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  1. Python based utilities for performing common management operations with Redfish

    Python 40 21

  2. Redfishtool Public

    A Python34 program that implements a command line tool for accessing the Redfish API.

    Python 202 65

  3. A Python3 program that creates a Redfish Mockup folder structure from a real live Redfish service.

    Python 39 22

  4. Python3 library for interacting with devices that support a Redfish service

    Python 138 166

  5. libredfish Public

    libRedfish is a C client library that allows for Creation of Entities (POST), Read of Entities (GET), Update of Entities (PATCH), Deletion of Entities (DELETE), running Actions (POST), receiving ev…

    C 45 20

  6. The Redfish Service Validator is a Python3 tool for checking conformance of any "device" with a Redfish service interface against Redfish CSDL schema

    Python 34 30


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