProvider.
  • Added proxy support to ArcGisMapServerImageryProvider for pickFeatures requests.
  • The default CTRL + Left Click Drag mouse behavior is now duplicated for CTRL + Right Click Drag for better compatibility with Firefox on Mac OS #2872.
  • Fixed incorrect texture coordinates for WallGeometry #2872
  • Fixed WallGeometry bug that caused walls covering a short distance not to render. #2897
  • Fixed PolygonGeometry clockwise winding order bug.
  • Fixed extruded RectangleGeometry bug for small heights. #2823
  • Fixed BillboardCollection bounding sphere for billboards with a non-center vertical origin. #2894
  • Fixed a bug that caused Camera.positionCartographic to be incorrect. #2838
  • Fixed calling Scene.pickPosition after calling Scene.drillPick. #2813
  • The globe depth is now rendered during picking when Scene.depthTestAgainstTerrain is true so objects behind terrain are not picked.
  • Fixed Cesium.js failing to parse in IE 8 and 9. While Cesium doesn't work in IE versions less than 11, this allows for more graceful error handling.

1.11 - 2015-07-01

  • Breaking changes
    • Removed Scene.fxaaOrderIndependentTranslucency, which was deprecated in 1.10. Use Scene.fxaa which is now true by default.
    • Removed Camera.clone, which was deprecated in 1.10.
  • Deprecated
    • The STK World Terrain url has been deprecated, use instead. A redirect will be in place until 1.14.
    • Deprecated AxisAlignedBoundingBox.intersect and BoundingSphere.intersect. These will be removed in 1.13. Use AxisAlignedBoundingBox.intersectPlane and BoundingSphere.intersectPlane instead.
    • Deprecated ObjectOrientedBoundingBox. It will be removed in 1.12. Use OrientedBoundingBox instead.
  • Improved camera flights. #2825
  • The camera now zooms to the point under the mouse cursor.
  • Added a new camera mode for horizon views. When the camera is looking at the horizon and a point on terrain above the camera is picked, the camera moves in the plane containing the camera position, up and right vectors.
  • Improved terrain and imagery performance and reduced tile loading by up to 50%, depending on the camera view, by using the new OrientedBoundingBox for view frustum culling. See Terrain Culling with Oriented Bounding Boxes.
  • Added UrlTemplateImageryProvider. This new imagery provider allows access to a wide variety of imagery sources, including OpenStreetMap, TMS, WMTS, WMS, WMS-C, and various custom schemes, by specifying a URL template to use to request imagery tiles.
  • Fixed flash/streak rendering artifacts when picking. #2790, #2811
  • Fixed 2D and Columbus view lighting issue. #2635.
  • Fixed issues with material caching which resulted in the inability to use an image-based material multiple times. #2821
  • Improved Camera.viewRectangle so that the specified rectangle is now better centered on the screen. #2764
  • Fixed a crash when viewer.zoomTo or viewer.flyTo were called immediately before or during a scene morph. #2775
  • Fixed an issue where Camera functions would throw an exception if used from within a Scene.morphComplete callback. #2776
  • Fixed camera flights that ended up at the wrong position in Columbus view. #802
  • Fixed camera flights through the map in 2D. #804
  • Fixed strange camera flights from opposite sides of the globe. #1158
  • Fixed camera flights that wouldn't fly to the home view after zooming out past it. #1400
  • Fixed flying to rectangles that cross the IDL in Columbus view and 2D. #2093
  • Fixed flights with a pitch of -90 degrees. #2468
  • Model can now load Binary glTF from a Uint8Array.
  • Fixed a bug in ImageryLayer that could cause an exception and the render loop to stop when the base layer did not cover the entire globe.
  • The performance statistics displayed when scene.debugShowFramesPerSecond === true can now be styled using the cesium-performanceDisplay CSS classes in shared.css #2779.
  • Added Plane.fromCartesian4.
  • Added Plane.ORIGIN_XY_PLANE/ORIGIN_YZ_PLANE/ORIGIN_ZX_PLANE constants for commonly-used planes.
  • Added Matrix2/Matrix3/Matrix4.ZERO constants.
  • Added Matrix2/Matrix3.multiplyByScale for multiplying against non-uniform scales.
  • Added projectPointToNearestOnPlane and projectPointsToNearestOnPlane to EllipsoidTangentPlane to project 3D points to the nearest 2D point on an EllipsoidTangentPlane.
  • Added EllipsoidTangentPlane.plane property to get the Plane for the tangent plane.
  • Added EllipsoidTangentPlane.xAxis/yAxis/zAxis properties to get the local coordinate system of the tangent plane.
  • Add QuantizedMeshTerrainData constructor argument orientedBoundingBox.
  • Add TerrainMesh.orientedBoundingBox which holds the OrientedBoundingBox for the mesh for a single terrain tile.

1.10 - 2015-06-01

  • Breaking changes
    • Existing bookmarks to documentation of static members have changed #2757.
    • Removed InfoBoxViewModel.defaultSanitizer, InfoBoxViewModel.sanitizer, and Cesium.sanitize, which was deprecated in 1.7.
    • Removed InfoBoxViewModel.descriptionRawHtml, which was deprecated in 1.7. Use InfoBoxViewModel.description instead.
    • Removed GeoJsonDataSource.fromUrl, which was deprecated in 1.7. Use GeoJsonDataSource.load instead. Unlike fromUrl, load can take either a url or parsed JSON object and returns a promise to a new instance, rather than a new instance.
    • Removed GeoJsonDataSource.prototype.loadUrl, which was deprecated in 1.7. Instead, pass a url as the first parameter to GeoJsonDataSource.prototype.load.
    • Removed CzmlDataSource.prototype.loadUrl, which was deprecated in 1.7. Instead, pass a url as the first parameter to CzmlDataSource.prototype.load.
    • Removed CzmlDataSource.prototype.processUrl, which was deprecated in 1.7. Instead, pass a url as the first parameter to CzmlDataSource.prototype.process.
    • Removed the sourceUri parameter to all CzmlDataSource load and process functions, which was deprecated in 1.7. Instead pass an options object with sourceUri property.
    • Removed PolygonGraphics.positions which was deprecated in 1.6. Instead, use PolygonGraphics.hierarchy.
    • Existing bookmarks to documentation of static members changed. #2757
  • Deprecated
    • WebMapServiceImageryProvider constructor parameters options.getFeatureInfoAsGeoJson and options.getFeatureInfoAsXml were deprecated and will be removed in Cesium 1.13. Use options.getFeatureInfoFormats instead.
    • Deprecated Camera.clone. It will be removed in 1.11.
    • Deprecated Scene.fxaaOrderIndependentTranslucency. It will be removed in 1.11. Use Scene.fxaa which is now true by default.
    • The Cesium sample models are now in the Binary glTF format (.bgltf). Cesium will also include the models as plain glTF (.gltf) until 1.13. Cesium support for .gltf will not be removed.
  • Added view query parameter to the CesiumViewer app, which sets the initial camera position using longitude, latitude, height, heading, pitch and roll. For example:,40.0,300.0,9.0,-13.0,3.0
  • Added Billboard.heightReference and Label.heightReference to clamp billboards and labels to terrain.
  • Added support for the CESIUM_binary_glTF extension for loading binary blobs of glTF to Model. See Faster 3D Models with Binary glTF.
  • Added support for the CESIUM_RTC glTF extension for high-precision rendering to Model.
  • Added PointPrimitive and PointPrimitiveCollection, which are faster and use less memory than billboards with circles.
  • Changed Entity.point to use the new PointPrimitive instead of billboards. This does not change the Entity.point API.
  • Added Scene.pickPosition to reconstruct the WGS84 position from window coordinates.
  • The default mouse controls now support panning and zooming on 3D models and other opaque geometry.
  • Added Camera.moveStart and Camera.moveEnd events.
  • Added GeocoderViewModel.complete event. Triggered after the camera flight is completed.
  • KmlDataSource can now load a KML file that uses explicit XML namespacing, e.g. kml:Document.
  • Setting now properly toggles the display of all descendant entities, previously it only affected its direct children.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Entity instances with show set to false to reappear when new Entity geometry is added. #2686
  • Added a Rotation object which, when passed to SampledProperty, always interpolates values towards the shortest angle. Also hooked up CZML to use Rotation for all time-dynamic rotations.
  • Fixed a bug where moon rendered in front of foreground geometry. #1964
  • Fixed a bug where the sun was smeared when the skybox/stars was disabled. #1829
  • TileProviderError now optionally takes an error parameter with more details of the error or exception that occurred. ImageryLayer passes that information through when tiles fail to load. This allows tile provider error handling to take a different action when a tile returns a 404 versus a 500, for example.
  • ArcGisMapServerImageryProvider now has a maximumLevel constructor parameter.
  • ArcGisMapServerImageryProvider picking now works correctly when the layers parameter is specified. Previously, it would pick from all layers even if only displaying a subset.
  • WebMapServiceImageryProvider.pickFeatures now works with WMS servers, such as Google Maps Engine, that can only return feature information in HTML format.
  • WebMapServiceImageryProvider now accepts an array of GetFeatureInfoFormat instances that it will use to obtain information about the features at a given position on the globe. This enables an arbitrary info_format to be passed to the WMS server, and an arbitrary JavaScript function to be used to interpret the response.
  • Fixed a crash caused by ImageryLayer attempting to generate mipmaps for textures that are not a power-of-two size.
  • Fixed a bug where ImageryLayerCollection.pickImageryLayerFeatures would return incorrect results when picking from a terrain tile that was partially covered by correct-level imagery and partially covered by imagery from an ancestor level.
  • Fixed incorrect counting of debug.tilesWaitingForChildren in QuadtreePrimitive.
  • Added throttleRequestsByServer.maximumRequestsPerServer property.
  • Changed createGeometry to load individual-geometry workers using a CommonJS-style require when run in a CommonJS-like environment.
  • Added buildModuleUrl.setBaseUrl function to allow the Cesium base URL to be set without the use of the global CESIUM_BASE_URL variable.
  • Changed ThirdParty/zip to defer its call to buildModuleUrl until it is needed, rather than executing during module loading.
  • Added optional drilling limit to Scene.drillPick.
  • Added optional ellipsoid parameter to construction options of imagery and terrain providers that were lacking it. Note that terrain bounding spheres are precomputed on the server, so any supplied terrain ellipsoid must match the one used by the server.
  • Added debug option to Scene to show the depth buffer information for a specified view frustum slice and exposed capability in CesiumInspector widget.
  • Added new leap second for 30 June 2015 at UTC 23:59:60.
  • Upgraded Autolinker from version 0.15.2 to 0.17.1.

1.9 - 2015-05-01

  • Breaking changes
    • Removed ColorMaterialProperty.fromColor, previously deprecated in 1.6. Pass a Color directly to the ColorMaterialProperty constructor instead.
    • Removed CompositeEntityCollection.entities and EntityCollection.entities, both previously deprecated in 1.6. Use CompositeEntityCollection.values and EntityCollection.values instead.
    • Removed DataSourceDisplay.getScene and DataSourceDisplay.getDataSources, both previously deprecated in 1.6. Use DataSourceDisplay.scene and DataSourceDisplay.dataSources instead.
    • Entity no longer takes a string id as its constructor argument. Pass an options object with id property instead. This was previously deprecated in 1.6.
    • Removed Model.readyToRender, previously deprecated in 1.6. Use Model.readyPromise instead.
  • Entity material properties and Material uniform values can now take a canvas element in addition to an image or url. #2667
  • Fixed a bug which caused Entity.viewFrom to be ignored when flying to, zooming to, or tracking an Entity. #2628
  • Fixed a bug that caused Corridor and PolylineVolume geometry to be incorrect for sharp corners #2626
  • Fixed crash when modifying a translucent entity geometry outline. #2630
  • Fixed crash when loading KML GroundOverlays that spanned 360 degrees. #2639
  • Fixed Geocoder styling issue in Safari. #2658.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when the Viewer or CesiumWidget was resized to 0 while the camera was in motion. #2662
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the InfoBox title from updating if the name of viewer.selectedEntity changed. #2644
  • Added an optional result parameter to computeScreenSpacePosition on both Billboard and Label.
  • Added number of cached shaders to the CesiumInspector debugging widget.
  • An exception is now thrown if Primitive.modelMatrix is not the identity matrix when in in 2D or Columbus View.

1.8 - 2015-04-01

  • Breaking changes
    • Removed the eye, target, and up parameters to Camera.lookAt which were deprecated in Cesium 1.6. Use the target and offset.
    • Removed Camera.setTransform, which was deprecated in Cesium 1.6. Use Camera.lookAtTransform.
    • Removed Camera.transform, which was deprecated in Cesium 1.6. Use Camera.lookAtTransform.
    • Removed the direction and up options to Camera.flyTo, which were deprecated in Cesium 1.6. Use the orientation option.
    • Removed Camera.flyToRectangle, which was deprecated in Cesium 1.6. Use Camera.flyTo.
  • Deprecated
    • Deprecated the smallterrain tileset. It will be removed in 1.11. Use the STK World Terrain tileset.
  • Added, a boolean for hiding or showing an entity and its children.
  • Added Entity.isShowing, a read-only property that indicates if an entity is currently being drawn.
  • Added support for the KML visibility element.
  • Added PolylineArrowMaterialProperty to allow entities materials to use polyline arrows.
  • Added VelocityOrientationProperty to easily orient Entity graphics (such as a model) along the direction it is moving.
  • Added a new Sandcastle demo, Interpolation, which illustrates time-dynamic position interpolation options and uses the new VelocityOrientationProperty to orient an aircraft in flight.
  • Improved viewer.zoomTo and viewer.flyTo so they are now "best effort" and work even if some entities being zoomed to are not currently in the scene.
  • Fixed PointerEvent detection so that it works with older implementations of the specification. This also fixes lack of mouse handling when detection failed, such as when using Cesium in the Windows WebBrowser control.
  • Fixed an issue with transparency. #2572
  • Fixed improper handling of null values when loading GeoJSON data.
  • Added support for automatic raster feature picking from ArcGisMapServerImagerProvider.
  • Added the ability to specify the desired tiling scheme, rectangle, and width and height of tiles to the ArcGisMapServerImagerProvider constructor.
  • Added the ability to access dynamic ArcGIS MapServer layers by specifying the layers parameter to the ArcGisMapServerImagerProvider constructor.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause incorrect rendering of an ArcGisMapServerImageProvider with a "singleFusedMapCache" in the geographic projection (EPSG:4326).
  • Added new construction options to CesiumWidget and Viewer, for skyBox, skyAtmosphere, and globe.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Cesium from working in browser configurations that explicitly disabled localStorage, such as Safari's private browsing mode.
  • Cesium is now tested using Jasmine 2.2.0.

1.7.1 - 2015-03-06

  • Fixed a crash in InfoBox that would occur when attempting to display plain text.
  • Fixed a crash when loading KML features that have no description and an empty ExtendedData node.
  • Fixed a bug in Color.fromCssColorString where undefined would be returned for the CSS color transparent.
  • Added Color.TRANSPARENT.
  • Added support for KML TimeStamp nodes.
  • Improved KML compatibility to work with non-specification compliant KML files that still happen to load in Google Earth.
  • All data sources now print errors to the console in addition to raising the errorEvent and rejecting their load promise.

1.7 - 2015-03-02

  • Breaking changes
    • Removed viewerEntityMixin, which was deprecated in Cesium 1.5. Its functionality is now directly part of the Viewer widget.
    • Removed Camera.tilt, which was deprecated in Cesium 1.6. Use Camera.pitch.
    • Removed Camera.heading and Camera.tilt. They were deprecated in Cesium 1.6. Use Camera.setView.
    • Removed Camera.setPositionCartographic, which was was deprecated in Cesium 1.6. Use Camera.setView.
  • Deprecated
    • Deprecated InfoBoxViewModel.defaultSanitizer, InfoBoxViewModel.sanitizer, and Cesium.sanitize. They will be removed in 1.10.
    • Deprecated InfoBoxViewModel.descriptionRawHtml, it will be removed in 1.10. Use InfoBoxViewModel.description instead.
    • Deprecated GeoJsonDataSource.fromUrl, it will be removed in 1.10. Use GeoJsonDataSource.load instead. Unlike fromUrl, load can take either a url or parsed JSON object and returns a promise to a new instance, rather than a new instance.
    • Deprecated GeoJsonDataSource.prototype.loadUrl, it will be removed in 1.10. Instead, pass a url as the first parameter to GeoJsonDataSource.prototype.load.
    • Deprecated CzmlDataSource.prototype.loadUrl, it will be removed in 1.10. Instead, pass a url as the first parameter to CzmlDataSource.prototype.load.
    • Deprecated CzmlDataSource.prototype.processUrl, it will be removed in 1.10. Instead, pass a url as the first parameter to CzmlDataSource.prototype.process.
    • Deprecated the sourceUri parameter to all CzmlDataSource load and process functions. Support will be removed in 1.10. Instead pass an options object with sourceUri property.
  • Added initial support for KML 2.2 via KmlDataSource. Check out the new Sandcastle Demo and the reference documentation for more details.
  • InfoBox sanitization now relies on iframe sandboxing. This allows for much more content to be displayed in the InfoBox (and still be secure).
  • Added InfoBox.frame which is the instance of the iframe that is used to host description content. Sanitization can be controlled via the frame's sandbox attribute. See the above link for additional information.
  • Worked around a bug in Safari that caused most of Cesium to be broken. Cesium should now work much better on Safari for both desktop and mobile.
  • Fixed incorrect ellipse texture coordinates. #2363 and #2465
  • Fixed a bug that would cause incorrect geometry for long Corridors and Polyline Volumes. #2513
  • Fixed a bug in imagery loading that could cause some or all of the globe to be missing when using an imagery layer that does not cover the entire globe.
  • Fixed a bug that caused ElipseOutlineGeometry and CircleOutlineGeometry to be extruded to the ground when they should have instead been drawn at height. #2499.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented per-vertex colors from working with PolylineGeometry and SimplePolylineGeometry when used asynchronously. #2516
  • Fixed a bug that would caused duplicate graphics if non-time-dynamic Entity objects were modified in quick succession. #2514.
  • Fixed a bug where camera.flyToBoundingSphere would ignore range if the bounding sphere radius was 0. #2519
  • Fixed some styling issues with InfoBox and BaseLayerPicker caused by using Bootstrap with Cesium. #2487
  • Added support for rendering a water effect on Quantized-Mesh terrain tiles.
  • Added pack and unpack functions to Matrix2 and Matrix3.
  • Added camera-terrain collision detection/response when the camera reference frame is set.
  • Added ScreenSpaceCameraController.enableCollisionDetection to enable/disable camera collision detection with terrain.
  • Added CzmlDataSource.load and GeoJsonDataSource.load to make it easy to create and load data in a single line.
  • Added the ability to pass a Promise to a DataSource to DataSourceCollection.add. The DataSource will not actually be added until the promise resolves.
  • Added the ability to pass a Promise to a target to viewer.zoomTo and viewer.flyTo.
  • All CzmlDataSource and GeoJsonDataSource loading functions now return Promise instances that resolve to the instances after data is loaded.
  • Error handling in all CzmlDataSource and GeoJsonDataSource loading functions is now more consistent. Rather than a mix of exceptions and Promise rejections, all errors are raised via Promise rejections.
  • In addition to addresses, the Geocoder widget now allows input of longitude, latitude, and an optional height in degrees and meters. Example: -75.596, 40.038, 1000 or -75.596 40.038.

