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Cross platform menu item installation
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menuinst: cross platform menu item installation

This package is was originally developed and maintained by Enthought under the name AppInst. The name appinst is a rename of what used to be called 'wininst'.

Usage on Windows:

This application is used by Conda to create shortcuts on a wide variety of systems. To create shortcuts, you'll need to add a menu entry file named menu-windows.json to your conda recipe. An example file's contents would be:

        "name": "IPython (Py __PY_VER__)",
        "pyscript": "${PYTHON_SCRIPTS}/",
        "icon": "${MENU_DIR}/IPython.ico"

There can be more than one dictionary per JSON file (one per shortcut).

Note: two fields are required for each shortcut: "name" and some action type.

By default, this puts your shortcut under the Anaconda menu entry. To create your own folder, you can add additional keys:

    "menu_name": "World",
                "name": "Hello World",
                "pyscript": "${PYTHON_SCRIPTS}/"

Make sure that you copy the menu-windows.json file in your blt.bat script:

copy menu-windows.json %MENU_DIR%\

Supported action types on Windows:

  • pyscript: Run supplied python script with interpreter on PATH
  • pywscript: Run supplied python script with pythonw interpreter on PATH
  • webbrowser: Open system default web browser to supplied link
  • script: Execute supplied argument (e.g. batch file, executable, etc.)

Making icons accessible:

To make your desired icon accessible, copy it in your bld.bat file to %MENU_DIR%, which conda defines.

copy %RECIPE_DIR%\IPython.ico %MENU_DIR%\
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