a garrys mod loading screen with steam api features, music and a slideshow for TTT and other Gmod Games
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add a loading screen for your garrys mod server!

v2 is nearly done!


Check it out here https://github.com/CodeBrauer/gmod-loadingscreen/tree/v2.0

See it in action



  • Basic template built with bootstrap (responsive)
  • Image slideshow with random pictures
  • Random music with autoplay in background
  • Welcome message with steam-player name
  • Show on which map the player will join
  • Show current music title


  • rules.php for showing rules after server join for the motd (ULX has to be installed)



  • put 3 music files in .ogg-format in the music folder. They must be named 1.ogg, 2.ogg and 3.ogg!
  • put the music artists on line 12-14 in index.php
  • get a steam web-api key here
  • replace the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in index.php on line 24 with your personal api key.
  • upload this code somewhere
  • you don't have a webserver with PHP support? look here or here!
  • set the url of the loading screen in your server.cfg like that sv_loadingurl "http://example.com/gmod-loadingscreen/?steamid=%s&mapname=%m"
  • restart server.
  • enjoy.

The server name and the content of the page can be easily edited with basic knowledge of HTML. in the next version there will be a easy config file so its easier to customize :bowtie:

Pull requests

Feel free to send a PR to improve this!

styled with bootstrap & cyborg theme