ECMAScript Lexer / Parser / Interpreter / VM / method JIT written in C++
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Latest commit 64c3a9c Mar 24, 2015
Constellation Getter is called twice in railgun
GetSlot already calls getter.
So slot::Get call is not needed.


iv Build Status

iv is ECMA262 5.1 lexer and parser and engine project written in C++ / JS

a lot of inspired from V8, SpiderMonkey, JavaScriptCore

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under New BSD License see LICENSE files

iv / lv5

lv5 is ECMA262 5.1 engine

for more information, see lv5 README and lv5 wiki

Build Instruction

see lv5 README


cmake -H. -Brelease -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
make -C release lv5
cp release/iv/lv5/lv5 lv5

iv / lv5 / railgun

iv / lv5 / railgun is Register VM and Compiler.

Their basic design is a lot of inspired Lua and JSC.

for more information, see railgun README

iv / lv5 / breaker

iv / lv5 / breaker is Context Threading JIT Compiler.

for more information, see breaker README

iv / phonic

phonic is Ruby library of ECMA262 5.1 Parser API

for more information, see phonic README