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Collection of various scripts and apps to debloat Windows 10 for better privacy, performance and optimization.


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I do not take responsibility for what may happen to your system. Please use this at your own risk and make sure you know what you are doing. If you need any help, please open a discussion.

What is this project about?

This project is a collection of various Powershell scripts, apps, and registry tweaks to debloat Windows 10 for better privacy, performance and optimization (I recommend using version 2004).


You are free to create pull requests and add new scripts, apps or other stuff that are not already included in the repository. You are requested to open issues, if you find any, in the respective repositories and websites linked below and not in this repository.


You can download separate archives for debloat apps, debloat scripts, misc apps and misc scripts from here.

My XYZ Antivirus says that ABC is a virus.

All the files in this repository are untouched/unmodifed by me and are safe. You are likely stumbling upon a false positive. Please check for any special notes in the respective folders along with the VirusTotal link.


Debloat Apps

Debloat Scripts

Misc Apps

Misc Scripts