2.1. Lipo Singe Cell Monitor

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#Description This is a DIY LiPo cell monitoring solution which can be included as an AddOn to this project. Enabling the AddOn code will increase the teensy's functionality, allowing the teensy pins A0 to A5(6S Lipo) to be used to connect a DIY built voltage divider resistor network. Theoretically it is possible to use more pins (A0 to A11) to monitor up to a 12S LiPo. We currently test up to 6S successfully with two decimal places of precision.

If connecting the lipo balancer plug to your teensy, it will be important to divide all lipo-cell voltage outputs to a value <= 3,3V.

##Example for an full 6S Lipo(25,2V):

LipoCell Voltage R1 in series to cell R2 to gnd software divider 13bit
S1 4,2V 1k 3k3 1913.528953519
S2 8,4V 2k 1k2 933.688035297
S3 12,6V 3k6 1k2 622.955076603
S4 16,8V 5k1 1k2 473.787040052
S5 21,0V 6k8 1k2 373.105567418
S6 25,2V 11k 1k6 317.423580786

All needed resistors found in E24 series. If you use other resistors all dividers must recalculated.

The default dividers are defined in LSCM.h, but do not edit here. Use lscm.setCustomCellDivider funktion to set dividers properly.

##Setup LSCM To get LSCM working correct you should setup MAXCELLS in MavLink_FrSkySPort.ino to a corresponding value for your lipo.


  • 2S Lipo => #define MAXCELLS 2
  • 3S Lipo => #define MAXCELLS 3
  • 4S Lipo => #define MAXCELLS 4
  • 5S Lipo => #define MAXCELLS 5
  • 6S Lipo => #define MAXCELLS 6

You should also evaluate if the default divider match to your use resistor network. You can check this bye checking voltage values are displayed correct on your Taranis. If it doesn´t match please recalculate them and set new values with lscm.setCustomCellDivider funktion

  • search for lscm.setCustomCellDivider in MavLink_FrSkySPort.ino
  • uncomment it and set it like in the example shown
  • lscm.setCustomCellDivider(1905.331599479, 929.011553273, 615.667808219); // This is an example for three cells

##Wiring (Teensy 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, LC):

![Lipo Network Wiring](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Clooney82/MavLink_FrSkySPort/s-c-l-v-rc-opentx2.1/images/Wiring - Resistor Network.jpg)

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