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The Krypton Components fully support design time (thanks to the work of ComponentFactory) I'll describe here the simple way to install Krypton on your dev workstation.

  1. Download the source code and open it in Visual Studio in Administrator mode.

  2. Rebuild All on the the solution. There is a post-build event that register the Design project (this is the one which allows design time components) into the GAC (Global Assembly Cache).

    "$(ProjectDir)..\GacUtil.exe" -i "$(TargetPath)" /f

  3. You may find me silly but reboot your computer. Believe me reboot it ! (that enables Windows to take account of the newly registered dll in GAC to have proper design time support)

  4. In you solution just add the Krypton projects in your solution or right click in the toolbox and choose add elements to select all the Krypton components.

Okay an installer would be easier but this is how I currently work :) Have fun !