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elpiel commented Jan 10, 2020

📋 Description

A discord badge as the one currently available, with the only difference, that it shows the total number of people in the server as well:

E.g. Discord: 15/50 online

🔗 Data

I am not sure if there is such an endpoint with the available data in the Discord API.

🎤 Motivation

Showing the number of online users is good, but sometime

JamonBarns commented Jun 11, 2019

We are currently using Staytus as part of an automation implementation and through this we interact heavily with the API. When we call Staytus, we add a new message which looks/works great in the frontend.

However, we'd also like to update the Staytus Incident Title, so when we need to we can call the update action from our automation script. I haven't found a practical way around this as of y

cbergmann commented Dec 13, 2019

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I currently redesign our infrastructure documentation. It is in the form of a Wiki page. It would be cool if we could add a badge to the home page of that wiki that shows the status of our infrastructure and links to the status page.

Describe the solution you'd like
I suggest that a png file is generated that contains the

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