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#Welcome to the MavLink FrSky S.Port Converter Wiki

##Introduction This project, put simply allows the telemetry information provided by an Ardupilot flight controller to be displayed on the screen of a FrSky Taranis radio transmitter, producing a screen which looks like this:

Project History

This project started life back in January 2014, the original idea thought up by Rolf Blomgren, and discussed in the following forum thread: The project found its way onto github (based on the original 1.3 version of the above repo) and has been forked several times since, each time advancing and improving what it provides in terms of features and abilities.

This particular fork was started when a few developers who each had their own fork running independently, decided to come together to consolidate their efforts, and it is a testament to what can be achieved when we work together rather than apart. We are always interested in hearing from new developers who might be interested in getting involved in the project, so please don't be shy.

##Currently available branches s-c-l-v-rc-opentx2.1 -

  • Current version for openTX 2.1.7 to 2.1.9 (earlier 2.1 versions not supported).
  • Supports both Copter and Plane versions of Ardupilot (not tested with versions <3.21).
  • Works with both APM and Pixhawk based flight controllers.
  • This branch provides two telemetry screens and several mixer scripts for configuration.

s-v-l-v-rc -

  • This is the legacy version supporting OpenTx 2.0.x
  • Supports Copter version of Ardupilot only (not tested with AP versions >3.21)
  • The telemetry screen provided in this branch looks like this:

led-control -

  • same as s-v-l-v-rc but with an led-control AddOn

s-c-l-v-rc-opentx2.1-next -

  • Development Tree (no support available, and several commits behind the main 2.1 version)

Please note that v2.0 (and newer) of this project code, which supports both OpenTx v 2.1.9 and the newer v2.2 can be found in the new repo here:

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