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CocoaMSX version 1.45

@0xe1f 0xe1f released this
· 36 commits to master since this release
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  • Fixed network error introduced by El Capitan's new security features
  • Fixed joystick range detection
  • Added option to take auto-numbered screenshot to File menu (can still Save As by holding down Alt)
  • Added option to insert new blank disk to File menu
  • Added option to open folders in Read/Write mode (will create a disk image with folder contents and load the image)
  • Updated to C-BIOS 0.27
  • Switched to native C semaphores and threading
  • Project updated to Xcode 7
  • Fixed slow startup due to recentDocumentURLs taking up longer than it should
  • Added manual retina screen rendering
  • Fixed support for Xbox 360 controller, simplified the joystick configurator (no longer need to specify axis range)
  • Removed superfluous mouse clicks generated by cursor locking/unlocking
  • Bug fixes, Github issues #20, #31