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Collection Management

Lisa Sundström edited this page Sep 26, 2017 · 3 revisions

Database based on DINA Collections Data Model, which is being worked on at

Data model will be developed alongsinde DINA-WEB development, adding new fields and adaping it to user needs.

Agent roles (DRAFT)

Digitizer: First person recording the specimen data (or some of it) in digital format. (Can there be many? Digitarium had many.)

Transcriber: Person transcribing label and other data into digital textual format. (Is this needed? Digitarium used.)

Importer: Person importing data into DINA in a batch process.

Editor: Person editing the data. There can be several editors, but only one at a time, each associated with a edit timestamp.

Collector: Person(s) who collected the specimen.

Main collector: Main collector, who gave field id to the specimen? (Is this needed? Important in some Finnish collections.)

Determiner: Person(s) who determined the specimen. Associated with a specific determination.

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