1.6 - 2015-02-02

  • Breaking changes
    • Rectangle.intersectWith was deprecated in Cesium 1.5. Use Rectangle.intersection, which is the same but returns undefined when two rectangles do not intersect.
    • Rectangle.isEmpty was deprecated in Cesium 1.5.
    • The sourceUri parameter to GeoJsonDatasource.load was deprecated in Cesium 1.4 and has been removed. Use options.sourceUri instead.
    • PolygonGraphics.positions created by GeoJSONDataSource now evaluate to a PolygonHierarchy object instead of an array of positions.
  • Deprecated
    • Camera.tilt was deprecated in Cesium 1.6. It will be removed in Cesium 1.7. Use Camera.pitch.
    • Camera.heading and Camera.tilt were deprecated in Cesium 1.6. They will become read-only in Cesium 1.7. Use Camera.setView.
    • Camera.setPositionCartographic was deprecated in Cesium 1.6. It will be removed in Cesium 1.7. Use Camera.setView.
    • The direction and up options to Camera.flyTo have been deprecated in Cesium 1.6. They will be removed in Cesium 1.8. Use the orientation option.
    • Camera.flyToRectangle has been deprecated in Cesium 1.6. They will be removed in Cesium 1.8. Use Camera.flyTo.
    • Camera.setTransform was deprecated in Cesium 1.6. It will be removed in Cesium 1.8. Use Camera.lookAtTransform.
    • Camera.transform was deprecated in Cesium 1.6. It will be removed in Cesium 1.8. Use Camera.lookAtTransform.
    • The eye, target, and up parameters to Camera.lookAt were deprecated in Cesium 1.6. It will be removed in Cesium 1.8. Use the target and offset.
    • PolygonGraphics.positions was deprecated and replaced with PolygonGraphics.hierarchy, whose value is a PolygonHierarchy instead of an array of positions. PolygonGraphics.positions will be removed in Cesium 1.8.
    • The Model.readyToRender event was deprecated and will be removed in Cesium 1.9. Use the new Model.readyPromise instead.
    • ColorMaterialProperty.fromColor(color) has been deprecated and will be removed in Cesium 1.9. The constructor can now take a Color directly, for example new ColorMaterialProperty(color).
    • DataSourceDisplay methods getScene and getDataSources have been deprecated and replaced with scene and dataSources properties. They will be removed in Cesium 1.9.
    • The Entity constructor taking a single string value for the id has been deprecated. The constructor now takes an options object which allows you to provide any and all Entity related properties at construction time. Support for the deprecated behavior will be removed in Cesium 1.9.
    • The EntityCollection.entities and CompositeEntityCollect.entities properties have both been renamed to values. Support for the deprecated behavior will be removed in Cesium 1.9.
  • Fixed an issue which caused order independent translucency to be broken on many video cards. Disabling order independent translucency should no longer be necessary.
  • GeoJsonDataSource now supports polygons with holes.
  • Many Sandcastle examples have been rewritten to make use of the newly improved Entity API.
  • Instead of throwing an exception when there are not enough unique positions to define a geometry, creating a Primitive will succeed, but not render. #2375
  • Improved performance of asynchronous geometry creation (as much as 20% faster in some use cases). #2342
  • Fixed picking in 2D. #2447
  • Added viewer.entities which allows you to easily create and manage Entity instances without a corresponding DataSource. This is just a shortcut to viewer.dataSourceDisplay.defaultDataSource.entities
  • Added viewer.zoomTo and viewer.flyTo which takes an entity, array of entities, EntityCollection, or DataSource as a parameter and zooms or flies to the corresponding visualization.
  • Setting viewer.trackedEntity to undefined will now restore the camera controls to their default states.
  • When you track an entity by clicking on the track button in the InfoBox, you can now stop tracking by clicking the button a second time.
  • Added Quaternion.fromHeadingPitchRoll to create a rotation from heading, pitch, and roll angles.
  • Added Transforms.headingPitchRollToFixedFrame to create a local frame from a position and heading/pitch/roll angles.
  • Added Transforms.headingPitchRollQuaternion which is the quaternion rotation from Transforms.headingPitchRollToFixedFrame.
  • Added Color.fromAlpha and Color.withAlpha to make it easy to create translucent colors from constants, i.e. var translucentRed = Color.RED.withAlpha(0.95).
  • Added PolylineVolumeGraphics and Entity.polylineVolume
  • Added Camera.lookAtTransform which sets the camera position and orientation given a transformation matrix defining a reference frame and either a cartesian offset or heading/pitch/range from the center of that frame.
  • Added Camera.setView (which use heading, pitch, and roll) and Camera.roll.
  • Added an orientation option to Camera.flyTo that can be either direction and up unit vectors or heading, pitch and roll angles.
  • Added BillboardGraphics.imageSubRegion, to enable custom texture atlas use for Entity instances.
  • Added CheckerboardMaterialProperty to enable use of the checkerboard material with the entity API.
  • Added PolygonHierarchy to make defining polygons with holes clearer.
  • Added PolygonGraphics.hierarchy for supporting polygons with holes via data sources.
  • Added BoundingSphere.fromBoundingSpheres, which creates a BoundingSphere that encloses the specified array of BoundingSpheres.
  • Added Model.readyPromise and Primitive.readyPromise which are promises that resolve when the primitives are ready.
  • ConstantProperty can now hold any value; previously it was limited to values that implemented equals and clones functions, as well as a few special cases.
  • Fixed a bug in EllipsoidGeodesic that caused it to modify the height of the positions passed to the constructor or to to setEndPoints.
  • WebMapTileServiceImageryProvider now supports RESTful requests (by accepting a tile-URL template).
  • Fixed a bug that caused Camera.roll to be around 180 degrees, indicating the camera was upside-down, when in the Southern hemisphere.
  • The object returned by Primitive.getGeometryInstanceAttributes now contains the instance's bounding sphere and repeated calls will always now return the same object instance.
  • Fixed a bug that caused dynamic geometry outlines widths to not work on implementations that support them.
  • The SelectionIndicator widget now works for all entity visualization and uses the center of visualization instead of entity.position. This produces more accurate results, especially for shapes, volumes, and models.
  • Added CustomDataSource which makes it easy to create and manage a group of entities without having to manually implement the DataSource interface in a new class.
  • Added DataSourceDisplay.defaultDataSource which is an instance of CustomDataSource and allows you to easily add custom entities to the display.
  • Added Camera.viewBoundingSphere and Camera.flyToBoundingSphere, which as the names imply, sets or flies to a view that encloses the provided BoundingSphere
  • For constant Property values, there is no longer a need to create an instance of ConstantProperty or ConstantPositionProperty, you can now assign a value directly to the corresponding property. The same is true for material images and colors.
  • All Entity and related classes can now be assigned using anonymous objects as well as be passed template objects. The correct underlying instance is created for you automatically. For a more detailed overview of changes to the Entity API, see this forum thread for details.

1.5 - 2015-01-05

  • Breaking changes
    • Removed GeometryPipeline.wrapLongitude, which was deprecated in 1.4. Use GeometryPipeline.splitLongitude instead.
    • Removed GeometryPipeline.combine, which was deprecated in 1.4. Use GeometryPipeline.combineInstances instead.
  • Deprecated
    • viewerEntityMixin was deprecated. It will be removed in Cesium 1.6. Its functionality is now directly part of the Viewer widget.
    • Rectangle.intersectWith was deprecated. It will be removed in Cesium 1.6. Use Rectangle.intersection, which is the same but returns undefined when two rectangles do not intersect.
    • Rectangle.isEmpty was deprecated. It will be removed in Cesium 1.6.
  • Improved GeoJSON, TopoJSON, and general polygon loading performance.
  • Added caching to Model to save memory and improve loading speed when several models with the same url are created.
  • Added for per-node show/hide.
  • Added the following properties to Viewer and CesiumWidget: imageryLayers, terrainProvider, and camera. This avoids the need to access viewer.scene in some cases.
  • Dramatically improved the quality of font outlines.
  • Added BoxGraphics and
  • Added CorridorGraphics and Entity.corridor.
  • Added CylinderGraphics and Entity.cylinder.
  • Fixed imagery providers whose rectangle crosses the IDL. Added Rectangle.computeWidth, Rectangle.computeHeight, Rectangle.width, and Rectangle.height. #2195
  • ConstantProperty now accepts HTMLElement instances as valid values.
  • BillboardGraphics.image and ImageMaterialProperty.image now accept Property instances that represent an Image or Canvas in addition to a url.
  • Fixed a bug in PolylineGeometry that would cause gaps in the line. #2136
  • Fixed upsampleQuantizedTerrainMesh rounding errors that had occasionally led to missing terrain skirt geometry in upsampled tiles.
  • Added Math.mod which computes m % n but also works when m is negative.

1.4 - 2014-12-01

  • Breaking changes
    • Types implementing TerrainProvider are now required to implement the getTileDataAvailable function. Backwards compatibility for this was deprecated in Cesium 1.2.
  • Deprecated
    • The sourceUri parameter to GeoJsonDatasource.load was deprecated and will be removed in Cesium 1.6 on February 3, 2015 (#2257). Use options.sourceUri instead.
    • GeometryPipeline.wrapLongitude was deprecated. It will be removed in Cesium 1.5 on January 2, 2015. Use GeometryPipeline.splitLongitude. (#2272)
    • GeometryPipeline.combine was deprecated. It will be removed in Cesium 1.5. Use GeometryPipeline.combineInstances.
  • Added support for touch events on Internet Explorer 11 using the Pointer Events API.
  • Added geometry outline width support to the DataSource layer. This is exposed via the new outlineWidth property on EllipseGraphics, EllipsoidGraphics, PolygonGraphics, RectangleGraphics, and WallGraphics.
  • Added outlineWidth support to CZML geometry packets.
  • Added stroke-width support to the GeoJSON simple-style implementation.
  • Added the ability to specify global GeoJSON default styling. See the documentation for details.
  • Added CallbackProperty to support lazy property evaluation as well as make custom properties easier to create.
  • Added an options parameter to GeoJsonDataSource.load, GeoJsonDataSource.loadUrl, and GeoJsonDataSource.fromUrl to allow for basic per-instance styling. Sandcastle example.
  • Improved GeoJSON loading performance.
  • Improved point visualization performance for all DataSources.
  • Improved the performance and memory usage of EllipseGeometry, EllipseOutlineGeometry, CircleGeometry, and CircleOutlineGeometry.
  • Added tileMatrixLabels option to WebMapTileServiceImageryProvider.
  • Fixed a bug in PolylineGeometry that would cause the geometry to be split across the IDL for 3D only scenes. #1197
  • Added modelMatrix and cull options to Primitive constructor.
  • The translation parameter to Matrix4.fromRotationTranslation now defaults to Cartesian3.ZERO.
  • Fixed ModelNode.matrix when a node is targeted for animation.
  • Camera.tilt now clamps to [-pi / 2, pi / 2] instead of [0, pi / 2].
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to poor performance on lower-end GPUs like the Intel HD 3000.
  • Added distanceSquared to Cartesian2, Cartesian3, and Cartesian4.
  • Added Matrix4.multiplyByMatrix3.
  • Fixed a bug in Model where the WebGL shader optimizer in Linux was causing mesh loading to fail.

1.3 - 2014-11-03

  • Worked around a shader compilation regression in Firefox 33 and 34 by falling back to a less precise shader on those browsers. #2197
  • Added support to the CesiumTerrainProvider for terrain tiles with more than 64K vertices, which is common for sub-meter terrain.
  • Added Primitive.compressVertices. When true (default), geometry vertices are compressed to save GPU memory.
  • Added culture option to BingMapsImageryProvider constructor.
  • Reduced the amount of GPU memory used by billboards and labels.
  • Fixed a bug that caused non-base imagery layers with a limited rectangle to be stretched to the edges of imagery tiles. #416
  • Fixed rendering polylines with duplicate positions. #898
  • Fixed a bug in Globe.pick that caused it to return incorrect results when using terrain data with vertex normals. The bug manifested itself as strange behavior when navigating around the surface with the mouse as well as incorrect results when using Camera.viewRectangle.
  • Fixed a bug in sampleTerrain that could cause it to produce undefined heights when sampling for a position very near the edge of a tile.
  • ReferenceProperty instances now retain their last value if the entity being referenced is removed from the target collection. The reference will be automatically reattached if the target is reintroduced.
  • Upgraded topojson from 1.6.8 to 1.6.18.
  • Upgraded Knockout from version 3.1.0 to 3.2.0.
  • Upgraded CodeMirror, used by SandCastle, from 2.24 to 4.6.

1.2 - 2014-10-01

  • Deprecated
    • Types implementing the TerrainProvider interface should now include the new getTileDataAvailable function. The function will be required starting in Cesium 1.4.
  • Fixed model orientations to follow the same Z-up convention used throughout Cesium. There was also an orientation issue fixed in the online model converter. If you are having orientation issues after updating, try reconverting your models.
  • Fixed a bug in Model where the wrong animations could be used when the model was created from glTF JSON instead of a url to a glTF file. #2078
  • Fixed a bug in GeoJsonDataSource which was causing polygons with height values to be drawn onto the surface.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when quickly adding and removing imagery layers.
  • Eliminated imagery artifacts at some zoom levels due to Mercator reprojection.
  • Added support for the GeoJSON simplestyle specification. (Sandcastle example)
  • Added GeoJsonDataSource.fromUrl to make it easy to add a data source in less code.
  • Added PinBuilder class for easy creation of map pins. (Sandcastle example)
  • Added Color.brighten and Color.darken to make it easy to brighten or darker a color instance.
  • Added a constructor option to Scene, CesiumWidget, and Viewer to disable order independent translucency.
  • Added support for WKID 102113 (equivalent to 102100) to ArcGisMapServerImageryProvider.
  • Added TerrainProvider.getTileDataAvailable to improve tile loading performance when camera starts near globe.
  • Added Globe.showWaterEffect to enable/disable the water effect for supported terrain providers.
  • Added Globe.baseColor to set the color of the globe when no imagery is available.
  • Changed default GeoJSON Point feature graphics to use BillboardGraphics with a blue map pin instead of color PointGraphics.
  • Cesium now ships with a version of the maki icon set for use with PinBuilder and GeoJSON simplestyle support.
  • Cesium now ships with a default web.config file to simplify IIS deployment.

1.1 - 2014-09-02

  • Added a new imagery provider, WebMapTileServiceImageryProvider, for accessing tiles on a WMTS 1.0.0 server.
  • Added an optional pickFeatures function to the ImageryProvider interface. With supporting imagery providers, such as WebMapServiceImageryProvider, it can be used to determine the rasterized features under a particular location.
  • Added ImageryLayerCollection.pickImageryLayerFeatures. It determines the rasterized imagery layer features intersected by a given pick ray by querying supporting layers using ImageryProvider.pickFeatures.
  • Added tileWidth, tileHeight, minimumLevel, and tilingScheme parameters to the WebMapServiceImageryProvider constructor.
  • Added id property to Scene which is a readonly unique identifier associated with each instance.
  • Added FeatureDetection.supportsWebWorkers.
  • Greatly improved the performance of time-varying polylines when using DataSources.
  • viewerEntityMixin now automatically queries for imagery layer features on click and shows their properties in the InfoBox panel.
  • Fixed a bug in terrain and imagery loading that could cause an inconsistent frame rate when moving around the globe, especially on a faster internet connection.
  • Fixed a bug that caused SceneTransforms.wgs84ToWindowCoordinates to incorrectly return undefined when in 2D.
  • Fixed a bug in ImageryLayer that caused layer images to be rendered twice for each terrain tile that existed prior to adding the imagery layer.
  • Fixed a bug in Camera.pickEllipsoid that caused it to return the back side of the ellipsoid when near the surface.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented loadWithXhr from working with older browsers, such as Internet Explorer 9.

1.0 - 2014-08-01

  • Breaking changes (why so many?)
    • All Matrix2, Matrix3, Matrix4 and Quaternion functions that take a result parameter now require the parameter, except functions starting with from.

    • Removed Billboard.imageIndex and BillboardCollection.textureAtlas. Instead, use Billboard.image.

      • Code that looked like:

          var billboards = new Cesium.BillboardCollection();
          var textureAtlas = new Cesium.TextureAtlas({
              scene : scene,
              images : images // array of loaded images
          billboards.textureAtlas = textureAtlas;
              imageIndex : 0,
              position : //...
      • should now look like:

          var billboards = new Cesium.BillboardCollection();
              image : '../images/Cesium_Logo_overlay.png',
              position : //...
    • Updated the Model Converter and Model to support glTF 0.8. See the forum post for full details.

    • Model primitives are now rotated to be Z-up to match Cesium convention; glTF stores models with Y up.

    • SimplePolylineGeometry and PolylineGeometry now curve to follow the ellipsoid surface by default. To disable this behavior, set the option followSurface to false.

    • Renamed DynamicScene layer to DataSources. The following types were also renamed:

      • DynamicBillboard -> BillboardGraphics
      • DynamicBillboardVisualizer -> BillboardVisualizer
      • CompositeDynamicObjectCollection -> CompositeEntityCollection
      • DynamicClock -> DataSourceClock
      • DynamicEllipse -> EllipseGraphics
      • DynamicEllipsoid -> EllipsoidGraphics
      • DynamicObject -> Entity
      • DynamicObjectCollection -> EntityCollection
      • DynamicObjectView -> EntityView
      • DynamicLabel -> LabelGraphics
      • DynamicLabelVisualizer -> LabelVisualizer
      • DynamicModel -> ModelGraphics
      • DynamicModelVisualizer -> ModelVisualizer
      • DynamicPath -> PathGraphics
      • DynamicPathVisualizer -> PathVisualizer
      • DynamicPoint -> PointGraphics
      • DynamicPointVisualizer -> PointVisualizer
      • DynamicPolygon -> PolygonGraphics
      • DynamicPolyline -> PolylineGraphics
      • DynamicRectangle -> RectangleGraphics
      • DynamicWall -> WallGraphics
      • viewerDynamicObjectMixin -> viewerEntityMixin
    • Removed DynamicVector and DynamicVectorVisualizer.

