@briri briri released this Jun 19, 2018 · 557 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

Note that you will need to run rake upgrade:v1_1_2 task to update your database (see the database changes list below for details

Bug fixes

  • Tinymce editors on Template edit page now have bulleted lists and table options again #1594
  • Improvements to the consistency of the Organisation selection boxes #1589
  • Labels on the Create Plan page updated to make the requirements clearer for the user #1479
  • The system will no longer email all admins when a user requests feedback #1217
  • Current tab is now properly highlighted #1603
  • Fixed default sort on Public Templates page #1333
  • The 'Show full list' link on the shibboleth org selection page was fixed #1617
  • Guidance can now have only one associated theme #1212

Accessibility updates

  • 'Skip to main content' link added for screen readers #1442
  • Pages now have unique titles #1441
  • All form input elements now have labels #1445
  • All buttons now provide a visual cue when they have focus #1443
  • Properly grouped PI and Data Contact elements on the Project details page #1454


  • New translatable:find rake task to replace gettext:find. This new task gathers all translatable strings from the code and updates the POT/PO files accordingly. #1339
    • #, fuzzy means that the string is new and needs to be translated
    • #msgid means that the string is no longer in the code (obsolete) and can be deleted
  • New translations for Française (France) - thanks to the DMPOPIDoR team
  • New translations for Português (Brasil) - thanks to The University of Campinas

Database changes

  • The orgs.contact_email is now required. This will add the helpdesk email defined in your branding.yml file to any orgs whose contact_email is blank. The task will provide feedback on which records have been updated.
  • Guidance can now only have one associated theme. The task will notify your of which guidances have multiple theme associations. You will need to manually update those records to select the most appropriate theme.
  • Removes the email notification preference for receiving emails when a user requests feedback. Only the org's contact_email is notified now when a user requests feedback.

The translation files are now complete and contain all of the translatable text within the codebase. To see a list of these changes, please refer to the comparison page, click on the 'Files changed' tab and then scroll down to the config/locale/app.pot file . The list of changed translations should be smaller in future releases now that we have a complete set.