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This is a fork of the original ComponentFactory Krypton library (, which gathers all the modifications I've made to the suite when building stuff for JDH Software (and when Krypton was a commercial product from ComponentFactory). It is my humble contribution to the community and all pull requests are welcome.


Check how to setup your dev environment here

Krypton OutlookGrid

This fork is also the baseline of my project Krypton OutlookGrid - a new Krypton Datagridview with multi sorting/grouping and other cool things Check it out there : ! :)

Krypton Suite of .NET WinForms Controls (original readme)

The Kryton Suite of .NET WinForms controls are now freely available for use in personal or commerical projects. I developed and sold them from my company Component Factory until 2014 when the lack sales meant that selling the controls no longer made sense.

Full source code for all the controls and components is included along with Visual Studio project and solution files for 2005, 2008 and 2010 versions of Visual Studio. If you are using a newer version of Visual Studio you can still load the solutions and it will compile just fine.

The Bin directory contains already compiled copies of all the example projects and the Krypton assemblies so you can quickly play around and explore the available controls. You can directly include the Krypton assemblies from the that directory into your projects. Alternatively the Source directory contains the full source code that you can view, modify and directly compile.

Krypton Toolkit

49 basic controls with full and consistent theming.

Krypton Ribbon

Office style ribbon control.

Krypton Docking

Drag and drop just like Visual Studio.

Krypton Navigator

A TabControl but so much better.

Krypton Workspace

Organize the client area of your application.


Krypton WinForms components for .NET




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