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Cute SVG React Components
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React Kawaii

React Kawaii is a library of cute SVG illustrations (react components). Ideal if you want to give some cuteness and personality to your react application.

Version npm


React Kawaii Example


With npm:

npm install --save react-kawaii

With yarn:

yarn add react-kawaii

How to use

import { Planet } from 'react-kawaii';

const Example = () => <Planet size={200} mood="blissful" color="#FDA7DC" />;

How to use with React Native

import { Planet } from 'react-kawaii/lib/native/';

const Example = () => <Planet size={200} mood="blissful" color="#FDA7DC" />;

Depending on your react and react-native version, you might need to to install the package react-native-svg:

With npm:

npm install react-native-svg

With yarn:

yarn add react-native-svg

Link react-native:

react-native link react-native-svg

Read the react-native-svg documentation in case you need help.


So you want to help developing some cute UI components?

If you want to develop a component

  • npm i

  • npm run styleguide

If you want to build

  • npm run styleguide:build




All the components are SVG illustrations. You can pick different moods: sad, shocked, happy, blissful and lovestruck. You can also choose a color to your Kawaii and the size.

Available components:

  • Backpack - A cute backpack
  • Browser - A cute browser
  • Cat - A cute cat
  • Chocolate - A cute chocolate
  • CreditCard - A cute credit card
  • File - A cute file
  • Ghost - A cute ghost
  • IceCream - A cute ice-cream
  • Mug - A cute mug
  • Planet - A cute planet
  • SpeechBubble - A cute speech bubble
  • More Kawaii components coming soon...


Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this project! You can find the contributors list here.

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