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DNPLab - Bringing the power of Python to DNP-NMR Spectroscopy


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DNPLab - Bringing the Power of Python to DNP-NMR Spectroscopy

DNPLab is a collaborative project created by:

Authors: Timothy Keller, Thomas Casey, Yanxian Lin, Yen-Chun Huang, Karl Rieger, John Franck, Thorsten Maly, Songi Han

DNPLab is an object-oriented Open Source Python-based package for importing, processing, and analyzing data determined in a Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) experiment.


  • Import many different NMR data formats (Topspin, VnmrJ, Prospa, ...)
  • Create N-dimensional data objects
  • Easy processing of NMR data (apodization, zero-filling, Fourier transformations, alignment, ...)
  • Analyze data using the specific modules


DNPLab can be easily installed via pip:

pip install dnplab


Find the online documentation at: