@expwnent expwnent released this Dec 5, 2014 · 3135 commits to master since this release

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DFHack 0.40.19-r1

  • Internals:
  • Fixes:
    • typo fix in modtools/reaction-trigger
    • modtools/item-trigger should now work with item types
  • New plugins:
    • savestock and loadstock: two commands for saving and loading stockpile settings to a file. They can be used to migrate stockpile settings between worlds and saves.
  • New scripts:
    • remove-stress [all]: set selected or all units unit to -1,000,000 stress. this script replaces removebadthoughts.rb
  • Misc improvements:
    • cmd-prompt can now access selected items, units, and buildings
    • autolabor plugin: add an optional talent pool parameter