    • Renamed DataSource.dynamicObjects to DataSource.entities.

    • EntityCollection.getObjects() and CompositeEntityCollection.getObjects() are now properties named EntityCollection.entities and CompositeEntityCollection.entities.

    • Renamed Viewer.trackedObject and Viewer.selectedObject to Viewer.trackedEntity and Viewer.selectedEntity when using the viewerEntityMixin.

    • Renamed functions for consistency:

      • BoundingSphere.getPlaneDistances -> BoundingSphere.computePlaneDistances
      • Cartesian[2,3,4].getMaximumComponent -> Cartesian[2,3,4].maximumComponent
      • Cartesian[2,3,4].getMinimumComponent -> Cartesian[2,3,4].minimumComponent
      • Cartesian[2,3,4].getMaximumByComponent -> Cartesian[2,3,4].maximumByComponent
      • Cartesian[2,3,4].getMinimumByComponent -> Cartesian[2,3,4].minimumByComponent
      • CubicRealPolynomial.realRoots -> CubicRealPolynomial.computeRealRoots
      • CubicRealPolynomial.discriminant -> CubicRealPolynomial.computeDiscriminant
      • JulianDate.getTotalDays -> JulianDate.totalDyas
      • JulianDate.getSecondsDifference -> JulianDate.secondsDifference
      • JulianDate.getDaysDifference -> JulianDate.daysDifference
      • JulianDate.getTaiMinusUtc -> JulianDate.computeTaiMinusUtc
      • Matrix3.getEigenDecompostion -> Matrix3.computeEigenDecomposition
      • Occluder.getVisibility -> Occluder.computeVisibility
      • Occluder.getOccludeePoint -> Occluder.computerOccludeePoint
      • QuadraticRealPolynomial.discriminant -> QuadraticRealPolynomial.computeDiscriminant
      • QuadraticRealPolynomial.realRoots -> QuadraticRealPolynomial.computeRealRoots
      • QuarticRealPolynomial.discriminant -> QuarticRealPolynomial.computeDiscriminant
      • QuarticRealPolynomial.realRoots -> QuarticRealPolynomial.computeRealRoots
      • Quaternion.getAxis -> Quaternion.computeAxis
      • Quaternion.getAngle -> Quaternion.computeAngle
      • Quaternion.innerQuadrangle -> Quaternion.computeInnerQuadrangle
      • Rectangle.getSouthwest -> Rectangle.southwest
      • Rectangle.getNorthwest -> Rectangle.northwest
      • Rectangle.getSoutheast -> Rectangle.southeast
      • Rectangle.getNortheast -> Rectangle.northeast
      • Rectangle.getCenter ->
      • CullingVolume.getVisibility -> CullingVolume.computeVisibility
    • Replaced PerspectiveFrustum.fovy with PerspectiveFrustum.fov which will change the field of view angle in either the X or Y direction depending on the aspect ratio.

    • Removed the following from the Cesium API: Transforms.earthOrientationParameters, EarthOrientationParameters, EarthOrientationParametersSample, Transforms.iau2006XysData, Iau2006XysData, Iau2006XysSample, IauOrientationAxes, TimeConstants, Scene.frameState, FrameState, EncodedCartesian3, EllipsoidalOccluder, TextureAtlas, and FAR. These are still available but are not part of the official API and may change in future versions.

    • Removed DynamicObject.vertexPositions. Use DynamicWall.positions, DynamicPolygon.positions, and DynamicPolyline.positions instead.

    • Removed defaultPoint, defaultLine, and defaultPolygon from GeoJsonDataSource.

    • Removed Primitive.allow3DOnly. Set the Scene constructor option scene3DOnly instead.

    • SampledProperty and SampledPositionProperty no longer extrapolate outside of their sample data time range by default.

    • Changed the following functions to properties:

      • TerrainProvider.hasWaterMask
      • CesiumTerrainProvider.hasWaterMask
      • ArcGisImageServerTerrainProvider.hasWaterMask
      • EllipsoidTerrainProvider.hasWaterMask
      • VRTheWorldTerrainProvider.hasWaterMask
    • Removed ScreenSpaceCameraController.ellipsoid. The behavior that depended on the ellipsoid is now determined based on the scene state.

    • Sandcastle examples now automatically wrap the example code in RequireJS boilerplate. To upgrade any custom examples, copy the code into an existing example (such as Hello World) and save a new file.

    • Removed CustomSensorVolume, RectangularPyramidSensorVolume, DynamicCone, DynamicConeVisualizerUsingCustomSensor, DynamicPyramid and DynamicPyramidVisualizer. This will be moved to a plugin in early August. #1887

    • If Primitive.modelMatrix is changed after creation, it only affects primitives with one instance and only in 3D mode.

    • ImageryLayer properties alpha, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, and gamma may no longer be functions. If you need to change these values each frame, consider moving your logic to an event handler for Scene.preRender.

    • Removed closeTop and closeBottom options from RectangleGeometry.

    • CZML changes:

      • CZML is now versioned using the . scheme. For example, any CZML 1.0 implementation will be able to load any 1. document (with graceful degradation). Major version number increases will be reserved for breaking changes. We fully expect these major version increases to happen, as CZML is still in development, but we wanted to give developers a stable target to work with.
      • A "1.0" version string is required to be on the document packet, which is required to be the first packet in a CZML file. Previously the document packet was optional; it is now mandatory. The simplest document packet is:
      • The vertexPositions property has been removed. There is now a positions property directly on objects that use it, currently polyline, polygon, and wall.
      • cone, pyramid, and vector have been removed from the core CZML schema. They are now treated as extensions maintained by Analytical Graphics and have been renamed to agi_conicSensor, agi_customPatternSensor, and agi_vector respectively.
      • The orientation property has been changed to match Cesium convention. To update existing CZML documents, conjugate the quaternion values.
      • pixelOffset now uses the top-left of the screen as the origin; previously it was the bottom-left. To update existing documents, negate the y value.
      • Removed color, outlineColor, and outlineWidth properties from polyline and path. There is a new material property that allows you to specify a variety of materials, such as solidColor, polylineOutline and polylineGlow.
      • See the CZML Schema for more details. We plan on greatly improving this document in the coming weeks.
  • Added camera collision detection with terrain to the default mouse interaction.
  • Modified the default camera tilt mouse behavior to tilt about the point clicked, taking into account terrain.
  • Modified the default camera mouse behavior to look about the camera's position when the sky is clicked.
  • Cesium can now render an unlimited number of imagery layers, no matter how few texture units are supported by the hardware.
  • Added support for rendering terrain lighting with oct-encoded per-vertex normals. Added CesiumTerrainProvider.requestVertexNormals to request per vertex normals. Added hasVertexNormals property to all terrain providers to indicate whether or not vertex normals are included in the requested terrain tiles.
  • Added Globe.getHeight and Globe.pick for finding the terrain height at a given Cartographic coordinate and picking the terrain with a ray.
  • Added scene3DOnly options to Viewer, CesiumWidget, and Scene constructors. This setting optimizes memory usage and performance for 3D mode at the cost of losing the ability to use 2D or Columbus View.
  • Added forwardExtrapolationType, forwardExtrapolationDuration, backwardExtrapolationType, and backwardExtrapolationDuration to SampledProperty and SampledPositionProperty which allows the user to specify how a property calculates its value when outside the range of its sample data.
  • Prevent primitives from flashing off and on when modifying static DataSources.
  • Added the following methods to IntersectionTests: rayTriangle, lineSegmentTriangle, raySphere, and lineSegmentSphere.
  • Matrix types now have add and subtract functions.
  • Matrix3 type now has a fromCrossProduct function.
  • Added CesiumMath.signNotZero, CesiumMath.toSNorm and CesiumMath.fromSNorm functions.
  • DataSource & CZML models now default to North-East-Down orientation if none is provided.
  • TileMapServiceImageryProvider now works with tilesets created by tools that better conform to the TMS specification. In particular, a profile of global-geodetic or global-mercator is now supported (in addition to the previous geodetic and mercator) and in these profiles it is assumed that the X coordinates of the bounding box correspond to the longitude direction.
  • EntityCollection and CompositeEntityCollection now include the array of modified entities as the last parameter to their onCollectionChanged event.
  • RectangleGeometry, RectangleOutlineGeometry and RectanglePrimitive can cross the international date line.

Beta Releases

b30 - 2014-07-01

  • Breaking changes (why so many?)
    • CZML property references now use a # symbol to separate identifier from property path. objectId.position should now be objectId#position.

    • All Cartesian2, Cartesian3, Cartesian4, TimeInterval, and JulianDate functions that take a result parameter now require the parameter (except for functions starting with from).

    • Modified Transforms.pointToWindowCoordinates and SceneTransforms.wgs84ToWindowCoordinates to return window coordinates with origin at the top left corner.

    • Billboard.pixelOffset and Label.pixelOffset now have their origin at the top left corner.

    • Replaced CameraFlightPath.createAnimation with Camera.flyTo and replaced CameraFlightPath.createAnimationRectangle with Camera.flyToRectangle. Code that looked like:

          scene.animations.add(Cesium.CameraFlightPath.createAnimation(scene, {
              destination : Cesium.Cartesian3.fromDegrees(-117.16, 32.71, 15000.0)

      should now look like:

              destination : Cesium.Cartesian3.fromDegrees(-117.16, 32.71, 15000.0)
    • In Camera.flyTo and Camera.flyToRectangle:

      • options.duration is now in seconds, not milliseconds.
      • Renamed options.endReferenceFrame to options.endTransform.
      • Renamed options.onComplete to options.complete.
      • Renamed options.onCancel to options.cancel.
    • The following are now in seconds, not milliseconds.

      • Scene.morphToColumbusView, Scene.morphTo2D, and Scene.morphTo3D parameter duration.
      • HomeButton constructor parameter options.duration, HomeButtonViewModel constructor parameter duration, and HomeButtonViewModel.duration.
      • SceneModePicker constructor parameter duration, SceneModePickerViewModel constructor parameter duration, and SceneModePickerViewModel.duration.
      • Geocoder and GeocoderViewModel constructor parameter options.flightDuration and GeocoderViewModel.flightDuration.
      • ScreenSpaceCameraController.bounceAnimationTime.
      • FrameRateMonitor constructor parameter options.samplingWindow, options.quietPeriod, and options.warmupPeriod.
    • Refactored JulianDate to be in line with other Core types.

      • Most functions now take result parameters.
      • The default constructor no longer creates a date at the current time, use instead.
      • Removed JulianDate.getJulianTimeFraction and JulianDate.compareTo
      • new JulianDate() ->
      • date.getJulianDayNumber() -> date.dayNumber
      • date.getSecondsOfDay() -> secondsOfDay
      • date.getTotalDays() -> JulianDate.getTotalDays(date)
      • date.getSecondsDifference(arg1, arg2) -> JulianDate.getSecondsDifference(arg2, arg1) (Note, order of arguments flipped)
      • date.getDaysDifference(arg1, arg2) -> JulianDate.getDaysDifference(arg2, arg1) (Note, order of arguments flipped)
      • date.getTaiMinusUtc() -> JulianDate.getTaiMinusUtc(date)
      • date.addSeconds(seconds) -> JulianDate.addSeconds(date, seconds)
      • date.addMinutes(minutes) -> JulianDate.addMinutes(date, minutes)
      • date.addHours(hours) -> JulianDate.addHours(date, hours)
      • date.addDays(days) -> JulianDate.addDays(date, days)
      • date.lessThan(right) -> JulianDate.lessThan(left, right)
      • date.lessThanOrEquals(right) -> JulianDate.lessThanOrEquals(left, right)
      • date.greaterThan(right) -> JulianDate.greaterThan(left, right)
      • date.greaterThanOrEquals(right) -> JulianDate.greaterThanOrEquals(left, right)
    • Refactored TimeInterval to be in line with other Core types.

      • The constructor no longer requires parameters and now takes a single options parameter. Code that looked like:

          new TimeInterval(startTime, stopTime, true, true, data);

      should now look like:

          new TimeInterval({
              start : startTime,
              stop : stopTime,
              isStartIncluded : true,
              isStopIncluded : true,
              data : data
      • TimeInterval.fromIso8601 now takes a single options parameter. Code that looked like:

          TimeInterval.fromIso8601(intervalString, true, true, data);

      should now look like:

              iso8601 : intervalString,
              isStartIncluded : true,
              isStopIncluded : true,
              data : data
      • interval.intersect(otherInterval) -> TimeInterval.intersect(interval, otherInterval)
      • interval.contains(date) -> TimeInterval.contains(interval, date)
    • Removed TimeIntervalCollection.intersectInterval.

    • TimeIntervalCollection.findInterval now takes a single options parameter instead of individual parameters. Code that looked like:

          intervalCollection.findInterval(startTime, stopTime, false, true);

      should now look like:

              start : startTime,
              stop : stopTime,
              isStartIncluded : false,
              isStopIncluded : true
    • TimeIntervalCollection.empty was renamed to TimeIntervalCollection.isEmpty

    • Removed Scene.animations and AnimationCollection from the public Cesium API.

    • Replaced color, outlineColor, and outlineWidth in DynamicPath with a material property.

    • ModelAnimationCollection.add and ModelAnimationCollection.addAll renamed options.startOffset to options.delay. Also renamed ModelAnimation.startOffset to ModelAnimation.delay.

    • Replaced Scene.scene2D.projection property with read-only Scene.mapProjection. Set this with the mapProjection option for the Viewer, CesiumWidget, or Scene constructors.

    • Moved Fresnel, Reflection, and Refraction materials to the Materials Pack Plugin.

    • Renamed Simon1994PlanetaryPositions functions ComputeSunPositionInEarthInertialFrame and ComputeMoonPositionInEarthInertialFrame to computeSunPositionInEarthInertialFrame and computeMoonPositionInEarthInertialFrame, respectively.

    • Scene constructor function now takes an options parameter instead of individual parameters.

    • CesiumWidget.showErrorPanel now takes a message parameter in between the previous title and error parameters.

    • Removed Camera.createCorrectPositionAnimation.

    • Moved LeapSecond.leapSeconds to JulianDate.leapSeconds.

    • Event.removeEventListener no longer throws DeveloperError if the listener does not exist; it now returns false.

    • Enumeration values of SceneMode have better correspondence with mode names to help with debugging.

    • The build process now requires Node.js to be installed on the system.

  • Cesium now supports Internet Explorer 11.0.9 on desktops. For the best results, use the new IE Developer Channel for development.
  • ReferenceProperty can now handle sub-properties, for example, myObject#billboard.scale.
  • can now include period characters.
  • Added PolylineGlowMaterialProperty which enables data sources to use the PolylineGlow material.
  • Fixed support for embedded resources in glTF models.
  • Added HermitePolynomialApproximation.interpolate for performing interpolation when derivative information is available.
  • SampledProperty and SampledPositionProperty can now store derivative information for each sample value. This allows for more accurate interpolation when using HermitePolynomialApproximation.
  • Added FrameRateMonitor to monitor the frame rate achieved by a Scene and to raise a lowFrameRate event when it falls below a configurable threshold.
  • Added PerformanceWatchdog widget and viewerPerformanceWatchdogMixin.
  • Viewer and CesiumWidget now provide more user-friendly error messages when an initialization or rendering error occurs.
  • Viewer and CesiumWidget now take a new optional parameter, creditContainer.
  • Viewer can now optionally be constructed with a DataSourceCollection. Previously, it always created one itself internally.
  • Fixed a problem that could rarely lead to the camera's tilt property being NaN.
  • GeoJsonDataSource no longer uses the name or title property of the feature as the dynamic object's name if the value of the property is null.
  • Added TimeIntervalCollection.isStartIncluded and TimeIntervalCollection.isStopIncluded.
  • Added Cesium.VERSION to the combined Cesium.js file.
  • Made general improvements to the reference documentation.
  • Updated third-party Tween.js from r7 to r13.
  • Updated third-party JSDoc 3.3.0-alpha5 to 3.3.0-alpha9.
  • The development web server has been rewritten in Node.js, and is now included as part of each release.

b29 - 2014-06-02

  • Breaking changes (why so many?)
    • Replaced Scene.createTextureAtlas with new TextureAtlas.

    • Removed CameraFlightPath.createAnimationCartographic. Code that looked like:

         var flight = CameraFlightPath.createAnimationCartographic(scene, {
             destination : cartographic

      should now look like:

         var flight = CameraFlightPath.createAnimation(scene, {
             destination : ellipsoid.cartographicToCartesian(cartographic)
    • Removed CesiumWidget.onRenderLoopError and Viewer.renderLoopError. They have been replaced by Scene.renderError.

    • Renamed CompositePrimitive to PrimitiveCollection and added an options parameter to the constructor function.

    • Removed Shapes.compute2DCircle, Shapes.computeCircleBoundary and Shapes.computeEllipseBoundary. Instead, use CircleOutlineGeometry and EllipseOutlineGeometry. See the tutorial.

    • Removed PolylinePipeline, PolygonPipeline, Tipsify, FrustumCommands, and all Renderer types (except noted below) from the public Cesium API. These are still available but are not part of the official API and may change in future versions. Renderer types in particular are likely to change.

    • For AMD users only:

      • Moved PixelFormat from Renderer to Core.
      • Moved the following from Renderer to Scene: TextureAtlas, TextureAtlasBuilder, BlendEquation, BlendFunction, BlendingState, CullFace, DepthFunction, StencilFunction, and StencilOperation.
      • Moved the following from Scene to Core: TerrainProvider, ArcGisImageServerTerrainProvider, CesiumTerrainProvider, EllipsoidTerrainProvider, VRTheWorldTerrainProvider, TerrainData, HeightmapTerrainData, QuantizedMeshTerrainData, TerrainMesh, TilingScheme, GeographicTilingScheme, WebMercatorTilingScheme, sampleTerrain, TileProviderError, Credit.
    • Removed TilingScheme.createRectangleOfLevelZeroTiles, GeographicTilingScheme.createLevelZeroTiles and WebMercatorTilingScheme.createLevelZeroTiles.

    • Removed CameraColumbusViewMode.

    • Removed Enumeration.

