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Aurelia port of react-kawaii.
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Aurelia Kawaii

Aurelia Kawaii is a fork of React Kawaii: cute SVG illustrations as custom elements. Ideal if you want to give some cuteness and personality to your Aurelia application.


With npm:

npm install --save aurelia-kawaii

With yarn:

yarn add aurelia-kawaii

How to use:

<kawaii-planet size={200} mood="blissful" color="#FDA7DC"></kawaii-planet>


This project is bootstrapped by aurelia-cli.

This Aurelia plugin project has a built-in dev app (with CLI built-in bundler and RequireJS) to simplify development.

  1. The local src/ folder, is the source code for the plugin.
  2. The local dev-app/ folder, is the code for the dev app, just like a normal app bootstrapped by aurelia-cli.
  3. You can use normal au run and au test in development just like developing an app.
  4. You can use aurelia-testing to test your plugin, just like developing an app.
  5. To ensure compatibility to other apps, always use PLATFORM.moduleName() wrapper in files inside src/. You don't need to use the wrapper in dev-app/ folder as CLI built-in bundler supports module name without the wrapper.

Build Plugin

Run au build-plugin. This will transpile all files from src/ folder to dist/native-modules/ and dist/commonjs/.

For example, src/index.ts will become dist/native-modules/index.js and dist/commonjs/index.js.

Note all other files in dev-app/ folder are for the dev app, they would not appear in the published npm package.

Run dev app

Run au run, then open http://localhost:9000

To open browser automatically, do au run --open.

To change dev server port, do au run --port 8888.

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