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This is a small PHP application designed to display status and information from the Emerald node daemon.

Table of Contents

  1. Requirements
  2. Getting Started
  3. Contributing
  4. Advanced Configuration Options
  5. Licensing


To run the application, you will need:

  • A Emerald node with RPC enabled.
  • A web-server with PHP installed.
  • The PHP curl module - this is used to make RPC calls to the Emerald daemon.

PHP Support

This application has been tested with PHP 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6, as well as HHVM and Nightly PHP builds, via TravisCI.

Getting Started

To get started, all you need to do is copy/rename php/config.sample.php to php/config.php and configure your node's RPC credentials. The application will connect to your node via RPC and report statistics.

To use Google Analytics, simply create a file called inside the php directory and paste your GA code into it.

Collecting Connection Statistics

The script can also periodically collect the current number of connections and store it for display via Google Charts on your status page.

To do this, just schedule the /stats.php script to be called at whatever interval you like, then config.php to enable the chart display. You can optionally tweak the settings under the "Stats" section if you want to keep more or less data.

Below is an example crontab entry to call the script every five minutes via curl. It is highly recommended to only allow to call the script, as allowing other IP addresses could lead to your node becoming vulnerable to DDoS attacks.

*/5 *  *   *   *  curl -Ssk > /dev/null

Node Profile Icons

To configure profile icons for your node, just set them up using the node_links variable in config.php. The format is a multi-dimensional array, as below. Icon images for and are included in the img directory.

    'node_links' => array (
        array (
            'name' => '',
            'image => 'img/'
            'link  => '<IP>-<PORT>/
        array (


Buy me a beer!

Contributions and testing reports are extremely welcome. Please submit a pull request or issue on GitHub, and make sure that your code conforms to the PEAR PHP coding standards (Travis CI will test your pull request when it's sent).

I accept tips via ChangeTip in any currency - if you would like to buy me a beer, please do!

Advanced Options

The config.php file also contains lots of options to control how the application behaves, and is separated out into loose sections:


Value Type Default Explanation
rpc_user String rpcuser Username for RPC calls
rpc_pass String rpcpass Password for RPC calls
rpc_host String localhost Which RPC host to connect to
rpc_port String 8332 Port to use for the RPC connection
rpc_ssl Boolean false Enables SSL for the RPC connection
rpc_ssl_ca String null The SSL CA chain file


Value Type Default Explanation
display_donation_text Boolean true Display text to encourage donations
donation_address String not_set Emerald address to advertise for donations
donation_amount String 0.001 Donation amount - not currently implemented


Value Type Default Explanation
display_peer_info Boolean false Display connected peers
display_peer_port Boolean false Display remote peer's port
hide_dark_peers Boolean true Hides peers connected from "Dark" networks


Value Type Default Explanation
use_cache Boolean true Enable cache
cache_file String /tmp/emeraldd-status.cache File location to write to for cache
max_cache_time Int 300 Expiry time for cache
nocache_whitelist Array array('') The IP addresses that are allowed to bypass or clear cache


Value Type Default Explanation
geolocate_peer_ip Boolean false Geolocate peers' IP addresses
display_ip_location Boolean false Geolocate node IP address


Value Type Default Explanation
display_ip Boolean false Display the server IP address
display_free_disk_space Boolean false Displayfree disk space
display_testnet Boolean false Display testnet status
display_version Boolean true Display node emeraldd version
display_github_ribbon Boolean true Displays the 'Fork me on GitHub' ribbon
display_max_height Boolean false Displays the node height as a percentage of network height
use_emeraldd_ip Boolean true Use the Emerald daemon to get the public IP, instead of $_SERVER
intro_text String not_set Introductory text to display above the node statistics.
display_bitnodes_info Boolean false Displays various information via the API
display_chart String false Displays a chart showing the stats collected by the stats.php script
node_links Array array() Displays links to various other profiles for your node. Takes the form of a multidimensional array, see example


Value Type Default Explanation
stats_whitelist Array array('') Hosts that can run the stats script
stats_file String /tmp/ File to store stats
stats_max_age String 604800 Maximum age for stats
stats_min_data_points Int 5 Minimum data points to collect before displaying chart


Value Type Default Explanation
display_emeraldd_uptime Boolean true Displays the uptime of the Emerald daemon
emeraldd_process_name String emeraldd Name to use when getting the emerald daemon process' uptime


Value Type Default Explanation
date_format String H:i:s T, j F Y PHP date fuction format to use when outputting dates
stylesheet String v2-light.css CSS Stylesheet to use
debug Boolean false` If enabled, the contents of $data is echoed in HTML comments
admin_email String Email address to display on error

Important Note

  • Do not disable cache unless you either have an alternative mechanism or your node is protected from potential DDoS attacks.



see usefull informations of your EMD Node in the browser





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