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During my journey to getting the OSCP, I always come across many articles, Git repo, videos, and other types of sources of great and valuable information that helps me during my studies. While having all of these in a bookmark folder is great, I wanted to also build a curated list of the resources that I've collected overtime, all in one area for everyone to access.

This list will continue to grow over time as I come across new resources. If you know more resources or want me to add yours, please let me know and I'll add it in.

PS. A VERY big thank you to all the authors of these resources, for taking the time and energy putting this invaluable information together.


~ Official Exam Guide ~

OSCP Certification Exam Guide - Offensive Security

~ Reviews and Experiences ~

31 Days of OSCP Experience - ParanoidNinja

Detailed Guide on OSCP Prep – From Newbie to OSCP - Ramkisan Mohan

Offensive Security Certified Professional – Lab and Exam Review - theslickgeek

Passing The OSCP - Pink_Panther

OSCP Experience and the first torture! - Nitesh Shilpkar

~ Helpful VMs for Practice ~

Kioptrix - loneferret

OSCP-like Vulnhub VMs - abatchy

OSCP Training VM’s hosted on - Andrew Hilton

Pinky's Palace CTFs - Pink_Panther

~ CTF Walkthroughs & Educational Videos ~

Hack The Box CTFs - ippsec

Hack The Box, Over The Wire, Other CTFs - derekrook

VunHub Walkthroughs - Arr0way

~ OSCP Prep, Tools, Cheatsheets, Guides, etc. ~

Metasploit Unleashed - Offensive Security

15 Ways to Download a File - NetSPI

Explain Shell - Great at explaining Linux Commands in Detail - Idan Kamara

Mixed Archives - g0tmi1k

OWASP Testing Guide v4 Table of Contents - owasp

Penetration Testing Tools Cheat Sheet - Arr0way

Reverse Shell Cheat Sheet - Arr0way

Linux Commands Cheat Sheet - Arr0way

Reverse Shell Cheat Sheet - Pentest Monkey

Black Room Sec - CTFs, Guides, Tools - blackroomsec

Dostoevskylabs's PenTest Notes - Dostoevskylabs

Pentest Compilation - adon90

SecLists - danielmiessler

OSCP-Prep - burntmybagel

OSCP-Prep - rhodejo

OSCP Scripts - garyhooks

OSCP Scripts & Documents - ihack4falafel

OSCP Recon Script - xapax

Cheatsheet-God - OlivierLaflamme

OSCP-Repo - rewardone

Cheatsheets - slyth11907

OSCP tricks - WarLord

Go-For-OSCP - WarLord

How to prepare for the OSCP ? A STUDY PLAN - Magda CHELLY, CISSP, Ph.D

OSCP useful Links - backdoorshell

Total OSCP Guide - sushant747

OSCP Course & Exam Preparation - 411Hall

OSCP Journey: Python Code Challenges - Elias Ibrahim

SMB Enumeration Checklist - 0xdf

Tunneling and Pivoting - 0xdf

Post-Exploitation Windows File Transfers with SMB - 0xdf

Multiple Ways to Exploit Tomcat Manager - Raj Chande

~ SQL Injection ~

Preliminary SQL Injection Part 1 - Jatin Yadav

Preliminary SQL Injection Part 2 - Jatin Yadav

Informix SQL Injection Cheat Sheet - pentestmonkey

MSSQL Injection Cheat Sheet - pentestmonkey

Oracle SQL Injection Cheat Sheet - pentestmonkey

MySQL SQL Injection Cheat Sheet - pentestmonkey

Postgres SQL Injection Cheat Sheet - pentestmonkey

DB2 SQL Injection Cheat Sheet - pentestmonkey

Ingres SQL Injection Cheat Sheet - pentestmonkey

SQL Injection Reference Library & Techniques - SQLINjection

~ Linux Privilege Escalation ~

OSCP - Linux Priviledge Escalation - WarLord

Basic Linux Privilege Escalation - g0tmi1k

~ Windows Privilege Escalation ~

OSCP - Windows Priviledge Escalation - WarLord

Awesome-Windows-Exploitation - enddo

Windows Priv escalation - kyawthiha7

Windows Privilege Escalation Fundamentals - FuzzySec (b33f)

~ LFI & RFI ~

PHP Local and Remote File Inclusion (LFI, RFI) Attacks - WarLord

LFI Cheat Sheet - Arr0way

~ Exploits & Exploit Developtment, Tutorials ~

Windows & Linux Exploit Development - FuzzySec (b33f)

Exploit DB - Offensive Security

Exploit Development - Starting from Part 1 - Corelan Team

Over The Wire - Wargames - OverTheWire


Windows Exploit Development – Part 1: The Basics

Windows Exploit Development – Part 2: Intro-Stack-Overflow

Windows Exploit Development – Part 3: Changing-Offsets-and-Rebased-Modules

Windows Exploit Development – Part 4: Locating-Shellcode-Jumps

Windows Exploit Development – Part 5: Locating-Shellcode-Egghunting

Windows Exploit Development – Part 6: Seh-Exploits

Windows Exploit Development – Part 7: Unicode-Buffer-Overflows


Zero Day Zen Garden: Windows Exploit Development - Part 0 [Dev Setup & Advice]

Zero Day Zen Garden: Windows Exploit Development - Part 1 [Stack Buffer Overflow Intro]

Zero Day Zen Garden: Windows Exploit Development - Part 2 [JMP to Locate Shellcode]

Zero Day Zen Garden: Windows Exploit Development - Part 3 [Egghunter to Locate Shellcode]

Zero Day Zen Garden: Windows Exploit Development - Part 4 [Overwriting SEH with Buffer Overflows]

Zero Day Zen Garden: Windows Exploit Development - Part 5 [Return Oriented Programming Chains]

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