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Collegium Academicum Website

This repo contains the new version of


  • Hugo: >=0.44


The website is a static website built with the static site generator Hugo. As CSS framework we use Bulma.

You will need to have the Hugo and the SASS binary installed. You may do this by:

Dist install command
Ubuntu sudo apt-get install hugo ruby-sass
Arch Linux sudo pacman -S hugo ruby-sass
Fedora sudo yum install hugo rubygem-sass

Next clone the repo. As the repo contains submodules you will need to do:

git clone --recursive -j8 git://


We use make to build the website. Copy the Makefile.example to Makefile and set the FTP_USER variable and the LOCALURL if needed.

Command Function
make publish Build for online deployment (into ./upload/) and upload using lftp
make local Build for local development (into ./public/)
make clean Clean all generated files
make css Only compile the SASS files

Audio files

The audio files for the CA Ausstellung are way to big to put them in the Git project. Also having them in the content folder makes hugo considerably slower just because theyre huge. Therefore they have to be put into the web space by hand. Into the /audio/ folder.


You can use the following custom shortcodes in the content markdown files to get programmatic content blocks:

Shortcode function
{{< img src="" alt="" attr="" />}} Includes an image and adds the modal popup. Note the trailing slash!
{{< pdf src="" width="" height="" >}} Embeds a PDF.
{{< audio ### >}} Embeds a audio file.
{{< quotes source="" size="" >}} Prints a grid of quotes. Source team or supporters. Data can be added/edited in data/quotes_team.toml and data/quotes_supporters.toml
{{< timeline >}} Prints the timeline. Data can be added/edited in data/timeline.toml
{{< partners >}} Prints the list of partners. Data can be added/edited in data/partners.toml
{{< hausprojekt-boxes >}} Outputs the menu boxes for the house projekt pages