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Create sprite sheets and animations for your cocos2d-x project
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Assets Initial version Dec 15, 2015
Project Updated tutorial link Apr 4, 2018

cocos2d-x sprite sheet tutorial

This project contains the source code and assets for the animations and sprite sheets in cocos2d-x tutorial.

Contents of the tutorial:

  • Why you should use sprite sheets
  • Designing for different resolutions and devices
  • Creating sprite sheets
  • Using sprite sheets
  • Creating animations
  • Animating a character sprite

Important notice

We've removed the cocos2d-x sources from this folder. The reason is that they would add more than 300MB to the size of this repository.

This tutorial code was originally built with cocos2d-x 3.9, verified with cocos2d-x 3.16. It should also run with the newest release of cocos2d-x — you can get it from the download page.

To run this project simply copy the contents of the downloaded zip file into this folder. The structure of the project folder should like this:

  • Classes
    • ...
  • cocos2d
    • build
      • ...
    • cmake
      • ...
    • cocos
      • ...
    • ...
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