  • Added new functions to Cartesian3: fromDegrees, fromRadians, fromDegreesArray, fromRadiansArray, fromDegreesArray3D and fromRadiansArray3D. Added fromRadians to Cartographic.
  • Fixed dark lighting in 3D and Columbus View when viewing a primitive edge on. (#592)
  • Improved Internet Explorer 11.0.8 support including workarounds for rendering labels, billboards, and the sun.
  • Improved terrain and imagery rendering performance when very close to the surface.
  • Added preRender and postRender events to Scene.
  • Added Viewer.targetFrameRate and CesiumWidget.targetFrameRate to allow for throttling of the requestAnimationFrame rate.
  • Added Viewer.resolutionScale and CesiumWidget.resolutionScale to allow the scene to be rendered at a resolution other than the canvas size.
  • Camera.transform now works consistently across scene modes.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented sampleTerrain from working with STK World Terrain in Firefox.
  • sampleTerrain no longer fails when used with a TerrainProvider that is not yet ready.
  • Fixed problems that could occur when using ArcGisMapServerImageryProvider to access a tiled MapServer of non-global extent.
  • Added interleave option to Primitive constructor.
  • Upgraded JSDoc from 3.0 to 3.3.0-alpha5. The Cesium reference documentation now has a slightly different look and feel.
  • Upgraded Dojo from 1.9.1 to 1.9.3. NOTE: Dojo is only used in Sandcastle and not required by Cesium.

b28 - 2014-05-01

  • Breaking changes (why so many?):
    • Renamed and moved Scene.primitives.centralBody moved to Scene.globe.
    • Removed CesiumWidget.centralBody and Viewer.centralBody. Use CesiumWidget.scene.globe and Viewer.scene.globe.
    • Renamed CentralBody to Globe.
    • Replaced Model.computeWorldBoundingSphere with Model.boundingSphere.
    • Refactored visualizers, removing setDynamicObjectCollection, getDynamicObjectCollection, getScene, and removeAllPrimitives which are all superfluous after the introduction of DataSourceDisplay. The affected classes are:
      • DynamicBillboardVisualizer
      • DynamicConeVisualizerUsingCustomSensor
      • DynamicLabelVisualizer
      • DynamicModelVisualizer
      • DynamicPathVisualizer
      • DynamicPointVisualizer
      • DynamicPyramidVisualizer
      • DynamicVectorVisualizer
      • GeometryVisualizer
    • Renamed Extent to Rectangle
      • Extent -> Rectangle
      • ExtentGeometry -> RectangleGeomtry
      • ExtentGeometryOutline -> RectangleGeometryOutline
      • ExtentPrimitive -> RectanglePrimitive
      • BoundingRectangle.fromExtent -> BoundingRectangle.fromRectangle
      • BoundingSphere.fromExtent2D -> BoundingSphere.fromRectangle2D
      • BoundingSphere.fromExtentWithHeights2D -> BoundingSphere.fromRectangleWithHeights2D
      • BoundingSphere.fromExtent3D -> BoundingSphere.fromRectangle3D
      • EllipsoidalOccluder.computeHorizonCullingPointFromExtent -> EllipsoidalOccluder.computeHorizonCullingPointFromRectangle
      • Occluder.computeOccludeePointFromExtent -> Occluder.computeOccludeePointFromRectangle
      • Camera.getExtentCameraCoordinates -> Camera.getRectangleCameraCoordinates
      • Camera.viewExtent -> Camera.viewRectangle
      • CameraFlightPath.createAnimationExtent -> CameraFlightPath.createAnimationRectangle
      • TilingScheme.extentToNativeRectangle -> TilingScheme.rectangleToNativeRectangle
      • TilingScheme.tileXYToNativeExtent -> TilingScheme.tileXYToNativeRectangle
      • TilingScheme.tileXYToExtent -> TilingScheme.tileXYToRectangle
    • Converted DataSource get methods into properties.
      • getName -> name
      • getClock -> clock
      • getChangedEvent -> changedEvent
      • getDynamicObjectCollection -> dynamicObjects
      • getErrorEvent -> errorEvent
    • BaseLayerPicker has been extended to support terrain selection (#1607).
      • The BaseLayerPicker constructor function now takes the container element and an options object instead of a CentralBody and ImageryLayerCollection.
      • The BaseLayerPickerViewModel constructor function now takes an options object instead of a CentralBody and ImageryLayerCollection.
      • ImageryProviderViewModel -> ProviderViewModel
      • BaseLayerPickerViewModel.selectedName -> BaseLayerPickerViewModel.buttonTooltip
      • BaseLayerPickerViewModel.selectedIconUrl -> BaseLayerPickerViewModel.buttonImageUrl
      • BaseLayerPickerViewModel.selectedItem -> BaseLayerPickerViewModel.selectedImagery
      • BaseLayerPickerViewModel.imageryLayershas been removed and replaced with BaseLayerPickerViewModel.centralBody
    • Renamed TimeIntervalCollection.clear to TimeIntervalColection.removeAll
    • Context is now private.
      • Removed Scene.context. Instead, use Scene.drawingBufferWidth, Scene.drawingBufferHeight, Scene.maximumAliasedLineWidth, and Scene.createTextureAtlas.
      • Billboard.computeScreenSpacePosition, Label.computeScreenSpacePosition, SceneTransforms.clipToWindowCoordinates and SceneTransforms.clipToDrawingBufferCoordinates take a Scene parameter instead of a Context.
      • Camera constructor takes Scene as parameter instead of Context
    • Types implementing the ImageryProvider interface arenow require a hasAlphaChannel property.
    • Removed checkForChromeFrame since Chrome Frame is no longer supported by Google. See Google's official announcement.
    • Types implementing DataSource no longer need to implement getIsTimeVarying.
  • Added a NavigationHelpButton widget that, when clicked, displays information about how to navigate around the globe with the mouse. The new button is enabled by default in the Viewer widget.
  • Added Model.minimumPixelSize property so models remain visible when the viewer zooms out.
  • Added DynamicRectangle to support DataSource provided RectangleGeometry.
  • Added DynamicWall to support DataSource provided WallGeometry.
  • Improved texture upload performance and reduced memory usage when using BingMapsImageryProvider and other imagery providers that return false from hasAlphaChannel.
  • Added the ability to offset the grid in the GridMaterial.
  • GeometryVisualizer now creates geometry asynchronously to prevent locking up the browser.
  • Add Clock.canAnimate to prevent time from advancing, even while the clock is animating.
  • Viewer now prevents time from advancing if asynchronous geometry is being processed in order to avoid showing an incomplete picture. This can be disabled via the Viewer.allowDataSourcesToSuspendAnimation settings.
  • Added ability to modify glTF material parameters using Model.getMaterial, ModelMaterial, and ModelMesh.material.
  • Added asynchronous and ready properties to Model.
  • Added Cartesian4.fromColor and Color.fromCartesian4.
  • Added getScale and getMaximumScale to Matrix2, Matrix3, and Matrix4.
  • Upgraded Knockout from version 3.0.0 to 3.1.0.
  • Upgraded TopoJSON from version 1.1.4 to 1.6.8.

b27 - 2014-04-01

  • Breaking changes:
    • All CameraController functions have been moved up to the Camera. Removed CameraController. For example, code that looked like:

      should now look like:
    • Finished replacing getter/setter functions with properties:

      • ImageryLayer
        • getImageryProvider -> imageryProvider
        • getExtent -> extent
      • Billboard, Label
        • getShow, setShow -> show
        • getPosition, setPosition -> position
        • getPixelOffset, setPixelOffset -> pixelOffset
        • getTranslucencyByDistance, setTranslucencyByDistance -> translucencyByDistance
        • getPixelOffsetScaleByDistance, setPixelOffsetScaleByDistance -> pixelOffsetScaleByDistance
        • getEyeOffset, setEyeOffset -> eyeOffset
        • getHorizontalOrigin, setHorizontalOrigin -> horizontalOrigin
        • getVerticalOrigin, setVerticalOrigin -> verticalOrigin
        • getScale, setScale -> scale
        • getId -> id
      • Billboard
        • getScaleByDistance, setScaleByDistance -> scaleByDistance
        • getImageIndex, setImageIndex -> imageIndex
        • getColor, setColor -> color
        • getRotation, setRotation -> rotation
        • getAlignedAxis, setAlignedAxis -> alignedAxis
        • getWidth, setWidth -> width
        • getHeight setHeight -> height
      • Label
        • getText, setText -> text
        • getFont, setFont -> font
        • getFillColor, setFillColor -> fillColor
        • getOutlineColor, setOutlineColor -> outlineColor
        • getOutlineWidth, setOutlineWidth -> outlineWidth
        • getStyle, setStyle -> style
      • Polygon
        • getPositions, setPositions -> positions
      • Polyline
        • getShow, setShow -> show
        • getPositions, setPositions -> positions
        • getMaterial, setMeterial -> material
        • getWidth, setWidth -> width
        • getLoop, setLoop -> loop
        • getId -> id
      • Occluder
        • getPosition -> position
        • getRadius -> radius
        • setCameraPosition -> cameraPosition
      • LeapSecond
        • getLeapSeconds, setLeapSeconds -> leapSeconds
      • Fullscreen
        • getFullscreenElement -> element
        • getFullscreenChangeEventName -> changeEventName
        • getFullscreenErrorEventName -> errorEventName
        • isFullscreenEnabled -> enabled
        • isFullscreen -> fullscreen
      • Event
        • getNumberOfListeners -> numberOfListeners
      • EllipsoidGeodesic
        • getSurfaceDistance -> surfaceDistance
        • getStart -> start
        • getEnd -> end
        • getStartHeading -> startHeading
        • getEndHeading -> endHeading
      • AnimationCollection
        • getAll -> all
      • CentralBodySurface
        • getTerrainProvider, setTerrainProvider -> terrainProvider
      • Credit
        • getText -> text
        • getImageUrl -> imageUrl
        • getLink -> link
      • TerrainData, HightmapTerrainData, QuanitzedMeshTerrainData
        • getWaterMask -> waterMask
      • Tile
        • getChildren -> children
      • Buffer
        • getSizeInBytes -> sizeInBytes
        • getUsage -> usage
        • getVertexArrayDestroyable, setVertexArrayDestroyable -> vertexArrayDestroyable
      • CubeMap
        • getPositiveX -> positiveX
        • getNegativeX -> negativeX
        • getPositiveY -> positiveY
        • getNegativeY -> negativeY
        • getPositiveZ -> positiveZ
        • getNegativeZ -> negativeZ
      • CubeMap, Texture
        • getSampler, setSampler -> sampler
        • getPixelFormat -> pixelFormat
        • getPixelDatatype -> pixelDatatype
        • getPreMultiplyAlpha -> preMultiplyAlpha
        • getFlipY -> flipY
        • getWidth -> width
        • getHeight -> height
      • CubeMapFace
        • getPixelFormat -> pixelFormat
        • getPixelDatatype -> pixelDatatype
      • Framebuffer
        • getNumberOfColorAttachments -> numberOfColorAttachments
        • getDepthTexture -> depthTexture
        • getDepthRenderbuffer -> depthRenderbuffer
        • getStencilRenderbuffer -> stencilRenderbuffer
        • getDepthStencilTexture -> depthStencilTexture
        • getDepthStencilRenderbuffer -> depthStencilRenderbuffer
        • hasDepthAttachment -> hasdepthAttachment
      • Renderbuffer
        • getFormat -> format
        • getWidth -> width
        • getHeight -> height
      • ShaderProgram
        • getVertexAttributes -> vertexAttributes
        • getNumberOfVertexAttributes -> numberOfVertexAttributes
        • getAllUniforms -> allUniforms
        • getManualUniforms -> manualUniforms
      • Texture
        • getDimensions -> dimensions
      • TextureAtlas
        • getBorderWidthInPixels -> borderWidthInPixels
        • getTextureCoordinates -> textureCoordinates
        • getTexture -> texture
        • getNumberOfImages -> numberOfImages
        • getGUID -> guid
      • VertexArray
        • getNumberOfAttributes -> numberOfAttributes
        • getIndexBuffer -> indexBuffer
    • Finished removing prototype functions. (Use 'static' versions of these functions instead):

      • BoundingRectangle
        • union, expand
      • BoundingSphere
        • union, expand, getPlaneDistances, projectTo2D
      • Plane
        • getPointDistance
      • Ray
        • getPoint
      • Spherical
        • normalize
      • Extent
        • validate, getSouthwest, getNorthwest, getNortheast, getSoutheast, getCenter, intersectWith, contains, isEmpty, subsample
    • DataSource now has additional required properties, isLoading and loadingEvent as well as a new optional update method which will be called each frame.

    • Renamed Stripe material uniforms lightColor and darkColor to evenColor and oddColor.

    • Replaced SceneTransitioner with new functions and properties on the Scene: morphTo2D, morphToColumbusView, morphTo3D, completeMorphOnUserInput, morphStart, morphComplete, and completeMorph.

    • Removed TexturePool.

  • Improved visual quality for translucent objects with Weighted Blended Order-Independent Transparency.
  • Fixed extruded polygons rendered in the southern hemisphere. #1490
  • Fixed Primitive picking that have a closed appearance drawn on the surface. #1333
  • Added StripeMaterialProperty for supporting the Stripe material in DynamicScene.
  • loadArrayBuffer, loadBlob, loadJson, loadText, and loadXML now support loading data from data URIs.
  • The debugShowBoundingVolume property on primitives now works across all scene modes.
  • Eliminated the use of a texture pool for Earth surface imagery textures. The use of the pool was leading to mipmapping problems in current versions of Google Chrome where some tiles would show imagery from entirely unrelated parts of the globe.

b26 - 2014-03-03

  • Breaking changes:
    • Replaced getter/setter functions with properties:
      • Scene
        • getCanvas -> canvas
        • getContext -> context
        • getPrimitives -> primitives
        • getCamera -> camera
        • getScreenSpaceCameraController -> screenSpaceCameraController
        • getFrameState -> frameState
        • getAnimations -> animations
      • CompositePrimitive
        • getCentralBody, setCentralBody -> centralBody
        • getLength -> length
      • Ellipsoid
        • getRadii -> radii
        • getRadiiSquared -> radiiSquared
        • getRadiiToTheFourth -> radiiToTheFourth
        • getOneOverRadii -> oneOverRadii
        • getOneOverRadiiSquared -> oneOverRadiiSquared
        • getMinimumRadius -> minimumRadius
        • getMaximumRadius -> maximumRadius
      • CentralBody
        • getEllipsoid -> ellipsoid
        • getImageryLayers -> imageryLayers
      • EllipsoidalOccluder
        • getEllipsoid -> ellipsoid
        • getCameraPosition, setCameraPosition -> cameraPosition
      • EllipsoidTangentPlane
        • getEllipsoid -> ellipsoid
        • getOrigin -> origin
      • GeographicProjection
        • getEllipsoid -> ellipsoid
      • WebMercatorProjection
        • getEllipsoid -> ellipsoid
      • SceneTransitioner
        • getScene -> scene
        • getEllipsoid -> ellipsoid
      • ScreenSpaceCameraController
        • getEllipsoid, setEllipsoid -> ellipsoid
      • SkyAtmosphere
        • getEllipsoid -> ellipsoid
      • TilingScheme, GeographicTilingScheme, WebMercatorTilingSheme
        • getEllipsoid -> ellipsoid
        • getExtent -> extent
        • getProjection -> projection
      • ArcGisMapServerImageryProvider, BingMapsImageryProvider, GoogleEarthImageryProvider, GridImageryProvider, OpenStreetMapImageryProvider, SingleTileImageryProvider, TileCoordinatesImageryProvider, TileMapServiceImageryProvider, WebMapServiceImageryProvider
        • getProxy -> proxy
        • getTileWidth -> tileWidth
        • getTileHeight -> tileHeight
        • getMaximumLevel -> maximumLevel
        • getMinimumLevel -> minimumLevel
        • getTilingScheme -> tilingScheme
        • getExtent -> extent
        • getTileDiscardPolicy -> tileDiscardPolicy
        • getErrorEvent -> errorEvent
        • isReady -> ready
        • getCredit -> credit
      • ArcGisMapServerImageryProvider, BingMapsImageryProvider, GoogleEarthImageryProvider, OpenStreetMapImageryProvider, SingleTileImageryProvider, TileMapServiceImageryProvider, WebMapServiceImageryProvider
        • getUrl -> url
      • ArcGisMapServerImageryProvider
        • isUsingPrecachedTiles - > usingPrecachedTiles
      • BingMapsImageryProvider
        • getKey -> key
        • getMapStyle -> mapStyle
      • GoogleEarthImageryProvider
        • getPath -> path
        • getChannel -> channel
        • getVersion -> version
        • getRequestType -> requestType
      • WebMapServiceImageryProvider
        • getLayers -> layers
      • CesiumTerrainProvider, EllipsoidTerrainProvider, ArcGisImageServerTerrainProvider, VRTheWorldTerrainProvider
        • getErrorEvent -> errorEvent
        • getCredit -> credit
        • getTilingScheme -> tilingScheme
        • isReady -> ready
      • TimeIntervalCollection
        • getChangedEvent -> changedEvent
        • getStart -> start
        • getStop -> stop
        • getLength -> length
        • isEmpty -> empty
      • DataSourceCollection, ImageryLayerCollection, LabelCollection, PolylineCollection, SensorVolumeCollection
        • getLength -> length
      • BillboardCollection
        • getLength -> length
        • getTextureAtlas, setTextureAtlas -> textureAtlas
        • getDestroyTextureAtlas, setDestroyTextureAtlas -> destroyTextureAtlas
    • Removed Scene.getUniformState(). Use scene.context.getUniformState().
    • Visualizers no longer create a dynamicObject property on the primitives they create. Instead, they set the id property that is standard for all primitives.
    • The propertyChanged on DynamicScene objects has been renamed to definitionChanged. Also, the event is now raised in the case of an existing property being modified as well as having a new property assigned (previously only property assignment would raise the event).
    • The visualizerTypes parameter to the DataSouceDisplay has been changed to a callback function that creates an array of visualizer instances.
    • DynamicDirectionsProperty and DynamicVertexPositionsProperty were both removed, they have been superseded by PropertyArray and PropertyPositionArray, which make it easy for DataSource implementations to create time-dynamic arrays.
    • VisualizerCollection has been removed. It is superseded by DataSourceDisplay.
    • DynamicEllipsoidVisualizer, DynamicPolygonVisualizer, and DynamicPolylineVisualizer have been removed. They are superseded by GeometryVisualizer and corresponding GeometryUpdater implementations; EllipsoidGeometryUpdater, PolygonGeometryUpdater, PolylineGeometryUpdater.
    • Modified CameraFlightPath functions to take place in the camera's current reference frame. The arguments to the function now need to be given in world coordinates and an optional reference frame can be given when the flight is completed.
    • PixelDatatype properties are now JavaScript numbers, not Enumeration instances.
    • combine now takes two objects instead of an array, and defaults to copying shallow references. The allowDuplicates parameter has been removed. In the event of duplicate properties, the first object's properties will be used.
    • Removed FeatureDetection.supportsCrossOriginImagery. This check was only useful for very old versions of WebKit.
  • Added Model for drawing 3D models using glTF. See the tutorial and Sandcastle example.
  • DynamicScene now makes use of Geometry and Appearances, which provides a tremendous improvements to DataSource visualization (CZML, GeoJSON, etc..). Extruded geometries are now supported and in many use cases performance is an order of magnitude faster.
  • Added new SelectionIndicator and InfoBox widgets to Viewer, activated by viewerDynamicObjectMixin.
  • CesiumTerrainProvider now supports mesh-based terrain like the tiles created by STK Terrain Server.
  • Fixed rendering artifact on translucent objects when zooming in or out.
  • Added CesiumInspector widget for graphics debugging. In Cesium Viewer, it is enabled by using the query parameter inspector=true. Also see the Sandcastle example.
  • Improved compatibility with Internet Explorer 11.
  • DynamicEllipse, DynamicPolygon, and DynamicEllipsoid now have properties matching their geometry counterpart, i.e. EllipseGeometry, EllipseOutlineGeometry, etc. These properties are also available in CZML.
  • Added a definitionChanged event to the Property interface as well as most DynamicScene objects. This makes it easy for a client to observe when new data is loaded into a property or object.
  • Added an isConstant property to the Property interface. Constant properties do not change in regards to simulation time, i.e. Property.getValue will always return the same result for all times.
  • ConstantProperty is now mutable; it's value can be updated via ConstantProperty.setValue.
  • Improved the quality of imagery near the poles when the imagery source uses a GeographicTilingScheme.
  • OpenStreetMapImageryProvider now supports imagery with a minimum level.
  • BingMapsImageryProvider now uses HTTPS by default for metadata and tiles when the document is loaded over HTTPS.
  • Added the ability for imagery providers to specify view-dependent attribution to be display in the CreditDisplay.
  • View-dependent imagery source attribution is now added to the CreditDisplay by the BingMapsImageryProvider.
  • Fixed viewing an extent. #1431
  • Fixed camera tilt in ICRF. #544
  • Fixed developer error when zooming in 2D. If the zoom would create an invalid frustum, nothing is done. #1432
  • Fixed WallGeometry bug that failed by removing positions that were less close together by less than 6 decimal places. #1483
  • Fixed EllipsoidGeometry texture coordinates. #1454
  • Added a loop property to Polylines to join the first and last point. #960
  • Use instead of, when available, to limit time spent loading terrain and imagery tiles. This results in more consistent frame rates while loading tiles on some systems.
  • RequestErrorEvent now includes the headers that were returned with the error response.
  • Added AssociativeArray, which is a helper class for maintaining a hash of objects that also needs to be iterated often.
  • Added TimeIntervalCollection.getChangedEvent which returns an event that will be raised whenever intervals are updated.
  • Added a second parameter to Material.fromType to override default uniforms. #1522
  • Added Intersections2D class containing operations on 2D triangles.
  • Added czm_inverseViewProjection and czm_inverseModelViewProjection automatic GLSL uniform.

