A minimalistic PHP beanstalk client.
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  ---- A minimalistic PHP beanstalk client.

  This library allows you to interface with the beanstalk[1] work queue and is
  built with a minimal featureset still supporting the complete protocol. The
  main (and currently only) class can be found at `src/Socket/Beanstalk.php`.

  The class was formerly part of the queue plugin for CakePHP[2]. It has been
  extracted for higher reusability in other places and frameworks.

  [1] http://kr.github.com/beanstalkd
  [2] https://github.com/davidpersson/queue

  See the AUTHORS file.

  Copyright & License
  Beanstalk, a beanstalk PHP client library for the beanstalk work queue is
  Copyright (c) 2009-2011 David Persson if not otherwise stated. The code
  is distributed under the terms of the MIT License. For the full license
  text see the LICENSE file.

  If you enjoy working with this library and this open source project is of
  great use to you, consider buying me a book from my amazon wish list.

  http://amzn.com/w/1YHE04BY8UDI - Your donation is much appreciated.

  Versions & Requirements
  1.0.0, PHP >=5.2.1


  1. Extract the downloaded archive.
  2. Move or copy the extracted directory davidpersson-beanstalk-[hash]
     to /path/to/your/libraries.
  3. Put the src directory of it in your include path.
          ini_set('include_path', ini_get('include_path') . PATH_SEPARATOR . '/path/to/beanstalk/src');
  4. Load the main class.
          require 'Socket/Beanstalk.php';

  Running the Tests
  Tests for this library are PHPUnit based. To run the tests you'll need
  to have PHPUnit installed[1]. Following commands will run all the tests.

  $ cd /path/to/beanstalk/src
  $ phpunit ../tests

  [1] http://www.phpunit.de/manual/current/en/installation.html

  If you've found a bug or would like to suggest a feature create a ticket in the
  issue tracker. You'll find the tracker at:


  If you have some ideas for improving this library just fork the repository,
  make your changes and when ready send a pull request to notify me about the
  changes you made. I'll review them and see if I can merge them back. Please
  style your code according to the code which is already there.

  Please note that code which is supposed to be merged into this (blessed)
  repository must carry the same header (including the copyright statement) as
  all code in the library and should be free of any @author tags. This may seem
  a little strange at first. But let me explain: Multiple copyright
  holders/licenses complicate things where not necessary. @author tags seem to
  mark sections of code as belonging to, owned or claimed by the specific author.

  As an alternative the project has a dedicated AUTHORS file where every contributor
  is listed with her/his name/nick along with an email address.