Game prototype for Experimental Gameplay Project (EGP) 03/2010. Uses Indielib, box2d, OpenAL
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Surviral is a game made in the course of 10 days aproximatedly, but I didn't get much time to it, because of personal reasons.

It is an entry to Experimental Gameplay Project of March: 10 Seconds.

SurViral requires you to SURVIVE being a small computer virus. Infect everything you can, and ultimately reach the critical section, that is, your goal. Antivirus is searching for you, and it will destroy you in 10 seconds. Spread the virus to fool it and continue to your goal.

Your only weapon is moving and corrupting data chunks, so and infecting them spreading your virus, to gain you time.

It is more a prototype, as it only features 2 levels... quite a proof of concept and really no more…


  • Windows


  • Integration with Box2D
  • Integration with Indielib
  • Integration with OpenAL
  • Ogg files playback

Playing it

  • Move - Arrow keys
  • Shoot - Left mouse button: Shoot to move "free" data blocks, thus corrupting them.
  • Touch corrupted data blocks to infect them and create new viruses to keep the antivirus busy.


GFX, Design and Programming:

Miguel Angel Quiñones García

Audio FX:

Sound audio files are freely available at website

####List of authors of used sounds:

  • From: SpeedY 1
  • From: CosmicD 1
  • From: Corsica_S 1 2 3 4
  • From: jobro 1
  • From: StaneStane 1
  • From: 1

###Music: The song "A short bound" is made by Atom Wrath under license Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic

Tools used:

  • Visual C++ 2008
  • Indielib for GFX
  • OpenAL for Audio and Music
  • Ogg Vorbis decoder
  • Box2D
  • TinyXML and Ticpp
  • Boost Library