b25 - 2014-02-03

  • Breaking changes:
    • The Viewer constructor argument options.fullscreenElement now matches the FullscreenButton default of document.body, it was previously the Viewer container itself.
    • Removed Viewer.objectTracked event; Viewer.trackedObject is now an ES5 Knockout observable that can be subscribed to directly.
    • Replaced PerformanceDisplay with Scene.debugShowFramesPerSecond.
    • Asphalt, Blob, Brick, Cement, Erosion, Facet, Grass, TieDye, and Wood materials were moved to the Materials Pack Plugin.
    • Renamed GeometryPipeline.createAttributeIndices to GeometryPipeline.createAttributeLocations.
    • Renamed attributeIndices property to attributeLocations when calling Context.createVertexArrayFromGeometry.
    • PerformanceDisplay requires a DOM element as a parameter.
  • Fixed globe rendering in the current Canary version of Google Chrome.
  • Viewer now monitors the clock settings of the first added DataSource for changes, and also now has a constructor option automaticallyTrackFirstDataSourceClock which will turn off this behavior.
  • The DynamicObjectCollection created by CzmlDataSource now sends a single collectionChanged event after CZML is loaded; previously it was sending an event every time an object was created or removed during the load process.
  • Added ScreenSpaceCameraController.enableInputs to fix issue with inputs not being restored after overlapping camera flights.
  • Fixed picking in 2D with rotated map. #1337
  • TileMapServiceImageryProvider can now handle casing differences in tilemapresource.xml.
  • OpenStreetMapImageryProvider now supports imagery with a minimum level.
  • Added Quaternion.fastSlerp and Quaternion.fastSquad.
  • Upgraded Tween.js to version r12.

b24 - 2014-01-06

  • Breaking changes:
    • Added allowTextureFilterAnisotropic (default: true) and failIfMajorPerformanceCaveat (default: true) properties to the contextOptions property passed to Viewer, CesiumWidget, and Scene constructors and moved the existing properties to a new webgl sub-property. For example, code that looked like:

         var viewer = new Viewer('cesiumContainer', {
             contextOptions : {
               alpha : true

      should now look like:

         var viewer = new Viewer('cesiumContainer', {
             contextOptions : {
               webgl : {
                 alpha : true
    • The read-only Cartesian3 objects must now be cloned to camera properties instead of assigned. For example, code that looked like:

        camera.up = Cartesian3.UNIT_Z;

      should now look like:

        Cartesian3.clone(Cartesian3.UNIT_Z, camera.up);
    • The CSS files for individual widgets, e.g. BaseLayerPicker.css, no longer import other CSS files. Most applications should import widgets.css (and optionally lighter.css).

    • SvgPath has been replaced by a Knockout binding: cesiumSvgPath.

    • DynamicObject.availability is now a TimeIntervalCollection instead of a TimeInterval.

    • Removed prototype version of BoundingSphere.transform.

    • Matrix4.multiplyByPoint now returns a Cartesian3 instead of a Cartesian4.

  • The minified, combined Cesium.js file now omits certain DeveloperError checks, to increase performance and reduce file size. When developing your application, we recommend using the unminified version locally for early error detection, then deploying the minified version to production.
  • Fixed disabling CentralBody.enableLighting.
  • Fixed Geocoder flights when following an object.
  • The Viewer widget now clears Geocoder input when the user clicks the home button.
  • The Geocoder input type has been changed to search, which improves usability (particularly on mobile devices). There were also some other minor styling improvements.
  • Added CentralBody.maximumScreenSpaceError.
  • Added translateEventTypes, zoomEventTypes, rotateEventTypes, tiltEventTypes, and lookEventTypes properties to ScreenSpaceCameraController to change the default mouse inputs.
  • Added Billboard.setPixelOffsetScaleByDistance, Label.setPixelOffsetScaleByDistance, DynamicBillboard.pixelOffsetScaleByDistance, and DynamicLabel.pixelOffsetScaleByDistance to control minimum/maximum pixelOffset scaling based on camera distance.
  • Added BoundingSphere.transformsWithoutScale.
  • Added fromArray function to Matrix2, Matrix3 and Matrix4.
  • Added Matrix4.multiplyTransformation, Matrix4.multiplyByPointAsVector.

b23 - 2013-12-02

  • Breaking changes:
    • Changed the CatmulRomSpline and HermiteSpline constructors from taking an array of structures to a structure of arrays. For example, code that looked like:

         var controlPoints = [
             { point: new Cartesian3(1235398.0, -4810983.0, 4146266.0), time: 0.0},
             { point: new Cartesian3(1372574.0, -5345182.0, 4606657.0), time: 1.5},
             { point: new Cartesian3(-757983.0, -5542796.0, 4514323.0), time: 3.0},
             { point: new Cartesian3(-2821260.0, -5248423.0, 4021290.0), time: 4.5},
             { point: new Cartesian3(-2539788.0, -4724797.0, 3620093.0), time: 6.0}
         var spline = new HermiteSpline(controlPoints);

      should now look like:

         var spline = new HermiteSpline({
             times : [ 0.0, 1.5, 3.0, 4.5, 6.0 ],
             points : [
                 new Cartesian3(1235398.0, -4810983.0, 4146266.0),
                 new Cartesian3(1372574.0, -5345182.0, 4606657.0),
                 new Cartesian3(-757983.0, -5542796.0, 4514323.0),
                 new Cartesian3(-2821260.0, -5248423.0, 4021290.0),
                 new Cartesian3(-2539788.0, -4724797.0, 3620093.0)
    • loadWithXhr now takes an options object, and allows specifying HTTP method and data to send with the request.

    • Renamed SceneTransitioner.onTransitionStart to SceneTransitioner.transitionStart.

    • Renamed SceneTransitioner.onTransitionComplete to SceneTransitioner.transitionComplete.

    • Renamed CesiumWidget.onRenderLoopError to CesiumWidget.renderLoopError.

    • Renamed SceneModePickerViewModel.onTransitionStart to SceneModePickerViewModel.transitionStart.

    • Renamed Viewer.onRenderLoopError to Viewer.renderLoopError.

    • Renamed Viewer.onDropError to Viewer.dropError.

    • Renamed CesiumViewer.onDropError to CesiumViewer.dropError.

    • Renamed viewerDragDropMixin.onDropError to viewerDragDropMixin.dropError.

    • Renamed viewerDynamicObjectMixin.onObjectTracked to viewerDynamicObjectMixin.objectTracked.

    • PixelFormat, PrimitiveType, IndexDatatype, TextureWrap, TextureMinificationFilter, and TextureMagnificationFilter properties are now JavaScript numbers, not Enumeration instances.

    • Replaced sizeInBytes properties on IndexDatatype with IndexDatatype.getSizeInBytes.

  • Added perPositionHeight option to PolygonGeometry and PolygonOutlineGeometry.
  • Added QuaternionSpline and LinearSpline.
  • Added Quaternion.log, Quaternion.exp, Quaternion.innerQuadrangle, and Quaternion.squad.
  • Added Matrix3.inverse and Matrix3.determinant.
  • Added ObjectOrientedBoundingBox.
  • Added Ellipsoid.transformPositionFromScaledSpace.
  • Added Math.nextPowerOfTwo.
  • Renamed our main website from to

b22 - 2013-11-01

  • Breaking changes:

    • Reversed the rotation direction of Matrix3.fromQuaternion to be consistent with graphics conventions. Mirrored change in Quaternion.fromRotationMatrix.
    • The following prototype functions were removed:
      • From Matrix2, Matrix3, and Matrix4: toArray, getColumn, setColumn, getRow, setRow, multiply, multiplyByVector, multiplyByScalar, negate, and transpose.
      • From Matrix4: getTranslation, getRotation, inverse, inverseTransformation, multiplyByTranslation, multiplyByUniformScale, multiplyByPoint. For example, code that previously looked like matrix.toArray(); should now look like Matrix3.toArray(matrix);.
    • Replaced DynamicPolyline color, outlineColor, and outlineWidth properties with a single material property.
    • Renamed DynamicBillboard.nearFarScalar to DynamicBillboard.scaleByDistance.
    • All data sources must now implement DataSource.getName, which returns a user-readable name for the data source.
    • CZML document objects are no longer added to the DynamicObjectCollection created by CzmlDataSource. Use the CzmlDataSource interface to access the data instead.
    • TimeInterval.equals, and TimeInterval.equalsEpsilon now compare interval data as well.
    • All SVG files were deleted from Widgets/Images and replaced by a new SvgPath class.
    • The toolbar widgets (Home, SceneMode, BaseLayerPicker) and the fullscreen button now depend on CesiumWidget.css for global Cesium button styles.
    • The toolbar widgets expect their container to be the toolbar itself now, no need for separate containers for each widget on the bar.
    • Property implementations are now required to implement a prototype equals function.
    • ConstantProperty and TimeIntervalCollectionProperty no longer take a clone function and instead require objects to implement prototype clone and equals functions.
    • The SkyBox constructor now takes an options argument with a sources property, instead of directly taking sources.
    • Replaced SkyBox.getSources with SkyBox.sources.
    • The bearing property of DynamicEllipse is now called rotation.
    • CZML ellipse.bearing property is now ellipse.rotation.
  • Added a Geocoder widget that allows users to enter an address or the name of a landmark and zoom to that location. It is enabled by default in applications that use the Viewer widget.

  • Added GoogleEarthImageryProvider.

  • Added Moon for drawing the moon, and IauOrientationAxes for computing the Moon's orientation.

  • Added Material.translucent property. Set this property or Appearance.translucent for correct rendering order. Translucent geometries are rendered after opaque geometries.

  • Added enableLighting, lightingFadeOutDistance, and lightingFadeInDistance properties to CentralBody to configure lighting.

  • Added Billboard.setTranslucencyByDistance, Label.setTranslucencyByDistance, DynamicBillboard.translucencyByDistance, and DynamicLabel.translucencyByDistance to control minimum/maximum translucency based on camera distance.

  • Added PolylineVolumeGeometry and PolylineVolumeGeometryOutline.

  • Added Shapes.compute2DCircle.

  • Added Appearances tab to Sandcastle with an example for each geometry appearance.

  • Added Scene.drillPick to return list of objects each containing 1 primitive at a screen space position.

  • Added PolylineOutlineMaterialProperty for use with DynamicPolyline.material.

  • Added the ability to use Array and JulianDate objects as custom CZML properties.

  • Added and corresponding CZML support. This is a non-unique, user-readable name for the object.

  • Added DynamicObject.parent and corresponding CZML support. This allows for DataSource objects to present data hierarchically.

  • Added DynamicPoint.scaleByDistance to control minimum/maximum point size based on distance from the camera.

  • The toolbar widgets (Home, SceneMode, BaseLayerPicker) and the fullscreen button can now be styled directly with user-supplied CSS.

  • Added skyBox to the CesiumWidget and Viewer constructors for changing the default stars.

  • Added Matrix4.fromTranslationQuaternionRotationScale and Matrix4.multiplyByScale.

  • Added Matrix3.getEigenDecomposition.

  • Added utility function getFilenameFromUri, which given a URI with or without query parameters, returns the last segment of the URL.

  • Added prototype versions of equals and equalsEpsilon method back to Cartesian2, Cartesian3, Cartesian4, and Quaternion.

  • Added prototype equals function to NearFarScalar, and TimeIntervalCollection.

  • Added

  • Added Primitive.allowPicking to save memory when picking is not needed.

  • Added debugShowBoundingVolume, for debugging primitive rendering, to Primitive, Polygon, ExtentPrimitive, EllipsoidPrimitive, BillboardCollection, LabelCollection, and PolylineCollection.

  • Added DebugModelMatrixPrimitive for debugging primitive's modelMatrix.

  • Added options argument to the EllipsoidPrimitive constructor.

  • Upgraded Knockout from version 2.3.0 to 3.0.0.

  • Upgraded RequireJS to version 2.1.9, and Almond to 0.2.6.

  • Added a user-defined id to all primitives for use with picking. For example:

          primitives.add(new Polygon({
              id : {
                  // User-defined object returned by Scene.pick
              // ...
          // ...
          var p = scene.pick(/* ... */);
          if (defined(p) && defined( {
             // Use properties and functions in

b21 - 2013-10-01

  • Breaking changes:

    • Cesium now prints a reminder to the console if your application uses Bing Maps imagery and you do not supply a Bing Maps key for your application. This is a reminder that you should create a Bing Maps key for your application as soon as possible and prior to deployment. You can generate a Bing Maps key by visiting Set the BingMapsApi.defaultKey property to the value of your application's key before constructing the CesiumWidget or any other types that use the Bing Maps API.

         BingMapsApi.defaultKey = '';
    • Scene.pick now returns an object with a primitive property, not the primitive itself. For example, code that looked like:

         var primitive = scene.pick(/* ... */);
         if (defined(primitive)) {
            // Use primitive

      should now look like:

         var p = scene.pick(/* ... */);
         if (defined(p) && defined(p.primitive)) {
            // Use p.primitive
    • Removed getViewMatrix, getInverseViewMatrix, getInverseTransform, getPositionWC, getDirectionWC, getUpWC and getRightWC from Camera. Instead, use the viewMatrix, inverseViewMatrix, inverseTransform, positionWC, directionWC, upWC, and rightWC properties.

    • Removed getProjectionMatrix and getInfiniteProjectionMatrix from PerspectiveFrustum, PerspectiveOffCenterFrustum and OrthographicFrustum. Instead, use the projectionMatrix and infiniteProjectionMatrix properties.

    • The following prototype functions were removed:

      • From Quaternion: conjugate, magnitudeSquared, magnitude, normalize, inverse, add, subtract, negate, dot, multiply, multiplyByScalar, divideByScalar, getAxis, getAngle, lerp, slerp, equals, equalsEpsilon
      • From Cartesian2, Cartesian3, and Cartesian4: getMaximumComponent, getMinimumComponent, magnitudeSquared, magnitude, normalize, dot, multiplyComponents, add, subtract, multiplyByScalar, divideByScalar, negate, abs, lerp, angleBetween, mostOrthogonalAxis, equals, and equalsEpsilon.
      • From Cartesian3: cross

      Code that previously looked like quaternion.magnitude(); should now look like Quaternion.magnitude(quaternion);.

    • DynamicObjectCollection and CompositeDynamicObjectCollection have been largely re-written, see the documentation for complete details. Highlights include:

      • getObject has been renamed getById.
      • removeObject has been renamed removeById.
      • collectionChanged event added for notification of objects being added or removed.
    • DynamicScene graphics object (DynamicBillboard, etc...) have had their static mergeProperties and clean functions removed.

    • UniformState.update now takes a context as its first parameter.

    • Camera constructor now takes a context instead of a canvas.

    • SceneTransforms.clipToWindowCoordinates now takes a context instead of a canvas.

    • Removed canvasDimensions from FrameState.

    • Removed context option from Material constructor and parameter from Material.fromType.

    • Renamed TextureWrap.CLAMP to TextureWrap.CLAMP_TO_EDGE.

  • Added Geometries tab to Sandcastle with an example for each geometry type.

  • Added CorridorOutlineGeometry.

  • Added PolylineGeometry, PolylineColorAppearance, and PolylineMaterialAppearance.

  • Added colors option to SimplePolylineGeometry for per vertex or per segment colors.

  • Added proper support for browser zoom.

  • Added propertyChanged event to DynamicScene graphics objects for receiving change notifications.

  • Added prototype clone and merge functions to DynamicScene graphics objects.

  • Added width, height, and nearFarScalar properties to DynamicBillboard for controlling the image size.

  • Added heading and tilt properties to CameraController.

  • Added Scene.sunBloom to enable/disable the bloom filter on the sun. The bloom filter should be disabled for better frame rates on mobile devices.

  • Added getDrawingBufferWidth and getDrawingBufferHeight to Context.

  • Added new built-in GLSL functions czm_getLambertDiffuse and czm_getSpecular.

  • Added support for EXT_frag_depth.

