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An open source storage server compatible with Amazon S3
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A Chassis extension to install and configure the Minio server and client on your Chassis server.

Minio is an open source self-hosted alternative to Amazon S3 with a compatible API.


Via Chassis config:

 - chassis/chassis_minio

Or clone into your extensions directory using git:

git clone --recursive chassis_minio

Run vagrant provision.

Your existing uploads will be synced to the Minio server automatically.


File Browser

After provisioning you can browse to http://vagrant.local/minio/ to view the web interface and explore your bucket contents.

Synchronising Minio and file system uploads

You can sync Minio and your file system uploads directory at any time by re-provisioning the VM.

Alternatively you can run:

vagrant ssh -c 'mc mirror local/chassis/uploads /vagrant/content/uploads'

To learn more about the commands available to interact with Minio check out the Minio Client documentation.

Configuration options

You can configure the port used by Minio server in your chassis config file.

  port: 1234

Depending on how you connect to S3 you may need to set the S3 server path and region.

Check the local-config.php for the settings you can define.

Constants are already configured to work with the S3 Uploads plugin so if you use that then there's nothing further to do!

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