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A mod for Factorio. Allows you to plan out your production in detail.
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Factory Planner

! This mod is currently in open beta !

This is a mod for the game Factorio. It is published in zip-format on the Factorio Mod Portal, which allows it to be downloaded and updated in-game by the users/players.

It enables players to plan out their production in detail, specifying the recipes and machines to use. It allows for conceptual separation of assembly lines through the use of separate floors that can be nested infinitely. There exist calculators on the web that can do this already. The advantage an in-game solution has is that the plans remain attached to a savegame and are always right where you need them. Additionally, it can incorporate every other mod the user has installed, with up-to-date information, which is something that external solutions can never provide.

Something very similar has already been done by Helmod. One major goal of this was to provide an experience that is more intuitive and convenient than that of Helmod. In addition, it should have better performance and allow for more complex recipes to be calculated correctly. Not all of these goals have been reached, and there are still some major features missing, but in due time, the mod will improve to meet more of it's goals.

Suggestions and bug reports go to the Mod Page on the mod portal for now.

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