  • Improved graphics performance.

    • An Everest terrain view went from 135-140 to over 150 frames per second.
    • Rendering over a thousand polylines in the same collection with different materials went from 20 to 40 frames per second.
  • Improved runtime generation of GLSL shaders.

  • Made sun size accurate.

  • Fixed bug in triangulation that fails on complex polygons. Instead, it makes a best effort to render what it can. #1121

  • Fixed geometries not closing completely. #1093

  • Fixed EllipsoidTangentPlane.projectPointOntoPlane for tangent planes on an ellipsoid other than the unit sphere.

  • CompositePrimitive.add now returns the added primitive. This allows us to write more concise code.

      var p = new Primitive(/* ... */);
      return p;


      return primitives.add(new Primitive(/* ... */));

b20 - 2013-09-03

This releases fixes 2D and other issues with Chrome 29.0.1547.57 (#1002 and #1047).

  • Breaking changes:
    • The CameraFlightPath functions createAnimation, createAnimationCartographic, and createAnimationExtent now take scene as their first parameter instead of frameState.

    • Completely refactored the DynamicScene property system to vastly improve the API. See #1080 for complete details.

      • Removed CzmlBoolean, CzmlCartesian2, CzmlCartesian3, CzmlColor, CzmlDefaults, CzmlDirection, CzmlHorizontalOrigin, CzmlImage, CzmlLabelStyle, CzmlNumber, CzmlPosition, CzmlString, CzmlUnitCartesian3, CzmlUnitQuaternion, CzmlUnitSpherical, and CzmlVerticalOrigin since they are no longer needed.
      • Removed DynamicProperty, DynamicMaterialProperty, DynamicDirectionsProperty, and DynamicVertexPositionsProperty; replacing them with an all new system of properties.
        • Property - base interface for all properties.
        • CompositeProperty - a property composed of other properties.
        • ConstantProperty - a property whose value never changes.
        • SampledProperty - a property whose value is interpolated from a set of samples.
        • TimeIntervalCollectionProperty - a property whose value changes based on time interval.
        • MaterialProperty - base interface for all material properties.
        • CompositeMaterialProperty - a CompositeProperty for materials.
        • ColorMaterialProperty - a property that maps to a color material. (replaces DynamicColorMaterial)
        • GridMaterialProperty - a property that maps to a grid material. (replaces DynamicGridMaterial)
        • ImageMaterialProperty - a property that maps to an image material. (replaces DynamicImageMaterial)
        • PositionProperty- base interface for all position properties.
        • CompositePositionProperty - a CompositeProperty for positions.
        • ConstantPositionProperty - a PositionProperty whose value does not change in respect to the ReferenceFrame in which is it defined.
        • SampledPositionProperty - a SampledProperty for positions.
        • TimeIntervalCollectionPositionProperty - A TimeIntervalCollectionProperty for positions.
    • Removed processCzml, use CzmlDataSource instead.

    • Source/Widgets/Viewer/lighter.css was deleted, use Source/Widgets/lighter.css instead.

    • Replaced ExtentGeometry parameters for extruded extent to make them consistent with other geometries.

      • options.extrudedOptions.height -> options.extrudedHeight
      • options.extrudedOptions.closeTop -> options.closeBottom
      • options.extrudedOptions.closeBottom -> options.closeTop
    • Geometry constructors no longer compute vertices or indices. Use the type's createGeometry method. For example, code that looked like:

        var boxGeometry = new BoxGeometry({
          minimumCorner : min,
          maximumCorner : max,
          vertexFormat : VertexFormat.POSITION_ONLY

      should now look like:

        var box = new BoxGeometry({
            minimumCorner : min,
            maximumCorner : max,
            vertexFormat : VertexFormat.POSITION_ONLY
        var geometry = BoxGeometry.createGeometry(box);
    • Removed createTypedArray and createArrayBufferView from each of the ComponentDatatype enumerations. Instead, use ComponentDatatype.createTypedArray and ComponentDatatype.createArrayBufferView.

    • DataSourceDisplay now requires a DataSourceCollection to be passed into its constructor.

    • DeveloperError and RuntimeError no longer contain an error property. Call toString, or check the stack property directly instead.

    • Replaced createPickFragmentShaderSource with createShaderSource.

    • Renamed PolygonPipeline.earClip2D to PolygonPipeline.triangulate.

  • Added outline geometries. #1021.
  • Added CorridorGeometry.
  • Added Billboard.scaleByDistance and NearFarScalar to control billboard minimum/maximum scale based on camera distance.
  • Added EllipsoidGeodesic.
  • Added PolylinePipeline.scaleToSurface.
  • Added PolylinePipeline.scaleToGeodeticHeight.
  • Added the ability to specify a minimumTerrainLevel and maximumTerrainLevel when constructing an ImageryLayer. The layer will only be shown for terrain tiles within the specified range.
  • Added Math.setRandomNumberSeed and Math.nextRandomNumber for generating repeatable random numbers.
  • Added Color.fromRandom to generate random and partially random colors.
  • Added an onCancel callback to CameraFlightPath functions that will be executed if the flight is canceled.
  • Added Scene.debugShowFrustums and Scene.debugFrustumStatistics for rendering debugging.
  • Added Packable and PackableForInterpolation interfaces to aid interpolation and in-memory data storage. Also made most core Cesium types implement them.
  • Added InterpolationAlgorithm interface to codify the base interface already being used by LagrangePolynomialApproximation, LinearApproximation, and HermitePolynomialApproximation.
  • Improved the performance of polygon triangulation using an O(n log n) algorithm.
  • Improved geometry batching performance by moving work to a web worker.
  • Improved WallGeometry to follow the curvature of the earth.
  • Improved visual quality of closed translucent geometries.
  • Optimized polyline bounding spheres.
  • Viewer now automatically sets its clock to that of the first added DataSource, regardless of how it was added to the DataSourceCollection. Previously, this was only done for dropped files by viewerDragDropMixin.
  • CesiumWidget and Viewer now display an HTML error panel if an error occurs while rendering, which can be disabled with a constructor option.
  • CameraFlightPath now automatically disables and restores mouse input for the flights it generates.
  • Fixed broken surface rendering in Columbus View when using the EllipsoidTerrainProvider.
  • Fixed triangulation for polygons that cross the international date line.
  • Fixed EllipsoidPrimitive rendering for some oblate ellipsoids. #1067.
  • Fixed Cesium on Nexus 4 with Android 4.3.
  • Upgraded Knockout from version 2.2.1 to 2.3.0.

b19 - 2013-08-01

  • Breaking changes:
    • Replaced tessellators and meshes with geometry. In particular:
      • Replaced CubeMapEllipsoidTessellator with EllipsoidGeometry.
      • Replaced BoxTessellator with BoxGeometry.
      • Replaced ExtentTessletaor with ExtentGeometry.
      • Removed PlaneTessellator. It was incomplete and not used.
      • Renamed MeshFilters to GeometryPipeline.
      • Renamed MeshFilters.toWireframeInPlace to GeometryPipeline.toWireframe.
      • Removed MeshFilters.mapAttributeIndices. It was not used.
      • Renamed Context.createVertexArrayFromMesh to Context.createVertexArrayFromGeometry. Likewise, renamed mesh constructor property to geometry.
    • Renamed ComponentDatatype.*.toTypedArray to ComponentDatatype.*.createTypedArray.
    • Removed Polygon.configureExtent. Use ExtentPrimitive instead.
    • Removed Polygon.bufferUsage. It is no longer needed.
    • Removed height and textureRotationAngle arguments from Polygon setPositions and configureFromPolygonHierarchy functions. Use Polygon height and textureRotationAngle properties.
    • Renamed PolygonPipeline.cleanUp to PolygonPipeline.removeDuplicates.
    • Removed PolygonPipeline.wrapLongitude. Use GeometryPipeline.wrapLongitude instead.
    • Added surfaceHeight parameter to BoundingSphere.fromExtent3D.
    • Added surfaceHeight parameter to Extent.subsample.
    • Renamed pointInsideTriangle2D to pointInsideTriangle.
    • Renamed getLogo to getCredit for ImageryProvider and TerrainProvider.
  • Added Geometry and Appearances #911.
  • Added property intersectionWidth to DynamicCone, DynamicPyramid, CustomSensorVolume, and RectangularPyramidSensorVolume.
  • Added ExtentPrimitive.
  • Added PolylinePipeline.removeDuplicates.
  • Added barycentricCoordinates to compute the barycentric coordinates of a point in a triangle.
  • Added BoundingSphere.fromEllipsoid.
  • Added BoundingSphere.projectTo2D.
  • Added Extent.fromDegrees.
  • Added czm_tangentToEyeSpaceMatrix built-in GLSL function.
  • Added debugging aids for low-level rendering: DrawCommand.debugShowBoundingVolume and Scene.debugCommandFilter.
  • Added extrusion to ExtentGeometry.
  • Added Credit and CreditDisplay for displaying credits on the screen.
  • Improved performance and visual quality of CustomSensorVolume and RectangularPyramidSensorVolume.
  • Improved the performance of drawing polygons created with configureFromPolygonHierarchy.

b18 - 2013-07-01

  • Breaking changes:
    • Removed CesiumViewerWidget and replaced it with a new Viewer widget with mixin architecture. This new widget does not depend on Dojo and is part of the combined Cesium.js file. It is intended to be a flexible base widget for easily building robust applications. (#838)
    • Changed all widgets to use ECMAScript 5 properties. All public observable properties now must be accessed and assigned as if they were normal properties, instead of being called as functions. For example:
      • clockViewModel.shouldAnimate() -> clockViewModel.shouldAnimate
      • clockViewModel.shouldAnimate(true); -> clockViewModel.shouldAnimate = true;
    • ImageryProviderViewModel.fromConstants has been removed. Use the ImageryProviderViewModel constructor directly.
    • Renamed the transitioner property on CesiumWidget, HomeButton, and ScreenModePicker to sceneTrasitioner to be consistent with property naming convention.
    • ImageryProvider.loadImage now requires that the calling imagery provider instance be passed as its first parameter.
    • Removed the Dojo-based checkForChromeFrame function, and replaced it with a new standalone version that returns a promise to signal when the asynchronous check has completed.
    • Removed Assets/Textures/NE2_LR_LC_SR_W_DR_2048.jpg. If you were previously using this image with SingleTileImageryProvider, consider instead using TileMapServiceImageryProvider with a URL of Assets/Textures/NaturalEarthII.
    • The Client CZML SandCastle demo has been removed, largely because it is redundant with the Simple CZML demo.
    • The Two Viewer Widgets SandCastle demo has been removed. We will add back a multi-scene example when we have a good architecture for it in place.
    • Changed static clone functions in all objects such that if the object being cloned is undefined, the function will return undefined instead of throwing an exception.
  • Fix resizing issues in CesiumWidget (#608, #834).
  • Added initial support for GeoJSON and TopoJSON. (#890, #906)
  • Added rotation, aligned axis, width, and height properties to Billboards.
  • Improved the performance of "missing tile" checking, especially for Bing imagery.
  • Improved the performance of terrain and imagery refinement, especially when using a mixture of slow and fast imagery sources.
  • TileMapServiceImageryProvider now supports imagery with a minimum level. This improves compatibility with tile sets generated by MapTiler or using their default settings.
  • Added Context.getAntialias.
  • Improved test robustness on Mac.
  • Upgraded RequireJS to version 2.1.6, and Almond to 0.2.5.
  • Fixed artifacts that showed up on the edges of imagery tiles on a number of GPUs.
  • Fixed an issue in BaseLayerPicker where destroy wasn't properly cleaning everything up.
  • Added the ability to unsubscribe to Timeline update event.
  • Added a screenSpaceEventHandler property to CesiumWidget. Also added a sceneMode option to the constructor to set the initial scene mode.
  • Added useDefaultRenderLoop property to CesiumWidget that allows the default render loop to be disabled so that a custom render loop can be used.
  • Added CesiumWidget.onRenderLoopError which is an Event that is raised if an exception is generated inside of the default render loop.
  • ImageryProviderViewModel.creationCommand can now return an array of ImageryProvider instances, which allows adding multiple layers when a single item is selected in the BaseLayerPicker widget.

b17 - 2013-06-03

  • Breaking changes:
    • Replaced Uniform.getFrameNumber and Uniform.getTime with Uniform.getFrameState, which returns the full frame state.
    • Renamed Widgets/Fullscreen folder to Widgets/FullscreenButton along with associated objects/files.
      • FullscreenWidget -> FullscreenButton
      • FullscreenViewModel -> FullscreenButtonViewModel
    • Removed addAttribute, removeAttribute, and setIndexBuffer from VertexArray. They were not used.
  • Added support for approximating local vertical, local horizontal (LVLH) reference frames when using DynamicObjectView in 3D. The object automatically selects LVLH or EastNorthUp based on the object's velocity.
  • Added support for CZML defined vectors via new CzmlDirection, DynamicVector, and DynamicVectorVisualizer objects.
  • Added SceneTransforms.wgs84ToWindowCoordinates. #746.
  • Added fromElements to Cartesian2, Cartesian3, and Cartesian4.
  • Added DrawCommand.cull to avoid redundant visibility checks.
  • Added czm_morphTime automatic GLSL uniform.
  • Added support for OES_vertex_array_object, which improves rendering performance.
  • Added support for floating-point textures.
  • Added IntersectionTests.trianglePlaneIntersection.
  • Added computeHorizonCullingPoint, computeHorizonCullingPointFromVertices, and computeHorizonCullingPointFromExtent methods to EllipsoidalOccluder and used them to build a more accurate horizon occlusion test for terrain rendering.
  • Added sun visualization. See Sun and Scene.sun.
  • Added a new HomeButton widget for returning to the default view of the current scene mode.
  • Added Command.beforeExecute and Command.afterExecute events to enable additional processing when a command is executed.
  • Added rotation parameter to Polygon.configureExtent.
  • Added camera flight to extents. See new methods CameraController.getExtentCameraCoordinates and CameraFlightPath.createAnimationExtent.
  • Improved the load ordering of terrain and imagery tiles, so that relevant detail is now more likely to be loaded first.
  • Improved appearance of the Polyline arrow material.
  • Fixed polyline clipping artifact. #728.
  • Fixed polygon crossing International Date Line for 2D and Columbus view. #99.
  • Fixed issue for camera flights when frameState.mode === SceneMode.MORPHING.
  • Fixed ISO8601 date parsing when UTC offset is specified in the extended format, such as 2008-11-10T14:00:00+02:30.

b16 - 2013-05-01

  • Breaking changes:
    • Removed the color, outline color, and outline width properties of polylines. Instead, use materials for polyline color and outline properties. Code that looked like:

         var polyline = polylineCollection.add({
             positions : positions,
             color : new Color(1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0),
             outlineColor : new Color(1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0),
             width : 1.0,
             outlineWidth : 3.0

      should now look like:

         var outlineMaterial = Material.fromType(context, Material.PolylineOutlineType);
         outlineMaterial.uniforms.color = new Color(1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0);
         outlineMaterial.uniforms.outlineColor = new Color(1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0);
         outlineMaterial.uniforms.outlinewidth = 2.0;
         var polyline = polylineCollection.add({
             positions : positions,
             width : 3.0,
             material : outlineMaterial
    • CzmlCartographic has been removed and all cartographic values are converted to Cartesian internally during CZML processing. This improves performance and fixes interpolation of cartographic source data. The Cartographic representation can still be retrieved if needed.

    • Removed ComplexConicSensorVolume, which was not documented and did not work on most platforms. It will be brought back in a future release. This does not affect CZML, which uses a custom sensor to approximate a complex conic.

    • Replaced computeSunPosition with Simon1994PlanetaryPosition, which has functions to calculate the position of the sun and the moon more accurately.

    • Removed Context.createClearState. These properties are now part of ClearCommand.

    • RenderState objects returned from Context.createRenderState are now immutable.

    • Removed positionMC from czm_materialInput. It is no longer used by any materials.

  • Added wide polylines that work with and without ANGLE.
  • Polylines now use materials to describe their surface appearance. See the Fabric wiki page for more details on how to create materials.
  • Added new PolylineOutline, PolylineGlow, PolylineArrow, and Fade materials.
  • Added czm_pixelSizeInMeters automatic GLSL uniform.
  • Added AnimationViewModel.snapToTicks, which when set to true, causes the shuttle ring on the Animation widget to snap to the defined tick values, rather than interpolate between them.
  • Added Color.toRgba and Color.fromRgba to convert to/from numeric unsigned 32-bit RGBA values.
  • Added GridImageryProvider for custom rendering effects and debugging.
  • Added new Grid material.
  • Made EllipsoidPrimitive double-sided.
  • Improved rendering performance by minimizing WebGL state calls.
  • Fixed an error in Web Worker creation when loading Cesium.js from a different origin.
  • Fixed EllipsoidPrimitive picking and picking objects with materials that have transparent parts.
  • Fixed imagery smearing artifacts on mobile devices and other devices without high-precision fragment shaders.

b15 - 2013-04-01

  • Breaking changes:
    • Billboard.computeScreenSpacePosition now takes Context and FrameState arguments instead of a UniformState argument.
    • Removed clampToPixel property from BillboardCollection and LabelCollection. This option is no longer needed due to overall LabelCollection visualization improvements.
    • Removed Widgets/Dojo/CesiumWidget and replaced it with Widgets/CesiumWidget, which has no Dojo dependancies.
    • destroyObject no longer deletes properties from the object being destroyed.
    • darker.css files have been deleted and the darker theme is now the default style for widgets. The original theme is now known as lighter and is in corresponding lighter.css files.
    • CSS class names have been standardized to avoid potential collisions. All widgets now follow the same pattern, cesium-<widget>-<className>.
    • Removed view2D, view3D, and viewColumbus properties from CesiumViewerWidget. Use the sceneTransitioner property instead.
  • Added BoundingSphere.fromCornerPoints.
  • Added fromArray and distance functions to Cartesian2, Cartesian3, and Cartesian4.
  • Added DynamicPath.resolution property for setting the maximum step size, in seconds, to take when sampling a position for path visualization.
  • Added TileCoordinatesImageryProvider that renders imagery with tile X, Y, Level coordinates on the surface of the globe. This is mostly useful for debugging.
  • Added DynamicEllipse and DynamicObject.ellipse property to render CZML ellipses on the globe.
  • Added sampleTerrain function to sample the terrain height of a list of Cartographic positions.
  • Added DynamicObjectCollection.removeObject and handling of the new CZML delete property.
  • Imagery layers with an alpha of exactly 0.0 are no longer rendered. Previously these invisible layers were rendered normally, which was a waste of resources. Unlike the show property, imagery tiles in a layer with an alpha of 0.0 are still downloaded, so the layer will become visible more quickly when its alpha is increased.
  • Added onTransitionStart and onTransitionComplete events to SceneModeTransitioner.
  • Added SceneModePicker; a new widget for morphing between scene modes.
  • Added BaseLayerPicker; a new widget for switching among pre-configured base layer imagery providers.

