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The main goal of this function is alter the user when a large program has finished running.

It has three time-based functions. This lets the user know when the function began, and how long it took.

It has two messaging functions. The first takes an error title, and sends a message to the user altering her/him of the error

The second takes a start and end time, and a name of the function that takes a large amount of time for my reference and convenience. This function is called when the large program is completed, and sends the message to the user.

The way I use this setup is as follows I traditionally have a main() function The main() will execute all of the functions of my major program. At the top of the main() I call get_time() which, non-surprisingly returns the time. I store it in some variable start_time. I also usually call show_Full_Time() that way at the top of the output for whatever program I'm running, I have the start time. After the program completes, and I'm at the end of main() I call doneTextSend(start_Time, get_time(), process_Name) where process_Name is a string for my reference later on.

Bear with me, I'm new to github.