@evgenyboxer evgenyboxer released this Jan 18, 2018 · 1548 commits to dev since this release

Assets 6

Major updates:

  • Added support for token sale participation.
  • Added support for custom NEP-5 tokens.


  • Various bug fixes and improvements.


From this version and on, we will be using semantic versioning

Semantic versioning looks like this: x.y.z

x -> Major version
y -> Minor version
z -> Patch


Mac: 4017bcc1a9972501c97fbe8e99825faf255c1eee7a10a84cf891d04685e6d96a
openssl sha -sha256 Neon-0.1.0.Mac.dmg

Windows: 34b84a2e53876b0666dd5004efd11243ab81cc6a4a71e2ab322fe47481c6a959
certUtil -hashfile "Neon.Setup.0.1.0.Windows.exe" SHA256

Linux deb: 45bf521b4c911ba3ac0bda2bc6a4dfefc92ce5777a0da0bec800f974cee8c603
sha256sum Neon_0.1.0_amd64.Linux.deb

Linux AppImage: eb82e7b669e86cb5ae446ab69ea56a487d3ed7f472d44259014c5c0d76db8e44
sha256sum Neon-0.1.0-x86_64.Linux.AppImage