b14 - 2013-03-01

  • Breaking changes:
    • Major refactoring of both animation and widgets systems as we move to an MVVM-like architecture for user interfaces.
      • New Animation widget for controlling playback.
      • AnimationController.js has been deleted.
      • ClockStep.SYSTEM_CLOCK_DEPENDENT was renamed to ClockStep.SYSTEM_CLOCK_MULTIPLIER.
      • ClockStep.SYSTEM_CLOCK was added to have the clock always match the system time.
      • ClockRange.LOOP was renamed to ClockRange.LOOP_STOP and now only loops in the forward direction.
      • Clock.reverseTick was removed, simply negate Clock.multiplier and pass it to Clock.tick.
      • Clock.shouldAnimate was added to indicate if Clock.tick should actually advance time.
      • The Timeline widget was moved into the Widgets/Timeline subdirectory.
      • Dojo/TimelineWidget was removed. You should use the non-toolkit specific Timeline widget directly.
    • Removed CesiumViewerWidget.fullScreenElement, instead use the CesiumViewerWidget.fullscreen.viewModel.fullScreenElement observable property.
    • IntersectionTests.rayPlane now takes the new Plane type instead of separate planeNormal and planeD arguments.
    • Renamed ImageryProviderError to TileProviderError.
  • Added support for global terrain visualization via CesiumTerrainProvider, ArcGisImageServerTerrainProvider, and VRTheWorldTerrainProvider. See the Terrain Tutorial for more information.
  • Added FullscreenWidget which is a simple, single-button widget that toggles fullscreen mode of the specified element.
  • Added interactive extent drawing to the Picking Sandcastle example.
  • Added HeightmapTessellator to create a mesh from a heightmap.
  • Added JulianDate.equals.
  • Added Plane for representing the equation of a plane.
  • Added a line segment-plane intersection test to IntersectionTests.
  • Improved the lighting used in 2D and Columbus View modes. In general, the surface lighting in these modes should look just like it does in 3D.
  • Fixed an issue where a PolylineCollection with a model matrix other than the identity would be incorrectly rendered in 2D and Columbus view.
  • Fixed an issue in the ScreenSpaceCameraController where disabled mouse events can cause the camera to be moved after being re-enabled.

b13 - 2013-02-01

  • Breaking changes:
    • The combined Cesium.js file and other required files are now created in Build/Cesium and Build/CesiumUnminified folders.
    • The Web Worker files needed when using the combined Cesium.js file are now in a Workers subdirectory.
    • Removed erosion property from Polygon, ComplexConicSensorVolume, RectangularPyramidSensorVolume, and ComplexConicSensorVolume. Use the new Erosion material. See the Sandbox Animation example.
    • Removed setRectangle and getRectangle methods from ViewportQuad. Use the new rectangle property.
    • Removed time parameter from Scene.initializeFrame. Instead, pass the time to Scene.render.
  • Added new RimLighting and Erosion materials. See the Fabric wiki page.
  • Added hue and saturation properties to ImageryLayer.
  • Added czm_hue and czm_saturation to adjust the hue and saturation of RGB colors.
  • Added JulianDate.getDaysDifference method.
  • Added Transforms.computeIcrfToFixedMatrix and computeFixedToIcrfMatrix.
  • Added EarthOrientationParameters, EarthOrientationParametersSample, Iau2006XysData, and Iau2006XysDataSample classes to Core.
  • CZML now supports the ability to specify positions in the International Celestial Reference Frame (ICRF), and inertial reference frame.
  • Fixed globe rendering on the Nexus 4 running Google Chrome Beta.
  • ViewportQuad now supports the material system. See the Fabric wiki page.
  • Fixed rendering artifacts in EllipsoidPrimitive.
  • Fixed an issue where streaming CZML would fail when changing material types.
  • Updated Dojo from 1.7.2 to 1.8.4. Reminder: Cesium does not depend on Dojo but uses it for reference applications.

b12a - 2013-01-18

  • Breaking changes:
    • Renamed the server property to url when constructing a BingMapsImageryProvider. Likewise, renamed BingMapsImageryProvider.getServer to BingMapsImageryProvider.getUrl. Code that looked like

         var bing = new BingMapsImageryProvider({
             server : ''

      should now look like:

         var bing = new BingMapsImageryProvider({
             url : ''
    • Renamed toCSSColor to toCssColorString.

    • Moved minimumZoomDistance and maximumZoomDistance from the CameraController to the ScreenSpaceCameraController.

  • Added fromCssColorString to Color to create a Color instance from any CSS value.
  • Added fromHsl to Color to create a Color instance from H, S, L values.
  • Added Scene.backgroundColor.
  • Added textureRotationAngle parameter to Polygon.setPositions and Polygon.configureFromPolygonHierarchy to rotate textures on polygons.
  • Added Matrix3.fromRotationX, Matrix3.fromRotationY, Matrix3.fromRotationZ, and Matrix2.fromRotation.
  • Added fromUniformScale to Matrix2, Matrix3, and Matrix4.
  • Added fromScale to Matrix2.
  • Added multiplyByUniformScale to Matrix4.
  • Added flipY property when calling Context.createTexture2D and Context.createCubeMap.
  • Added MeshFilters.encodePosition and EncodedCartesian3.encode.
  • Fixed jitter artifacts with polygons.
  • Fixed camera tilt close to the minimumZoomDistance.
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to blue tiles when zoomed in close to the North and South poles.
  • Fixed a bug where removing labels would remove the wrong label and ultimately cause a crash.
  • Worked around a bug in Firefox 18 preventing typed arrays from being transferred to or from Web Workers.
  • Upgraded RequireJS to version 2.1.2, and Almond to 0.2.3.
  • Updated the default Bing Maps API key.

b12 - 2013-01-03

  • Breaking changes:
    • Renamed EventHandler to ScreenSpaceEventHandler.
    • Renamed MouseEventType to ScreenSpaceEventType.
    • Renamed MouseEventType.MOVE to ScreenSpaceEventType.MOUSE_MOVE.
    • Renamed CameraEventHandler to CameraEventAggregator.
    • Renamed all *MouseAction to *InputAction (including get, set, remove, etc).
    • Removed Camera2DController, CameraCentralBodyController, CameraColumbusViewController, CameraFlightController, CameraFreeLookController, CameraSpindleController, and CameraControllerCollection. Common ways to modify the camera are through the CameraController object of the Camera and will work in all scene modes. The default camera handler is the ScreenSpaceCameraController object on the Scene.
    • Changed default Natural Earth imagery to a 2K version of Natural Earth II with Shaded Relief, Water, and Drainages. The previously used version did not include lakes and rivers. This replaced Source/Assets/Textures/NE2_50M_SR_W_2048.jpg with Source/Assets/Textures/NE2_LR_LC_SR_W_DR_2048.jpg.
  • Added pinch-zoom, pinch-twist, and pinch-tilt for touch-enabled browsers (particularly mobile browsers).
  • Improved rendering support on Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 using Firefox.
  • Improved camera flights.
  • Added Sandbox example using NASA's new Black Marble night imagery.
  • Added constrained z-axis by default to the Cesium widgets.
  • Upgraded Jasmine from version 1.1.0 to 1.3.0.
  • Added JulianDate.toIso8601, which creates an ISO8601 compliant representation of a JulianDate.
  • The Timeline widget now properly displays leap seconds.

b11 - 2012-12-03

  • Breaking changes:
    • Widget render loop now started by default. Startup code changed, see Sandcastle examples.
    • Changed Timeline.makeLabel to take a JulianDate instead of a JavaScript date parameter.
    • Default Earth imagery has been moved to a new package Assets. Images used by Sandcastle examples have been moved to the Sandcastle folder, and images used by the Dojo widgets are now self-contained in the Widgets package.
    • positionToEyeEC in czm_materialInput is no longer normalized by default.
    • FullScreen and related functions have been renamed to Fullscreen to match the W3C standard name.
    • Fullscreen.isFullscreenEnabled was incorrectly implemented in certain browsers. isFullscreenEnabled now correctly determines whether the browser will allow an element to go fullscreen. A new isFullscreen function is available to determine if the browser is currently in fullscreen mode.
    • Fullscreen.getFullScreenChangeEventName and Fullscreen.getFullScreenChangeEventName now return the proper event name, suitable for use with the addEventListener API, instead prefixing them with "on".
    • Removed Scene.setSunPosition and Scene.getSunPosition. The sun position used for lighting is automatically computed based on the scene's time.
    • Removed a number of rendering options from CentralBody, including the ground atmosphere, night texture, specular map, cloud map, cloud shadows, and bump map. These features weren't really production ready and had a disproportionate cost in terms of shader complexity and compilation time. They may return in a more polished form in a future release.
    • Removed affectedByLighting property from Polygon, EllipsoidPrimitive, RectangularPyramidSensorVolume, CustomSensorVolume, and ComplexConicSensorVolume.
    • Removed DistanceIntervalMaterial. This was not documented.
    • Matrix2.getElementIndex, Matrix3.getElementIndex, and Matrix4.getElementIndex functions have had their parameters swapped and now take row first and column second. This is consistent with other class constants, such as Matrix2.COLUMN1ROW2.
    • Replaced CentralBody.showSkyAtmosphere with Scene.skyAtmosphere and SkyAtmosphere. This has no impact for those using the Cesium widget.
  • Improved lighting in Columbus view and on polygons, ellipsoids, and sensors.
  • Fixed atmosphere rendering artifacts and improved Columbus view transition.
  • Fixed jitter artifacts with billboards and polylines.
  • Added TileMapServiceImageryProvider. See the Imagery Layers Sandcastle example.
  • Added Water material. See the Materials Sandcastle example.
  • Added SkyBox to draw stars. Added CesiumWidget.showSkyBox and CesiumViewerWidget.showSkyBox.
  • Added new Matrix4 functions: Matrix4.multiplyByTranslation, multiplyByPoint, and Matrix4.fromScale. Added Matrix3.fromScale.
  • Added EncodedCartesian3, which is used to eliminate jitter when drawing primitives.
  • Added new automatic GLSL uniforms: czm_frameNumber, czm_temeToPseudoFixed, czm_entireFrustum, czm_inverseModel, czm_modelViewRelativeToEye, czm_modelViewProjectionRelativeToEye, czm_encodedCameraPositionMCHigh, and czm_encodedCameraPositionMCLow.
  • Added czm_translateRelativeToEye and czm_luminance GLSL functions.
  • Added shininess to czm_materialInput.
  • Added QuadraticRealPolynomial, CubicRealPolynomial, and QuarticRealPolynomial for finding the roots of quadratic, cubic, and quartic polynomials.
  • Added IntersectionTests.grazingAltitudeLocation for finding a point on a ray nearest to an ellipsoid.
  • Added mostOrthogonalAxis function to Cartesian2, Cartesian3, and Cartesian4.
  • Changed CesiumViewerWidget default behavior so that zooming to an object now requires a single left-click, rather than a double-click.
  • Updated third-party Tween.js.

b10 - 2012-11-02

  • Breaking changes:
    • Renamed Texture2DPool to TexturePool.
    • Renamed BingMapsTileProvider to BingMapsImageryProvider.
    • Renamed SingleTileProvider to SingleTileImageryProvider.
    • Renamed ArcGISTileProvider to ArcGisMapServerImageryProvider.
    • Renamed EquidistantCylindrdicalProjection to GeographicProjection.
    • Renamed MercatorProjection to WebMercatorProjection.
    • CentralBody.dayTileProvider has been removed. Instead, add one or more imagery providers to the collection returned by CentralBody.getImageryLayers().
    • The description.generateTextureCoords parameter passed to ExtentTessellator.compute is now called description.generateTextureCoordinates.
    • Renamed bringForward, sendBackward, bringToFront, and sendToBack methods on CompositePrimitive to raise, lower, raiseToTop, and lowerToBottom, respectively.
    • Cache and CachePolicy are no longer used and have been removed.
    • Fixed problem with Dojo widget startup, and removed "postSetup" callback in the process. See Sandcastle examples and update your startup code.
  • CentralBody now allows imagery from multiple sources to be layered and alpha blended on the globe. See the new Imagery Layers and Map Projections Sandcastle examples.
  • Added WebMapServiceImageryProvider.
  • Improved middle mouse click behavior to always tilt in the same direction.
  • Added getElementIndex to Matrix2, Matrix3, and Matrix4.

b9 - 2012-10-01

  • Breaking changes:
    • Removed the render and renderForPick functions of primitives. The primitive update function updates a list of commands for the renderer. For more details, see the Data Driven Renderer.
    • Removed Context.getViewport and Context.setViewport. The viewport defaults to the size of the canvas if a primitive does not override the viewport property in the render state.
    • shallowEquals has been removed.
    • Passing undefined to any of the set functions on Billboard now throws an exception.
    • Passing undefined to any of the set functions on Polyline now throws an exception.
    • PolygonPipeline.scaleToGeodeticHeight now takes ellipsoid as the last parameter, instead of the first. It also now defaults to Ellipsoid.WGS84 if no parameter is provided.
  • The new Sandcastle live editor and demo gallery replace the Sandbox and Skeleton examples.
  • Improved picking performance and accuracy.
  • Added EllipsoidPrimitive for visualizing ellipsoids and spheres. Currently, this is only supported in 3D, not 2D or Columbus view.
  • Added DynamicEllipsoid and DynamicEllipsoidVisualizer which use the new EllipsoidPrimitive to implement ellipsoids in CZML.
  • Extent functions now take optional result parameters. Also added getCenter, intersectWith, and contains functions.
  • Add new utility class, DynamicObjectView for tracking a DynamicObject with the camera across scene modes; also hooked up CesiumViewerWidget to use it.
  • Added enableTranslate, enableZoom, and enableRotate properties to Camera2DController to selectively toggle camera behavior. All values default to true.
  • Added Camera2DController.setPositionCartographic to simplify moving the camera programmatically when in 2D mode.
  • Improved near/far plane distances and eliminated z-fighting.
  • Added Matrix4.multiplyByTranslation, Matrix4.fromScale, and Matrix3.fromScale.

b8 - 2012-09-05

  • Breaking changes:

    • Materials are now created through a centralized Material class using a JSON schema called Fabric. For example, change:

        polygon.material = new BlobMaterial({repeat : 10.0});


        polygon.material = Material.fromType(context, 'Blob');
        polygon.material.repeat = 10.0;


        polygon.material = new Material({
            context : context,
            fabric : {
                type : 'Blob',
                uniforms : {
                    repeat : 10.0
    • Label.computeScreenSpacePosition now requires the current scene state as a parameter.

    • Passing undefined to any of the set functions on Label now throws an exception.

    • Renamed agi_ prefix on GLSL identifiers to czm_.

    • Replaced ViewportQuad properties vertexShader and fragmentShader with optional constructor arguments.

    • Changed the GLSL automatic uniform czm_viewport from an ivec4 to a vec4 to reduce casting.

    • Billboard now defaults to an image index of -1 indicating no texture, previously billboards defaulted to 0 indicating the first texture in the atlas. For example, change:

            position : { x : 1.0, y : 2.0, z : 3.0 },


            position : { x : 1.0, y : 2.0, z : 3.0 },
            imageIndex : 0
    • Renamed SceneState to FrameState.

    • SunPosition was changed from a static object to a function computeSunPosition; which now returns a Cartesian3 with the computed position. It was also optimized for performance and memory pressure. For example, change:

        var result = SunPosition.compute(date);
        var position = result.position;
        var position = computeSunPosition(date);
  • All Quaternion operations now have static versions that work with any objects exposing x, y, z and w properties.

  • Added support for nested polygons with holes. See Polygon.configureFromPolygonHierarchy.

  • Added support to the renderer for view frustum and central body occlusion culling. All built-in primitives, such as BillboardCollection, Polygon, PolylineCollection, etc., can be culled. See the advanced examples in the Sandbox for details.

  • Added writeTextToCanvas function which handles sizing the resulting canvas to fit the desired text.

  • Added support for CZML path visualization via the DynamicPath and DynamicPathVisualizer objects. See the CZML wiki for more details.

  • Added support for WEBGL_depth_texture. See Framebuffer.setDepthTexture.

  • Added CesiumMath.isPowerOfTwo.

  • Added affectedByLighting to ComplexConicSensorVolume, CustomSensorVolume, and RectangularPyramidSensorVolume to turn lighting on/off for these objects.

  • CZML Polygon, Cone, and Pyramid objects are no longer affected by lighting.

  • Added czm_viewRotation and czm_viewInverseRotation automatic GLSL uniforms.

  • Added a clampToPixel property to BillboardCollection and LabelCollection. When true, it aligns all billboards and text to a pixel in screen space, providing a crisper image at the cost of jumpier motion.

  • Ellipsoid functions now take optional result parameters.

b7 - 2012-08-01

  • Breaking changes:

    • Removed keyboard input handling from EventHandler.

    • TextureAtlas takes an object literal in its constructor instead of separate parameters. Code that previously looked like:

        context.createTextureAtlas(images, pixelFormat, borderWidthInPixels);

      should now look like:

        context.createTextureAtlas({images : images, pixelFormat : pixelFormat, borderWidthInPixels : borderWidthInPixels});
    • Camera.pickEllipsoid returns the picked position in world coordinates and the ellipsoid parameter is optional. Prefer the new Scene.pickEllipsoid method. For example, change

        var position = camera.pickEllipsoid(ellipsoid, windowPosition);


        var position = scene.pickEllipsoid(windowPosition, ellipsoid);
    • Camera.getPickRay now returns the new Ray type instead of an object with position and direction properties.

    • Camera.viewExtent now takes an Extent argument instead of west, south, east and north arguments. Prefer Scene.viewExtent over Camera.viewExtent. Scene.viewExtent will work in any SceneMode. For example, change

        camera.viewExtent(ellipsoid, west, south, east, north);


        scene.viewExtent(extent, ellipsoid);
    • CameraSpindleController.mouseConstrainedZAxis has been removed. Instead, use CameraSpindleController.constrainedAxis. Code that previously looked like:

        spindleController.mouseConstrainedZAxis = true;

      should now look like:

        spindleController.constrainedAxis = Cartesian3.UNIT_Z;
    • The Camera2DController constructor and CameraControllerCollection.add2D now require a projection instead of an ellipsoid.

    • Chain has been removed. when is now included as a more complete CommonJS Promises/A implementation.

    • Jobs.downloadImage was replaced with loadImage to provide a promise that will asynchronously load an image.

    • jsonp now returns a promise for the requested data, removing the need for a callback parameter.

