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Minimalistic PHP client for beanstalkd without any dependencies
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---- Minimalistic PHP client for beanstalkd.

This library allows you to interface with the beanstalkd[1] work queue and is
built with a minimal featureset still supporting the complete protocol. The
main (and currently only) class can be found at `src/Client.php`.

The class was formerly part of the queue plugin for CakePHP[2]. It has been
extracted for higher reusability in other places and frameworks.

Cute[3] is such a project. It uses this library to provide convenient
access and tooling around the work queue for PHP.


Copyright & License
Beanstalk, a beanstalk PHP client library for the beanstalkd work queue is
Copyright (c) 2009-2015 David Persson if not otherwise stated. The code
is distributed under the terms of the MIT License. For the full license
text see the LICENSE file.

Versions & Requirements
1.0.0, PHP >=5.2.1
1.1.0, PHP >=5.2.1
2.0.0, PHP >=5.4.1

Note: In PHP Versions 5.3.9, 5.3.10 and 5.4.0 the `stream_get_line()`
      function exhibits buggy behavior (PHP bug #60817), thus
      these versions cannot be used with this library.

The preferred installation method is via composer. You can add the library
as a dependency via:

$ composer require davidpersson/beanstalk


use Beanstalk\Client;

// A sample producer.
$beanstalk = new Client(); // For connection options see the
                           // class documentation.

$beanstalk->useTube('flux'); // Begin to use tube `'flux'`.
    23, // Give the job a priority of 23.
    0,  // Do not wait to put job into the ready queue.
    60, // Give the job 1 minute to run.
    '/path/to/cat-image.png' // The job's body.

// A sample consumer.
$beanstalk = new Client();


while (true) {
    $job = $beanstalk->reserve(); // Block until job is available.
    // Now $job is an array which contains its ID and body:
    // ['id' => 123, 'body' => '/path/to/cat-image.png']

    // Processing of the job...
    $result = touch($job['body']);

    if ($result) {
    } else {
// When exiting i.e. on critical error conditions
// you may also want to disconnect the consumer.
// $beanstalk->disconnect();


Running the Tests
The integration tests contained in this library require a running beanstalkd
instance. You'll need to start a dedicated instance on port 11301 as follows.

beanstalkd -VV -l -p 11301

Tests for this library are PHPUnit based. To run the tests you'll need
to have PHPUnit installed[1]. Following commands will run all the tests.

cd /path/to/beanstalk
composer install

vendor/bin/phpunit tests

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