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A non-profit research organization and open community on Continual Learning for AI.


  1. avalanche avalanche Public

    Avalanche: an End-to-End Library for Continual Learning based on PyTorch.

    Python 1.5k 260

  2. colab colab Public

    Continual Learning tutorials and demo running on Google Colaboratory.

    Jupyter Notebook 312 91

  3. continual-learning-papers continual-learning-papers Public

    Continual Learning papers list, curated by ContinualAI

    HTML 437 44

  4. wiki wiki Public

    ContinualAI Wiki: a collaborative wiki on Continual/Lifelong Machine Learning

    45 11

  5. continual-learning-baselines continual-learning-baselines Public

    Continual learning baselines and strategies from popular papers, using Avalanche. We include EWC, SI, GEM, AGEM, LwF, iCarl, GDumb, and other strategies.

    Python 199 30

  6. avalanche-rl avalanche-rl Public

    Avalanche fork adding RL support

    Python 62 9


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