    • JulianDate.getTimeStandard() has been removed, dates are now always stored internally as TAI.

    • LeapSeconds.setLeapSeconds now takes an array of LeapSecond instances instead of JSON.

    • TimeStandard.convertUtcToTai and TimeStandard.convertTaiToUtc have been removed as they are no longer needed.

    • Cartesian3.prototype.getXY() was replaced with Cartesian2.fromCartesian3. Code that previously looked like cartesian3.getXY(); should now look like Cartesian2.fromCartesian3(cartesian3);.

    • Cartesian4.prototype.getXY() was replaced with Cartesian2.fromCartesian4. Code that previously looked like cartesian4.getXY(); should now look like Cartesian2.fromCartesian4(cartesian4);.

    • Cartesian4.prototype.getXYZ() was replaced with Cartesian3.fromCartesian4. Code that previously looked like cartesian4.getXYZ(); should now look like Cartesian3.fromCartesian4(cartesian4);.

    • Math.angleBetween was removed because it was a duplicate of Cartesian3.angleBetween. Simply replace calls of the former to the later.

    • Cartographic3 was renamed to Cartographic.

    • Cartographic2 was removed; use Cartographic instead.

    • Ellipsoid.toCartesian was renamed to Ellipsoid.cartographicToCartesian.

    • Ellipsoid.toCartesians was renamed to Ellipsoid.cartographicArrayToCartesianArray.

    • Ellipsoid.toCartographic2 was renamed to Ellipsoid.cartesianToCartographic.

    • Ellipsoid.toCartographic2s was renamed to Ellipsoid.cartesianArrayToCartographicArray.

    • Ellipsoid.toCartographic3 was renamed to Ellipsoid.cartesianToCartographic.

    • Ellipsoid.toCartographic3s was renamed to Ellipsoid.cartesianArrayToCartographicArray.

    • Ellipsoid.cartographicDegreesToCartesian was removed. Code that previously looked like ellipsoid.cartographicDegreesToCartesian(new Cartographic(45, 50, 10)) should now look like ellipsoid.cartographicToCartesian(Cartographic.fromDegrees(45, 50, 10)).

    • Math.cartographic3ToRadians, Math.cartographic2ToRadians, Math.cartographic2ToDegrees, and Math.cartographic3ToDegrees were removed. These functions are no longer needed because Cartographic instances are always represented in radians.

    • All functions starting with multiplyWith now start with multiplyBy to be consistent with functions starting with divideBy.

    • The multiplyWithMatrix function on each Matrix type was renamed to multiply.

    • All three Matrix classes have been largely re-written for consistency and performance. The values property has been eliminated and Matrices are no longer immutable. Code that previously looked like matrix = matrix.setColumn0Row0(12); now looks like matrix[Matrix2.COLUMN0ROW0] = 12;. Code that previously looked like matrix.setColumn3(cartesian3); now looked like matrix.setColumn(3, cartesian3, matrix).

    • 'Polyline' is no longer externally creatable. To create a 'Polyline' use the 'PolylineCollection.add' method.

        Polyline polyline = new Polyline();


        PolylineCollection polylineCollection = new PolylineCollection();
        Polyline polyline = polylineCollection.add();
  • All Cartesian2 operations now have static versions that work with any objects exposing x and y properties.

  • All Cartesian3 operations now have static versions that work with any objects exposing x, y, and z properties.

  • All Cartesian4 operations now have static versions that work with any objects exposing x, y, z and w properties.

  • All Cartographic operations now have static versions that work with any objects exposing longitude, latitude, and height properties.

  • All Matrix classes are now indexable like arrays.

  • All Matrix operations now have static versions of all prototype functions and anywhere we take a Matrix instance as input can now also take an Array or TypedArray.

  • All Matrix, Cartesian, and Cartographic operations now take an optional result parameter for object re-use to reduce memory pressure.

  • Added Cartographic.fromDegrees to make creating Cartographic instances from values in degrees easier.

  • Added addImage to TextureAtlas so images can be added to a texture atlas after it is constructed.

  • Added Scene.pickEllipsoid, which picks either the ellipsoid or the map depending on the current SceneMode.

  • Added Event, a new utility class which makes it easy for objects to expose event properties.

  • Added TextureAtlasBuilder, a new utility class which makes it easy to build a TextureAtlas asynchronously.

  • Added Clock, a simple clock for keeping track of simulated time.

  • Added LagrangePolynomialApproximation, HermitePolynomialApproximation, and LinearApproximation interpolation algorithms.

  • Added CoordinateConversions, a new static class where most coordinate conversion methods will be stored.

  • Added Spherical coordinate type

  • Added a new DynamicScene layer for time-dynamic, data-driven visualization. This include CZML processing. For more details see and

  • Added a new application, Cesium Viewer, for viewing CZML files and otherwise exploring the globe.

  • Added a new Widgets directory, to contain common re-usable Cesium related controls.

  • Added a new Timeline widget to the Widgets directory.

  • Added a new Widgets/Dojo directory, to contain dojo-specific widgets.

  • Added new Timeline and Cesium dojo widgets.

  • Added CameraCentralBodyController as the new default controller to handle mouse input.

    • The left mouse button rotates around the central body.
    • The right mouse button and mouse wheel zoom in and out.
    • The middle mouse button rotates around the point clicked on the central body.
  • Added computeTemeToPseudoFixedMatrix function to Transforms.

  • Added 'PolylineCollection' to manage numerous polylines. 'PolylineCollection' dramatically improves rendering speed when using polylines.

b6a - 2012-06-20

  • Breaking changes:
    • Changed Tipsify.tipsify and Tipsify.calculateACMR to accept an object literal instead of three separate arguments. Supplying a maximum index and cache size is now optional.
    • CentralBody no longer requires a camera as the first parameter.
  • Added CentralBody.northPoleColor and CentralBody.southPoleColor to fill in the poles if they are not covered by a texture.
  • Added Polygon.configureExtent to create a polygon defined by west, south, east, and north values.
  • Added functions to Camera to provide position and directions in world coordinates.
  • Added showThroughEllipsoid to CustomSensorVolume and RectangularPyramidSensorVolume to allow sensors to draw through Earth.
  • Added affectedByLighting to CentralBody and Polygon to turn lighting on/off for these objects.

b5 - 2012-05-15

  • Breaking changes:

    • Renamed Geoscope to Cesium. To update your code, change all Geoscope.* references to Cesium.*, and reference Cesium.js instead of Geoscope.js.

    • CompositePrimitive.addGround was removed; use CompositePrimitive.add instead. For example, change



    • Moved eastNorthUpToFixedFrame and northEastDownToFixedFrame functions from Ellipsoid to a new Transforms object. For example, change

        var m = ellipsoid.eastNorthUpToFixedFrame(p);


        var m = Cesium.Transforms.eastNorthUpToFixedFrame(p, ellipsoid);
    • Label properties fillStyle and strokeStyle were renamed to fillColor and outlineColor; they are also now color objects instead of strings. The label Color property has been removed.

      For example, change



        label.setFillColor({ red : 1.0, blue : 0.0, green : 0.0, alpha : 1.0 });
        label.setOutlineColor({ red : 1.0, blue : 1.0, green : 1.0, alpha : 1.0 });
    • Renamed Tipsify.Tipsify to Tipsify.tipsify.

    • Renamed Tipsify.CalculateACMR to Tipsify.calculateACMR.

    • Renamed LeapSecond.CompareLeapSecondDate to LeapSecond.compareLeapSecondDate.

    • Geoscope.JSONP.get is now Cesium.jsonp. Cesium.jsonp now takes a url, a callback function, and an options object. The previous 2nd and 4th parameters are now specified using the options object.

    • TWEEN is no longer globally defined, and is instead available as Cesium.Tween.

    • Chain.js functions such as run are now moved to, etc.

    • Geoscope.CollectionAlgorithms.binarySearch is now Cesium.binarySearch.

    • Geoscope.ContainmentTests.pointInsideTriangle2D is now Cesium.pointInsideTriangle2D.

    • Static constructor methods prefixed with "createFrom", now start with "from":



    • The JulianDate constructor no longer takes a Date object, use the new from methods instead:

        new JulianDate(new Date());


        JulianDate.fromDate(new Date("January 1, 2011 12:00:00 EST"));
    • JulianDate.getDate is now JulianDate.toDate() and returns a new instance each time.

    • CentralBody.logoOffsetX and logoOffsetY have been replaced with CentralBody.logoOffset, a Cartesian2.

    • TileProviders now take a proxy object instead of a string, to allow more control over how proxy URLs are built. Construct a DefaultProxy, passing the previous proxy URL, to get the previous behavior.

    • Ellipsoid.getScaledWgs84() has been removed since it is not needed.

    • getXXX() methods which returned a new instance of what should really be a constant are now exposed as frozen properties instead. This should improve performance and memory pressure.

      • Cartsian2/3/4.getUnitX() -> Cartsian2/3/4.UNIT_X
      • Cartsian2/3/4.getUnitY() -> Cartsian2/3/4.UNIT_Y
      • Cartsian2/3/4.getUnitZ() -> Cartsian3/4.UNIT_Z
      • Cartsian2/3/4.getUnitW() -> Cartsian4.UNIT_W
      • Matrix/2/3/4.getIdentity() -> Matrix/2/3/4.IDENTITY
      • Quaternion.getIdentity() -> Quaternion.IDENTITY
      • Ellipsoid.getWgs84() -> Ellipsoid.WGS84
      • Ellipsoid.getUnitSphere() -> Ellipsoid.UNIT_SPHERE
      • Cartesian2/3/4/Cartographic.getZero() -> Cartesian2/3/4/Cartographic.ZERO
  • Added PerformanceDisplay which can be added to a scene to display frames per second (FPS).

  • Labels now correctly allow specifying fonts by non-pixel CSS units such as points, ems, etc.

  • Added Shapes.computeEllipseBoundary and updated Shapes.computeCircleBoundary to compute boundaries using arc-distance.

  • Added fileExtension and credit properties to OpenStreetMapTileProvider construction.

  • Night lights no longer disappear when CentralBody.showGroundAtmosphere is true.

b4 - 2012-03-01

  • Breaking changes:

    • Replaced Geoscope.SkyFromSpace object with CentralBody.showSkyAtmosphere property.

    • For mouse click and double click events, replaced event.x and event.y with event.position.

    • For mouse move events, replaced movement.startX and startY with movement.startPosition. Replaced movement.endX and movement.endY with movement.endPosition.

    • Scene.Pick now takes a Cartesian2 with the origin at the upper-left corner of the canvas. For example, code that looked like:

        scene.pick(movement.endX, scene.getCanvas().clientHeight - movement.endY);


  • Added SceneTransitioner to switch between 2D and 3D views. See the new Skeleton 2D example.

  • Added CentralBody.showGroundAtmosphere to show an atmosphere on the ground.

  • Added Camera.pickEllipsoid to get the point on the globe under the mouse cursor.

  • Added Polygon.height to draw polygons at a constant altitude above the ellipsoid.

b3 - 2012-02-06

  • Breaking changes:
    • Replaced Geoscope.Constants and Geoscope.Trig with Geoscope.Math.
    • Polygon
      • Replaced setColor and getColor with a material.color property.
      • Replaced setEllipsoid and getEllipsoid with an ellipsoid property.
      • Replaced setGranularity and getGranularity with a granularity property.
    • Polyline
      • Replaced setColor/getColor and setOutlineColor/getOutlineColor with color and outline properties.
      • Replaced setWidth/getWidth and setOutlineWidth/getOutlineWidth with width and outlineWidth properties.
    • Removed Geoscope.BillboardCollection.bufferUsage. It is now automatically determined.
    • Removed Geoscope.Label set/get functions for shadowOffset, shadowBlur, shadowColor. These are no longer supported.
    • Renamed Scene.getTransitions to Scene.getAnimations.
    • Renamed SensorCollection to SensorVolumeCollection.
    • Replaced ComplexConicSensorVolume.material with separate materials for each surface: outerMaterial, innerMaterial, and capMaterial.
    • Material renames
      • TranslucentSensorVolumeMaterial to ColorMaterial.
      • DistanceIntervalSensorVolumeMaterial to DistanceIntervalMaterial.
      • TieDyeSensorVolumeMaterial to TieDyeMaterial.
      • CheckerboardSensorVolumeMaterial to CheckerboardMaterial.
      • PolkaDotSensorVolumeMaterial to DotMaterial.
      • FacetSensorVolumeMaterial to FacetMaterial.
      • BlobSensorVolumeMaterial to BlobMaterial.
    • Added new materials:
      • VerticalStripeMaterial
      • HorizontalStripeMaterial
      • DistanceIntervalMaterial
    • Added polygon material support via the new Polygon.material property.
    • Added clock angle support to ConicSensorVolume via the new maximumClockAngle and minimumClockAngle properties.
    • Added a rectangular sensor, RectangularPyramidSensorVolume.
    • Changed custom sensor to connect direction points using the sensor's radius; previously, points were connected with a line.
    • Improved performance and memory usage of BillboardCollection and LabelCollection.
    • Added more mouse events.
    • Added Sandbox examples for new features.

b2 - 2011-12-01

  • Added complex conic and custom sensor volumes, and various materials to change their appearance. See the new Sensor folder in the Sandbox.
  • Added modelMatrix property to primitives to render them in a local reference frame. See the polyline example in the Sandbox.
  • Added eastNorthUpToFixedFrame() and northEastDownToFixedFrame() to Ellipsoid to create local reference frames.
  • Added CameraFlightController to zoom smoothly from one point to another. See the new camera examples in the Sandbox.
  • Added row and column assessors to Matrix2, Matrix3, and Matrix4.
  • Added Scene, which reduces the amount of code required to use Geoscope. See the Skeleton. We recommend using this instead of explicitly calling update() and render() for individual or composite primitives. Existing code will need minor changes:
    • Calls to Context.pick() should be replaced with Scene.pick().
    • Primitive constructors no longer require a context argument.
    • Primitive update() and render() functions now require a context argument. However, when using the new Scene object, these functions do not need to be called directly.
    • TextureAtlas should no longer be created directly; instead, call Scene.getContext().createTextureAtlas().
    • Other breaking changes:
      • Camera get/set functions, e.g., getPosition/setPosition were replaced with properties, e.g., position.

      • Replaced CompositePrimitive, Polygon, and Polyline getShow/setShow functions with a show property.

      • Replaced Polyline, Polygon, BillboardCollection, and LabelCollection getBufferUsage/setBufferUsage functions with a bufferUsage property.

      • Changed colors used by billboards, labels, polylines, and polygons. Previously, components were named r, g, b, and a. They are now red, green, blue, and alpha. Previously, each component's range was [0, 255]. The range is now [0, 1] floating point. For example,

          color : { r : 0, g : 255, b : 0, a : 255 }


          color : { red : 0.0, green : 1.0, blue : 0.0, alpha : 1.0 }

b1 - 2011-09-19

  • Added Shapes.computeCircleBoundary to compute circles. See the Sandbox.

  • Changed the EventHandler constructor function to take the Geoscope canvas, which ensures the mouse position is correct regardless of the canvas' position on the page. Code that previously looked like:

      var handler = new Geoscope.EventHandler();

    should now look like:

      var handler = new Geoscope.EventHandler(canvas);
  • Context.Pick no longer requires clamping the x and y arguments. Code that previously looked like:

      var pickedObject = context.pick(primitives, us, Math.max(x, 0.0),
          Math.max(context.getCanvas().clientHeight - y, 0.0));

    can now look like:

      var pickedObject = context.pick(primitives, us, x, context.getCanvas().clientHeight - y);
  • Changed Polyline.setWidth and Polyline.setOutlineWidth to clamp the width to the WebGL implementation limit instead of throwing an exception. Code that previously looked like:

      var maxWidth = context.getMaximumAliasedLineWidth();
      polyline.setWidth(Math.min(5, maxWidth));
      polyline.setOutlineWidth(Math.min(10, maxWidth));

    can now look like:

  • Improved the Sandbox:

    • Code in the editor is now evaluated as you type for quick prototyping.
    • Highlighting a Geoscope type in the editor and clicking the doc button in the toolbar now brings up the reference help for that type.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: The Context constructor-function now takes an element instead of an ID. Code that previously looked like:

      var context = new Geoscope.Context("glCanvas");
      var canvas = context.getCanvas();

    should now look like:

      var canvas = document.getElementById("glCanvas");
      var context = new Geoscope.Context(canvas);

b0 - 2011-08-31

  • Added new Sandbox and Skeleton examples. The sandbox contains example code for common tasks. The skeleton is a bare-bones application for building upon. Most sandbox code examples can be copy and pasted directly into the skeleton.
  • Added Geoscope.Polygon for drawing polygons on the globe.
  • Added Context.pick to pick objects in one line of code.
  • Added bringForward, bringToFront, sendBackward, and sendToBack functions to CompositePrimitive to control the render-order for ground primitives.
  • Added getShow/setShow functions to Polyline and CompositePrimitive.
  • Added new camera control and event types including CameraFreeLookEventHandler, CameraSpindleEventHandler, and EventHandler.
  • Replaced Ellipsoid.toCartesian3 with Ellipsoid.toCartesian.
  • update and updateForPick functions no longer require a UniformState argument.

Alpha Releases

a6 - 2011-08-05

  • Added support for lines using Geoscope.Polyline. See the Sandbox example.
  • Made CompositePrimitive, LabelCollection, and BillboardCollection have consistent function names, including a new contains() function.
  • Improved reference documentation layout.

a5 - 2011-07-22

  • Flushed out CompositePrimitive, TimeStandard, and LeapSecond types.
  • Improved support for browsers using ANGLE (Windows Only).

a4 - 2011-07-15

  • Added Geoscope.TimeStandard for handling TAI and UTC time standards.
  • Added Geoscope.Quaternion, which is a foundation for future camera control.
  • Added initial version of Geoscope.PrimitiveCollection to simplify rendering.
  • Prevented billboards/labels near the surface from getting cut off by the globe.
  • See the Sandbox for example code.
  • Added more reference documentation for labels.

a3 - 2011-07-08

  • Added Geoscope.LabelCollection for drawing text.
  • Added Geoscope.JulianDate and Geoscope.TimeConstants for proper time handling.
  • See the Sandbox example for how to use the new labels and Julian date.

a2 - 2011-07-01

  • Added Geoscope.ViewportQuad and Geoscope.Rectangle (foundations for 2D map).
  • Improved the visual quality of cloud shadows.

a1 - 2011-06-24

  • Added SunPosition type to compute the sun position for a julian date.
  • Simplified picking. See the mouse move event in the Sandbox example.
  • Cartographic2 and Cartographic3 are now mutable types.
  • Added reference documentation for billboards.

a0 - 2011-06-17

  • Initial Release.
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