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Generate html content from a PSD
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A program to export data from a PSDs layers to generate HTML.

Installation and Requirements

This program will not run without a modules.json of your html modules. You can generate a json file using this json_generator script.

Requires atleast Python 3.6

Install the dependency packages psd-tools, requests and beautifulsoup4.

    cd psd-xhtml/
    pip install -r requirements.txt

How do i run this

Run the following inside a terminal


How does it work

The program uses the psd-tools library to read Photoshops COM API. The layer names are read which correspond to the modules.json, key (the html module name) and value (raw html).

        "TEXT_01": "<h1>TEXT_01</h1>"

Here's an example; If the PSD layer name is TEXT_01 this will request the value of key TEXT_01 from modules.json which will return the html ...<h1>TEXT_01</h1>...

The text is also parsed from the PSD and replaced in the HTML.

PSD requirements

The photoshop file must include;

  • An Artboard, with Mobile in the name
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