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Cloudino Documentation
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Welcome to Cloudino Documentation!

Cloudino is a Full Stack Internet of Things Platform, Open Source and Open Hardware, that allows the development and instrumentation of Internet of the Things Solutions in a Simple and Transparent way.

The Cloudino Platform was designed thinking in 4 main characteristics: small size, easy to use, low cost hardware and modularity. And with these characteristics, that the Cloudino platform allows to everyone the possibility to incorporate IoT technologies in their projects without any technical or economical limitations.

Cloudino Characteristics

Cloudino is developed and maintained by INFOTEC (Public Research Center of CONACYT) as a Open Source and Open Hardware Platform

Cloudino Architecture

The Cloudino Platform proposes to add a new IoT Chip (Cloudino WiFi Connector) that works like a configurable Network Layer between the sensors, actuators or existent hardware solutions like Arduino and the Cloud Services, for a simple and fast start to IoT World.

Cloudino Architecture

You can find more information about Cloudino Architecture here

Cloudino WiFi Connector

The Cloudino WiFi Connector, which is a little, inexpensive and powerful IoT Chip, that has preprogrammed the most common IoT protocols like a MQTT or the NGSI for the Orion Context Broker, that allows everyone to start sending information to the Cloud without any additional programming effort.

Cloudino WCC

Technical Specifications

Caracteristic Value
Operating Voltage 4V - 12V
Digital I/O Pins 11
Analog Input Pins 1 (Max input: 1V)
Clock Speed 80MHz/160MHz
Flash 4M bytes
Length 25mm
Width 25.6mm
Weight 3g


CWC Pin Function CWC Pin Function
GND Ground GPIO16 IO
VIN IN 4V - 12V ADC 10-bit Analog Input, Max 1V Input
RXD RXD GPIO0 IO, 10k Pull-Up

We can see the Cloudino WiFi Connector as an IoT Router, where let us configure using a simple web browser, the internet settings as well as the IoT protocol that the chip will use.

An other important characteristic of the Cloudino WiFi Connector is that can working in parallel with the Arduino, the WCC can be used as an Cloudino WiFi Connector, I mean, we can reprogram the Arduino via Cloud.

The Cloudino WiFi Connector working with Arduino is not like an Arduino shield, is an other processor working in parallel dedicated only to the network layer including the IoT protocols, leaving the Arduino dedicated to the connectivity with the sensors and actuators, while allowing reprogramming Arduino via WiFi or Cloud.

The Cloudino WiFi Connector can be used as we mention as an additional microcontroller dedicated to the network layer, working in parallel with actual microcontroller solutions like arduino. But also can be used as a Standalone device for directly communicate the real-life objects to the internet.

You can find more information about Cloudino Wifi Connector here

If you want to make your own Cloudino Module you can start with:

Cloudino Standalone

To start with the WiFi Cloud connector in Standalone mode you only need to connect it to a power supply between 4v and 15v.

Cloudino SA

The WiFi Cloud Connector sets up a network of its own, allowing the user to connect directly to it for an easy and fast configuration through a web browser

Cloudino WCC

You can find more information about Cloudino WiFi Connector Configuration here

Cloudino with Arduino

Cloudino can be work in parallel with Arduino using it like an Arduino Cloud Programmer.

For this you only need to use tree ping from the Arduino (TX, TX , RST) and the additional (5V, GND)


You can find more information about Arduino Connection Squema here

Supported Devices

  • The Arduino Uno
  • Arduino Duemilanove or Diecimila
  • Arduino Nano
  • ATmega1280
  • Arduino Mini
  • Arduino Fio
  • Arduino BT
  • LilyPad Arduino
  • Arduino Pro or Pro Mini
  • Arduino NG or older

Arduino library

Cloudino with Javascript

CloudinoJS is a JavaScript implementation por Cloudino Platform

Cloudino Server

The use of the Cloudino Server is optional, however, it has many advantages over existing services, such as: Devices, Rules and User Contexts Manages, and Stream Data Storage.

The Cloudino Server includes also Web IDE that allows devices to be programmed and debugged via Cloud and it also includes an easy "Blocks programming interface" for non-experimented programmers.

Cloudino Server

For start using the Cloudino Server visit

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